Muslim “Refugees” Coming to a City near You

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    I saw this cartoon and thought it was funny…. LOL! Sparky.


    Well things have changed. America will soon be rolling out the welcome mat for those poor Muslim Refugees. You know those young, fighting age men that are allegedly fleeing violence. I found it quite ironic that many of the charities on the list are Catholic based charities. Funny how the Pope makes a visit and Obama agrees to take in “refugees”, all in the same month. So coming to a city near you…..

    The Obama State Department has released a list of 190 cities in the United States that they will be releasing these unvetted and unscreened Muslim “refugees” into. The proposal is to bring in as many as 100,000 Syrians in the next 12 months.

    Second paragraph is the link to the list. How can we have a war on terror when we are opening the door? Not to mention that they will be be hoping on the entitlement gravy train.

    Here’s the List of Cities Obama will Dump Invading Muslim “Refugees” | JEWSNEWS
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    well said, that link is now on my FB feed....
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    The invasion has begun. Submit or die. [​IMG]
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    Seems not much has changed in the "Department of Wake the Eff Up" in the last 1,000 years of Western Civilization
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  6. tacmotusn

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    History is poorly taught if taught at all. Muslims waging war on the Christian world and the Crusades would be considered non PC religious teaching and must be stifled in todays amerika. Do not ignore the past, and teach your children well!
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    I looked over the list of Texas cities and I'm thinking what dimwit thought that up. OK, Houston, Dallas, and especially Austin I can see. But El Paso, San Antonio?? That's a whole lot of Tejanos to be messing with. Yeah we got our own illegal problems here but the Tejanos,for the most part, don't like them any better than the gringos do. One, just one of those "refugees" urinates on or otherwise disrespects a latina and all they'll find is gnawed bones and 'yote poop. Ya'll think about where Master Sargent Benavidez and a whole lot more bad azz tejanos are from. What about Abilene? They think they're going to assimilate there? That bunch of cowboys and sod busters barely tolerate us over here in central Texas and then only because Willie lives over here. Yeah I can see this working out real well. Better to put them all in Austin. At least they'll be safe there and the rest of us has them surrounded. Jeez we got some real dumb people in government.
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    once a viper always a viper, and dont we kill those when we see them?
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    Yep, and pitch them to the hogs.
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    Also funny how those being sent to PA are going to the cities known as liberal hotbeds. Then there's the batch slated for Binghamton. NY. I sure hope they think twice before slithering over the PA border, this nekka is not too tolerant of them as think they might find easy pickin's. Drug runners have found that out already. (Well, maybe it would be a good thing if they did try house raiding in the Endless Mountain region. Could be a reduction in quantity.)
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    I'm pretty sure those Promised Land ridge runners would make a BIG reduction in quantity!
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  12. chelloveck

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    I would tend to agree tac, about history being poorly taught, if taught at all. However, I have to say that Christianity's claim to the moral high ground is selective and not as substantial as is made out in the meme in post #4 Muslim “Refugees” Coming to a City near You | Survival Forums . It also doesn't acknowledge that Christians were as apt to wage Crusades against members of their own faith, as against muslims, (Cathars, Byzantines, Waldensians et al come to mind), not to mention the fratricidal wars of the reformation and counter reformation waged between protestants and Catholics.

    The meme also fails to mention the Northern Crusades authorised and encouraged by Pope Celestine III from the 12th - 13 centuries CE. Northern Crusades - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They were not Crusades of supposed self defence, but Crusades of conquest and subjugation...of people with pagan beliefs. No, Christendom cannot make any serious claims, that it wages war only in self defence and only when mightily provoked. Crusading Against Christians | Perspectives and Religion in the Crusades

    The last thing my Baltic forebears wanted to see or hear was a horde of Christians saying, "We are knights of the Teutonic Order on a mission from Rome,...and we would like to talk with you about Jesus".


    Via: The Baltic Crusades and European paganism’s last stand against Christianity | Skyforger / History

    I agree, but we should be prepared to teach our children the inconvenient truths about the past as well as the convenient ones.
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  13. kellory

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    Ah...just send them to Baltimore, I'm sure they will get along fine with the rest of the rioters....:rolleyes:
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  14. Ganado

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    @chelloveck you make me smile, always setting the record straight. =) No religion is blameless, even the religions of atheism, agnosticism and science. Every religion is made up of human beings, and we are not flawless.

    The issue for me at this time is that the rhetoric for killing Americans is very loud on the social media sites. (search it) and we have leaders who are doing whatever they want rather than following our laws. And our court system is so bogged down its constipated. So most of us, me included are upset that this can be done and we are protesting. Idk about anyone else but I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

    After 4 years of war in Syria we are just now getting refugees? and it doesn't look like mostly women and children. Nor are we accepting Christian refugees, only Muslim at the behest of the United Nations and the companies that make money off of resettlement.

    If you look at the list @Motomom34 posted, most of those organizations that are accepting refugees are ostensibly christian organizations. Makes my eyes roll back in my head. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Its time for each of us to stop living in 'normalcy bias' by pretending that we are arguing about religion. We are not arguing about religion we are arguing about control. SHIFT is here and now. Who is going to control the one world order and how much autonomy will each country have after the UN gets done.
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  15. tacmotusn

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    The talking heads on lame stream media tonight were talking about worries of amerikan citizens with passports who have managed to willingly join up with ISIS and other radical muslim terrorist groups. Supposedly their confirmed numbers have more than doubled just in the last year, from around 115 to around 250. [dunno]ohnoohnoohno what can we do? Why these folks have valid passports and they might return to the good old USA and do harm to us [sheep][sheep][sheep]. What can we do [bow][deadhorse][loco][phone].
    Well I will agree there are problems. There are also solutions. Seems to me, that offering aid and comfort or fighting with the enemy against US interests is TREASON. Solution 1. Cancel the passports or at least flag them, and arrest these a-holes at the earliest convenience after they are found guilty by a military tribunal, put them to death. Solution 2. Drone them as they make themselves available .... you know, have a predator rain hellfire missiles on their worthless carcasses. Solution 3. Many special forces groups need training in covert ops along the lines of; abduction of subjects in non friendly countries, also assassination, and or in just making people designated as enemies/traitors/and spys just disappear. Any or all of these solutions could be employed, as well as many others not so PC. (Such as feeding them to hungry hogs while still alive but shackled and handcuffed - in a country from which we do not import pork). jus sayin
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  16. BTPost

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    Tac, why waste a Half MiliBuck Missile, on one of these Punks, when a single 45ACP to the "Back of the Head" when they cross the boarder, coming back in will do......
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  17. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Drone controller training for better targets ..... as in target practice, as we all know practice makes perfect.
  18. chelloveck

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    Shouldn't we be doing the same with Christians that go back to Syria to fight for the Al-Assad regime? What is sauce for the traitorous goose is sauce for the traitorous gander. A traitorous Christian ex-patriot American supporting a faction contrary to US interests, is just as deserving of an .45ACP to the back of the head as a muslim fighting on behalf of Dayesh / ISIS if one were to be consistent.

    Will those Kurdish American Muslims travelling to Syria / Iraq to fight the Assad regime / ISIS and other factions (Sunni and Shiite Muslims) in that conflict share the same risks as other combatants of Hellfire missiles (or a more economical .45ACP to the back of the head)?

    The folk coming back from that hell hole won't be wearing white hats or black hats. if they be wearing hats at all...they'll probably be some shade of dirty grey.
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    Muslim Rape 'Misunderstandings' Come to Europe | Frontpage Mag

    After Muslim terrorist attacks, we’re told that the killers just “misunderstood” their religion. They misunderstood the peaceful nature of Koranic verses such as "Kill them wherever you find them", "They should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides" and "Strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them".

    But the misunderstandings of Islam are just getting started.

    Not only are Americans and Europeans being murdered by Muslim terrorists due to these unfortunate misunderstandings, but European girls are being raped because of more misunderstandings.

    The principal of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium was concerned about his female students. So he sent a letter warning their parents that the Muslim refugees who had been put up next to the school gym "are marked by their own culture". And now Germans were being “marked” by their culture.

    Girls were told to wear "modest clothing" to avoid "misunderstandings". But rape isn’t a “misunderstanding”. The only misunderstanding is the politically correct leftist idea that the rapist should be excused on account of his culture and religion.

    The Koran states, “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.”

    The obvious implication is that women who aren’t dressed in a Burka may be “molested”.

    Or as the commentary states, “It is more likely that this way they may be recognized (as pious, free women), and may not be hurt (considered by mistake as roving slave girls.)”

    The Muslim migrants who have invaded Germany just might “misunderstand” and mistake the teen girls going to the gym as “roving slave girls”. And under Islamic law, that’s what they are. Islamic law permits Muslim men to rape even married infidel women in the Dar al-Harb. Let alone unaccompanied girls.

    Unfortunately the misunderstandings are well underway in Germany. A letter about an asylum camp in Germany warns of a “culture of rape and violence” with “numerous rapes, sexual assaults” and “forced prostitution”. Even though the women in the camp are likely to be mostly fellow Muslims, who are well acquainted with the means of avoiding “misunderstandings” with a Muslim man (wear a hijab, wear a burka, never make eye contact, never smile), the misunderstandings still keep taking place.

    On a large scale.

    Because there was never any misunderstanding. As the letter points out, these men “regard women as their inferiors and treat unaccompanied women as ‘fair game’”.

    The misunderstanding here isn’t on the part of the Muslim men who view women as fair game. When a mugger snatches a purse or a burglar breaks into a home, he isn’t the victim of a “misunderstanding”.

    He just happens to have a different ethical code than the society he is victimizing. But these rapists are members of a society where rape is a crime for a woman, not for a man. The only misunderstanding here is on the part of the Westerners who allowed them in to commit their cultural crimes.

    Muslim sexual offenders have used “misunderstandings” due to “cultural differences” as their defense.

    Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, repeatedly raped Australian women and claimed that he was confused about consent due to "cultural differences". Almahde Ahmad Atagore, a Libyan Muslim, sexually assaulted girls as young as 13. The judge told him, he was "very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences". But it was really his victims who were ill prepared to deal with his “cultural differences”.

    The Pakistani rapists who went after eighteen women and girls claimed that they could rape a girl because "she was not related to us" and "she was not wearing any headscarf". Their Grand Mufti agreed, saying, "It's 90 per cent the women's responsibility.”

    “If you take uncovered meat and put it on the street, on the pavement, in a garden, in a park or in the backyard, without a cover and the cats eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat?” the Grand Mufti asked. “The uncovered meat is the problem.”

    But if you get rid of the feral cats that show up in civilized countries, scratching at the door to be let in, the problem goes away. If the Grand Mufti and his favorite rapists were picked up by animal control, put in the pound, neutered and then released back into the wild that they came from, that would be it.

    Germany has decided to take in huge numbers of Muslim men who come from a religion and culture where a woman who isn’t wearing a Hijab and isn’t escorted by a man can be raped.

    And that leads to “misunderstandings” between the invaders and the native population.

    In the UK, these “misunderstandings” have already led to over 2,000 children being victimized by the Muslim “misunderstanders” of such finer points of British law as the definition of pedophilia.

    As Gatestone’s Soeren Kern documents, the tide of “misunderstandings” has reached Germany. A 16-year-old girl was raped on September 11 by an unidentified "dark-skinned man speaking broken German" near a refugee shelter. Parents were told not to let their children out unaccompanied.

    This is just one of a long list of Muslim “misunderstandings” that have already taken place in Germany.

    Over the summer, some of the “misunderstandings” included five Turks trying to rape a girl, a 14-year-old boy being raped in a train bathroom and a seven-year-old girl being raped in a park.

    That last “misunderstanding” happened in the Park of the Victims of Fascism where the misunderstander lured the little girl away from her mother at the playground and into the bushes. It was a cultural difference. Her age was the same as that of Aisha, Mohammed’s wife.

    In the Park of the Victims of Fascism, the little girl became the victim of the latest incarnation of fascism; Islamofascism.

    Islamofascism is represented equally by Merkel and the Muslim migrants. While Merkel enforces the Islamic colonization of Europe, the Muslim migrants carry it out. And perhaps one day there will be a park dedicated to the victims of this mass invasion. And perhaps that little girl’s name will be there.

    If we don’t do something about all these “misunderstandings” whose nature we keep misunderstanding.

    The “refugees” are mostly migrants. They are not coming to be part of any country, but to exploit it and then conquer it and rule it. They are not bound by any moral or ethical code that we understand.

    Their advocates talk about “human rights”, but in Muslim culture there is no such thing as human rights. Their cultures are tribal. There are no universal rights, only responsibilities to members of kin groups. When those kin groups remain intact, then members will prey exclusively on outsiders. When they fall apart, as they do during immigration and migration, then mass rapes and murders take place.

    Europeans believe in human rights. Muslims do not. Europeans believe women are equal. Muslims do not.

    This is the underlying “misunderstanding” and this is what must be understood. Either Europe will end Muslim migration or surrender to the cultural difference of an Islamic society in which women are not allowed to walk the streets because they are property.

    It’s time to clear up these misunderstandings.

    Europe can either have free women, bars, churches, synagogues, cartoons, free speech, pork sausage and beer. Or it can have millions of Muslim migrants and their wide-eyed toddlers.

    It can’t have both. Not for long. Because there will be “misunderstandings”.

    Bombs will go off, women will be raped and cartoonists murdered. And we will be told to change our behavior to avoid more of these “misunderstandings”. After each “misunderstanding”, we will lose more of our civil rights and the invaders will have more power to dictate our behavior and our way of life.

    Until finally the only way to end all these “misunderstandings” will be a submission to the Islamic State. We may finally understand then, but it will be too late.

    Muslim migrants don’t misunderstand our laws or values. They don’t care about them. We misunderstand theirs. And so we do our best to accommodate their contempt for our values.

    It’s time that we understood this cycle of submission and showed the invaders that they misunderstood our generosity as appeasement, our friendliness as weakness and our tolerance as surrender.

    And then we can finally bring all these “misunderstandings” to an end.
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    FPM is one of my daily news stops.
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