muslim bro'hood / tanks move up to Israeli border

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Looks like time for Israel to use a dam buster on the Aswan dam.

    They warned Egypt of that decades ago, but then different people were in charge there.
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    If the civilian government of Egypt, duly elected, was to ever actually assume power; many of the military honchos had to go. I'm a bit surprised that it happened without significant violence though.

    I'm willing to give this new government a chance. The Egyptian people, by and large, are not fanatics; and while some saber rattling to establish the Middle Eastern version of "street credibility" is to be expected, they don't want a conflict any more than anyone else. This new Egyptian government has a fine line to walk; they need to assure their base - moderately religious Muslims - that they aren't going to sell out, while assuring their minorities that they are not the "boogie man" that many feared they would be. They also have to show the world at large that they are capable of controlling one of the largest and most capable military forces in the Middle East, and one of the largest, most diverse, Middle Eastern economies.

    I don't envy these new Egyptian representatives. They have a daunting task ahead of them. I'd like to see them succeed.
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    tulianr : If you have access to today's WSJ, check the op-ed on the A section.

    This guy (Morsi) doesn't sound like he's anything but what Obama wishes he could do. I'm skeptical that Morsi will behave any different than any other Islamic dictator.

    Here's an excerpt:

    Egypt's "full transition to civilian rule," long sought by the Obama administration, has finally come to fruition. But it is neither liberal nor democratic.
    On Sunday, having purged top military officials, Muslim Brotherhood veteran and new President Mohammed Morsi issued a sweeping constitutional declaration. It grants him complete executive and legislative power, plus the authority to select the writers of Egypt's new constitution. Eighteen months after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, Egypt has a new dictator—and the way in which Mr. Morsi grabbed power says much about what he will do with it.
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    I've read the article, and I don't think that it is a good example of unbiased news reporting. The author of the article quite obviously has an axe to grind.

    That being said, what he predicts may indeed come true. No one knows what President Morsi's intentions are, except for President Morsi. I am still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, because, so far, I see nothing particularly nefarious in his actions. He's done a little saber rattling to gain some credibility within his base constituency. All politicians shoot off their mouths. Their actions are far more telling than are their words.

    He's met with Iran's representatives. Okay. Just because we don't get along with Iran doesn't mean that Egypt can't have a relationship with them, and being in the Middle East, they have to have some sort of relationship with them, and every other country in the region. Time will tell what sort of relationship that will become.

    He's bounced a few of the military's senior officers. No problem. If he expected to be anything other than a puppet, he had to. For all practical purposes, Egypt has been under the rule of a military dictatorship since Gamal Abd AlNassar took power in 1952 (he didn't actually claim the title of President until 1956, but he was pulling the strings in 1952). Each successive military officer to hold the office of president in Egypt took off his uniform and donned a suit, but they were still military officers.

    An Egyptian military junta basically staged a coup in February, and removed Mubarak, assuming power themselves. I was willing, at the time, to give them the benefit of the doubt. They claimed that they intended to eventually hand power over to elected civilian leaders, but their actions belied their words. They appointed the committee to draw up the new constitution, and dictated articles to be included within the constitution, that would ensure their continued supremacy. Then, in June, they dissolved the parliament, forbidding the elected MPs to gather, and forbidding the president the right to seat a parliament and form a government. They further established restraints upon the powers of the office of the president, rendering him a puppet, under their power. The Egyptian people may have had their say in Trafalgar Square, and they may have elected a civilian president, but Egypt was still under a military dictatorship.

    Morsi had no choice but to remove that junta, if he wanted to actually exercise the power voted him by the citizenry of Egypt. I'm surprised he was able to do it without violence, but the fact that he was able to do so speaks volumes. He could not have done so without the acquiescence of the military officers under the command of that junta. Those generals and colonels controlling the military units could have easily countered Morsi's moves and removed him from office, rather than removing the junta. They did not. They didn't make a single move to support those general officers who made up the junta. That says that Morsi had already coordinated his intended actions with high ranking officers within the military, and had their support.

    Morsi is the first civilian elected leader in the history of Egypt. Time will tell what sort of leader he will turn out to be, but odds are that he will be much more representative of the will of the Egyptian people than anything we've yet seen, for better or worse.
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    It looks like Egypt's President Morsi couldn't have made the U.S. happier with his pick of a new Defense Minister. General As-sisi was educated in the U.S., attended the U.S. Army War College, and has expressed his support of the Camp David Accords. General Tantawi, whom he replaced, was trained by the Soviets, and was a member of the military during Egypt's years of strife with Israel.

    If the Pentagon had been allowed to choose the new Egyptian Defense Minister, they would have probably chosen General As-sisi themselves. Morsi's choice seems to indicate an intention to remain pro-U.S., and to keep Egypt on the straight and narrow.
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    Boy, I hope Native Americans don't get any big ideas .... I just paid off my house.
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    LOL this is gonna be awesome. [patr]

    I wonder sometimes how the people who are born and raised in the secret underground cities view us, the surface dwellers. I bet, to many down there we are nothing more than pawns on a chessboard.
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    That is a good sentiment Guit, except we are running Out of Bacon..... it was on the News, last night.....[roflmao]
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    Yeah...saw that as well a few days ago--made me sad (probably a global muzzie conspiracy). I will have to re-learn to cook without bacon.

    However, wild pigs are everywhere...especially in the south. And, there's always Baco's.....
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    OMG we are almost out of Bacon? That is a serious Disaster. Everything tastes better with bacon.
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    Including more bacon!
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    It dawned on me that maybe that's why muzzies are so angry...aside from lacking girlfriends or having jobs: they haven't known the pleasures of bacon.
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    Many years ago, during a joint US/Egyptian military exercise, another Marine Arab linguist and myself were escorting a group of fifty Egyptian commandos on board the USS Austin. We were taking twelve hour shifts, doing whatever translating they needed, taking them to sickbay, escorting them to chow, etc.

    I turned over with him at midnight, so he had to escort them to breakfast at six o'clock on their first full day aboard. They began to go through the chow line, the servers placing a portion of everything on their plates. My friend was at the end of the line, so it didn't dawn on him until he was sitting down at his table, long after many of them were well into their meals, that each of them were happily munching on a slice of ham, two slices of bacon, and two sausage patties, along with their scrambled eggs. I don't know what these fellows thought they were eating, but having probably never seen or smelled bacon and sausage, they didn't recognize it as the evil meat that is pork.

    Instead of keeping his mouth shut, he yelled at them, "No no. This is from a pig!" (Khanzir), not knowing the word for pork, while waving his bacon about. It caused the only major food fight on board a US Naval vessel that I know of, and provided me with laughter for years. And no, I never let him forget it.
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    Sometimes, tilting at windmills seems a more fruitful pastime.
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    One thing is for sure he openly supports muslim countries more than any other nation.

    He openly condemns videos and cartoons that insult muslims and refers to mohamed as a prophet but hasn't said a single word about things that insult Christians like the urine cross in NY and many other things that have happened since he was elected.

    That's pretty sad when you have to riot and kill people to get politicians to support you. Doesn't say much for obama and his kind.
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    Lord Ackton wins again.

    Egypt's Morsi stands by decree - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

    Checks and balances . . . tyrants/dictators just can't stand it unless they have complete power.
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