Muslims 'fastest-growing religious group 70% Democrat No wonder they want them in

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    Hmmmm....if Muslims were more inclined to vote Republican than Democrat, would Republicans be more sanguine in supporting Muslim immigration?? The Republican demographic is declining as the older and conservative folk make the transition from aged care to cemeteries and crematoria. :oops:
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    0bama has converted a lot of democrats into republicans.

    The reason the democrats want illegals is electoral votes are based on population; not population who are actually citizens
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    Court case in Texas on that right at this moment. If census data were to use eligible voters, the balance of power would shift even more to the rural elderly white voters. Remove those under 18, convicted felons, green card holders, illegal aliens, no permanent residence etc from the division for the House and thus also the electoral college and the representation of cities like LA would probably fall much more than Fargo ND. At least we could use the grand compromise 3/5 person count used for the non voting slaves. As a nation we are long past any realistic political system and well into the "gotchya" use of any dirty trick available to increase your party and your agendas control of the system.
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    (1) More likely that swinging voters are making a temporary electoral allegiance with the GOP. Until the GOP screws up enough that they will vote /support for an alternative party.

    (2) Well, of course there is an historical precedent for dealing with this kind of problem....the old, white, republicanocracy can resurrect the ancient and "honourable" electoral system of creating pocket boroughs (pocket borough | British history | ) and rotten boroughs ( rotten borough | British history | to maintain supremacy over the mass of unwashed illegals populating their bit of USA. It worked well for the landed gentry and aristocracy of Britain. ;)

    Rotten and pocket boroughs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The rotten part of the constitution | Strange
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    It seems to me that the conservative Christian right quiver-full movement is not filling its quivers fast enough. :rolleyes:

    Much the same fears had been expressed by Protestants during earlier migration panics when Jews and Catholics found their way to the USA via Ellis Island. "Those Catholics breed like rabbits...they'll overpopulate America", and yet, though a significant minority, their fertility rates are generally more in alignment with their protestant brethren than their Pope and Catholic Dogma would be happy with.

    The key to converting Muslims to the American way of life is in educating women and integrating them into the workforce, encouraging small business/ self employment (people who have a stake in their own livelihood have a much stronger interest in small government, than in large government welfare largesse). Keeping public education secular, rather than undermining it with sectarian intrusion.
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    25 year old, college educated, degree in computer science, native born, married to a bride from Pakistan, son of local Pakistani owner of the small grocery store in the next town over in rural NH is much more a practicing moslim and more into the shiria lifestyle than his father. The father suffers health problems from his poverty as a child in Pakistan, worked his tail off in the store and did his best to make sure his kids had a better life than he did. The kids have the means to lead the good life and that includes close to radical muslim beliefs and the ability to not asimulate into the "dominate" Christian culture. I find it much easier to like the foreign born father and deal with him, and we have much more in common, than his native born son. In fact the father and I have more in common than 75 % of the present graduates from our local high school.
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    Muslims vote Democrat because the majority of Muslims come from a culture where wealth is handed down from their social superiors through a hierarchical social system. Non-secular Muslims also see the progressivism of Democrats as being favorable to creating zones of Sharia law as has already happened in parts of Canada and Europe. Additionally they see the Democrats as weakening America's power not only within the world, but within it's own borders.

    Not really. Most Americans start to grow up sometime in their 30's and then magically most of them become conservative (it used to be 30, now it's sometime in their 30's). Yes, Republicans tend to be older, but as we die off we tend to get replaced. Democrats currently have a slim majority, but that is mostly due to the migration of our citizens to urban areas that also tend to be more Democrat. As soon as the thin veneer of our shitty economy wears away and there are no more free handouts I expect the tide to turn - not that there is any difference between the current Republican and Democrat leadership.

    There is still a chance for the internal house cleaning within the Republican party to bring us back to our core values, but I'm not optimistic.
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    You and Republicans had better get in touch with this mob pronto....Muslim GOP Republican Conservative Islam they apparently are doing it wrong! (and for all the wrong reasons). ;)

    Edit: Apparently D.T. is already on the case....Muslims are only a small minority, but an electorally significant minority in some states...The GOP's friend, Mr Comb-over Trump is driving that block of voters towards the Dems. Who needs enemies when they have friends like Donald to lead them into the Presidential wilderness for yet another term...:( Trump plan pushes Muslim Republicans toward exit - POLITICO

    Wishful thinking, 3M. The demographics would suggest otherwise. The Republicans need to tap into the millennials to replace the baby boomer old farts, (shuffling their way to eternal oblivion...with the aid of walking sticks and Zimmer frames) The GOP would be better suited to achieving that through addressing economic and fiscal issues, rather than traditional GOP social issue preoccupations... (such as banging on about abortion, contraception, anti gay marriage, promoting god in public schools, etc. Converting millennials to GOP voters is going to be a hard sell for the GOP given the kind of concerns that preoccupy millennial voters.

    GOP Roller Ball may be a good way of internal house cleaning... [​IMG]
    at least it would be entertaining... ;)
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    @chelloveck - perhaps wishful thinking on the part of liberals

    Liberals are born at age 0 when they are wholly dependent on others for everything in their lives including having all their decisions made for them. Conservatives are born at age 30 when they have families to take care of and have finally begun to amass wealth.

    The Atlantic article is based on polls taken of children who still have much growth before adulthood. Their opinions will change greatly as the years pass and they mature and take on responsibility. More importantly, as their views become more conservative they will also have more political, economic, and social power.
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    My dad used to say that any Minnesota farmer with $100 in his pocket was a republican, but when they lost all in the 1930's they were all democrats. Two types of voters, one votes for the best man, their economic interests, their beliefs and the best interest of the country, the second votes for an ideology, share the wealth, climate change, or what ever the latest buzz word is. Both parties, in order to try to maintain their power base will lie and pander to every voter and in the end serve no one.
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    Between now and then, they still vote, and they outnumber boomers....Unless the GOP addresses that demographic reality, they will be of little help to the present cohort of GOP clowns...and in the final analysis, what happens now helps to determine the Republicans really want to see a reprise of Obama's double term under the aegis of Queen Hillary??? If so, the GOP are going about it the right way. Winning the hearts and minds of millennials now to the GOP stands to pay greater dividends for the future of the Republican Party, than relying on millennials to achieve the doubtful "wisdom" of old fartdom, for the comparatively brief time they remain alive to make a difference for the GOP.

    Although people are living longer, demented voters probably aren't going to make the soundest of voting decisions...I'm guessing that some geriatric voters probably think that FDR is the POTUS..not that the dead actually make sound decisions either, even though they do get to vote from time to time. ;)
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    @chelloveck - actually that's the best part. America's teen and tweenage voters don't usually actually vote. True, they came out in numbers for Obama in 2008, but they were wrapped up in the history of electing the first black President. In 2012 the hip and coolness factor died down and so did the young voters. They aren't jazzed as jazzed about HIllary, though I expect the ones that can pull their noses out of social networking long enough to vote will vote Hillary. Short of a simultaneous vote to legalize marijuana I think they will be checking out as usual.

    I solidly agree that Republicans have and continue to bungle their message. The Republican message should be about freedom to live your life without government employees making your decisions for you. It should be about reduced government power, intrusion, and taxes. Alas, the Republican leadership is no different than the Democrats - career politicians more interested in their own power and lining their pockets than anything else.
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    In America we had George Washington who could not tell a lie and Barack 0bama who cannot tell the truth.. 0bama earned the lie of the year award with 6 others in the top ten..

    You're focusing on Republicans while ignoring their opponents.
    At first, I thought Bernie Sanders was too old to be president. That was until I saw him run off stage when the 2 BLM activists grabbed the microphone. I was quite impressed by his speed and agility.

    Then we have Hillary who claimed she was fired at by snipers in Bosnia.. I didn't know what to say until Mr. Bill explained it.
    "Hillary Clinton, too, had what her husband seemed to term a “senior” moment in 2008 when she erroneously claimed she had come under sniper fire while on a trip to Bosnia as first lady.

    Bill Clinton blamed the episode on his wife being exhausted, adding that her critics, “when they’re 60, they’ll forget something when they’re tired at 11 at night, too."
    On Clinton's age, Republican rivals imply - but never say - she's old| Reuters

    The Left offers a spry but gutless man or someone who is either a liar or has senior moments..

    “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused,” Sanders, 73, wrote in 1972 for an alternative newspaper called the Vermont Freeman.

    “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

    In another part of the article he wrote:

    “Do you know why the newspapers with articles like ‘Girl, 12, raped by 14 men’ sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?”
    Rather tacky; although, not unexpected was it???

    Edit to add link:
    Bernie Sanders wrote an essay saying that women fantasize about rape | New York Post
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