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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Nomad 2nd, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Yep, Will managed to make the first Suppressed Semiautomatic 12 guage.

    Intergal can, only increases the barrel length by 2 inches (19 to 21 overall barrel length)

    Dry weight is 8 pounds, but PERFECTLY ballanced.

    Of the 3 of us to handle it... 2 of us are buying one.
    ^ Link to 2 videos.

    M4 is a Gemtech can.

    The Suppressed Saiga will work with ALL factory 12 guage shells.

    We were shooting it throught the day inside a metal building... my ears didn't/arn't ringing.

    Words can not describe how awesome this thing is. <!-- / message --> <!-- sig --> __________________
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    so....whats it going to cost me bud?
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    Depends on what you want.

    What you see about $2,400.

    Let me break it down for you:

    First we haveta make the Gas system a SBS in order to have enough barrel to suppress.

    Cutting, re welding, and polishing the (inside of the) gas system is NOT easy (I know, I usually end up doing the polishing)

    The HK sites, upswept bolt handle, and forend (I forget wether the forend is our cost $80 or $120)ETA: I was thinking of the HK forend... I was shooting that too today.

    The folding stock ain't cheap ether, and the Block hasto be welded and fitted before it is installed.

    This is all before the LOT of very precise machinework on the barrel, and THEN the suppressor.

    in comparason... the SBS would run you about $1,600

    You can save $100 here, and a couple hundred there depending on what you did and didn't want.

    Let me add... that if at ANY step we screw up... parts are NOT avalable.
    (Naturally the customer never is charged for any)

    What I'm saying... is that I know what goes into it, and he's really not making much money... especially considering the (Massive) amount of work involved.

    Oh, and that price included the base gun.

    He gives me a price break, and he really can't give me much of one with this.

    It's more for the "Oh, SH!T, look what Will did now" Factor.

    Hope that is fully explanatory.
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    I am always impressed with the quality of work that comes out of that shop. I just wish I could afford more:D
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