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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Nadja, Jul 20, 2011.

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    anybody know of any uninhabited tropical islands up for grabs?
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    the video

    It really makes you think and wonder whats next
  4. greenebelly

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    I think the mexican gun fiasco is proof that the "civilian" enforcement agency will be Mexico. Under the gize of U.N. You fight back, you are a terrorist. Easy. For the safety of the country, ALL weapons MUST be given to authorities until peace is restored. Then you will get them back. Thats how I'd do it. Law abiding people are just that. That's why they'll win. Patriotism is great talk till it's time to fight for it. Barely 50% of the colonists wanted to fight for independence. More would now except it won't be obvious till its too late. IMHO. I base this on the amount of people that b1tc4 all the time but never right to they're congressman. ALOT! Then you get the common,"what good would it do", B.S. I mean really, they took our water in central CA and NOTHING was done. WATER! OK. Sad. So let's say Obama signs the U.N. deal-i-o. What then? It's unconstitutional. Until marshal law. I bet NOTHING gets done about it right now. No posturing. They will say it is just a gesture of sorts to show that we see the feelings of hope. This great world is patiently waiting on the child called America to grow up. It will fall into the abyss of forgotten policies signed into agreement at the U.N. until we A.) have a massive catastrophe [yellowstone erupts, 10 magnitude earthquake on west coast, etc. or B.) some political catastophy that enables marshal law. Now you will see it all come to pass. The people are SO dependant on the government for everything that when they are told that they are going to be searching house to house to keep everyone safe wilst we bring blanks, food and water that they wont even give it a second thought. I pray I'm wrong.
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    Well, we knew it was coming...I just didn't think it would be so fast...grab on to something and hold's about to get a little rough...
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    The American people will do nothing. As long as theirs junk food, beer, and tv nothing will happen. I'm afraid that things will have to get really bad before people in mass stand up and say this is wrong.
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    During the American Revolution 40-45% of the population supported the Patriot's Cause.
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    I honestly feel a bad moon rising, and rising soon !
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    Even though armed civilians in the US comprise a force larger than all armed forces in the world combined, it would be a difficult fight against organized troops. However, just look at Iraq or Afghanistan to see organization isn't everything.

    There is not one single American who will live under the rule of a foreign or domestic power. That is the basic tenet upon which this country was founded, freedom.

    I don't know what is going to happen, hopefully it's not a total collapse, but an orderly retreat a sustainable levels of spending. Why we can win military wars, and not financial ones? Break up the TBTF banks, but who am I.

    Gen Boykin makes some interesting points, but Marxists are just one aspect of a larger conspiracy, that of Satan. We can defeat him, but it could get ugly. Amen?
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    I would really like to see at least one of the new congressional members from the tea party stand up and tell everyong what is really going on. Yet they are all very quiet about these "wrongs" commited against this great nation and therefore ,,,,,, US
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