muzzie drone plane attack busted

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by -06, Sep 29, 2011.

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    A Mass. college grad's drone plane attack has been foiled. He had plans to stage shooters outside buildings to shoot those escaping after the planes hit the targets. Real peaceful fellow.
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    Didn't we just have a discussion on this issue, over in the Politics Forum...

    Yea, this is exactly what I see going on.... No Bad Guys... Lets make a few, and then BUST them.... and the sheeple will think we are saving them from Harm......

    If these models were the size of a Small Cessna, maybe they could actually kill some folks, but at the size of what was shown on Tv last night, about all they will do is create a BIG Noise and take out a few Windows, and cause a PANIC, in the building..... again, [BSf]
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    As usual the government supplied him this time with "six assault rifles, three grenades, 25 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive and an F-86 drone." Ferdaus built his own detonators and they worked. What kind of nut jobs give a terrorist 25 pounds of C4?

    The same kind that give Mexican Drug Cartels guns....
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    BAN ALL MODEL PLANES!!! /end sarc
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    Ban the DHS, the TSA, the BATFE, the IRS, the EPA.... et al. [beat]

    That would end a LOT of 'home-grown terrorism'.........
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    It was simulated C-4 ... does that mean a simulated nut job... or a simulated terrorist...?
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    These guys are like roaches and rats--see one or two and you are infested with them. There is a seething hatred for us that drives them to kill innocents. But they are a peaceful religion--and I am an astronaut. One of these days these folks are going to spark real problems and they are going to find out that terror can work two ways.
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    Because we are "infested" with them, it is exceedingly easy for TPTB to manufacture false flag events with little to no effort. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has feathers, it is not a fish.

    I'm with BT on this one. I call BS.
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    I tend to agree with BT and Falcon on this.

    This guy was low hanging fruit. He was no real threat until the .gov decided to "prompt" him. Could he have been a threat in the future with someone else's "prompt"? Maybe. Could a model plane carry enough device to be a major threat? No.

    The issue is that there is no good answer on dealing with lone wolf types. AQ and others have moved from organized planned attacks to inciting attacks from within. The .gov has no idea how to deal with it. How do you find the Hasans and the Reids? Yesterday they were citizens and today they are plotting terror with no connections to the organizations. The justice department (and most intel agencies) are great at dismantling organizations with connections and *some* structure. This new threat has none.

    This is one *decent* way to go about it:
    U.S.-Born Terror Boss Anwar Al-Awlaki Killed In CIA-Led Drone Strike | Fox News

    There is a threat, unless you believe that Hasan didn't shoot up Fort Hood or that Reid didn't light his shoe on fire. These guys aren't members, but are real threats. Anyone have an answer for targeting these guys who have proven they want to hurt Americans (or in some cases DID)? This 2nd order effect from effectively neutralizing the AQ leadership is a complex issue.
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    Simulated AKs and grenades also?

    After "Fast 'n Furious" why would anyone trust the known liars of 0bama's Justice Dept?

    24 Bricks of C4 - YouTube

    24 bricks of C4.
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