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    Ken Livingstone - "I will make London a beacon of Islam"

    London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has vowed tomake the capital city a ‘beacon of Islam’.

    In a speech last Friday at the North London Central
    Mosque, also known as the Finsbury Park Mosque, theLabour candidate said that he was determined to “educate the mass of Londoners”about Islam.“I want to spend the next four years making sure that everynon-muslim in London knows and understands [its] words and message. That will help tocement our city as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of theProphet”, he said.

    Running for mayor for the fourth time, Mr Livingstonespoke to assembled muslims at the controversial mosque anddescribed Mohammed’s words in his last sermon as “an agenda for all humanity.”

    The ex-mayor also promised that he would be making life “a bit easier financially”for the muslim population.

    North London Central Mosque

    North London Central Mosque was once controlled by Abu Hamza, anotorious recruiter for terrorism. He was removed in 2003, although the mosque isstill dogged by allegations of links to extremist groups.

    The mosque is now controlled by the Muslim Association of Britain, which has previously beenlinked to the banned terror group Hamas. Azzam Tamimi, who has acted asspokesman for the current leadership, is on record for expressing support for suicidebombings.

    One of the current directors of the mosque, Mohammed Sawalha,has supported attacks on Israel’s allies, which includes UK troops. The BBC hasdescribed him as a former senior figure of Hamas who is “said to have mastermindedmuch of Hamas’s political and military strategy”.

    Ken and Islam

    Mr Livingstone has often been linked to fundamentalistIslam.

    In 2010, he campaigned against his own party’s candidate in theLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets and backed an independent candidate, LutfurRahman, who had been previously fired by the Labour party for links to theIslamic Forum of Europe (IFE), an extremist group.

    The IFE believes in sharia law, jihad and creating
    an "Islamic social and political order" inBritain.

    In the course of his mayoralty, Mr Livingstone gave hundreds of thousands ofpounds to the East London Mosque, which is controlled by the IFE. IFEactivists championed him in the 2008 mayoral election. Azad Ali, the IFE's communityaffairs co-ordinator, helped run “Muslims 4 Ken”, which encouraged largenumbers of muslims to vote for Mr Livingstone.

    It is alleged by the Daily Telegraph that, on his IFE
    blog, Mr Ali praised a key mentor of Osama bin Laden,described al-Qaeda as a "myth," and justified the killing of Britishtroops in Iraq.
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    Ah Another Bog predictable are a naughty nellie, -06.....and very misleading too....

    Mr Livingstone is a Labour candidate for the London Mayoral contest who's stated religious beliefs are non-theistic. He is apparently not a muslim, or if he is...then he's telling the most dreadful porkies.

    Whatever he says for the benefit of his muslim constituents, he probably says variations on a theme for his Christian constituents also....he's a politician and would probably pimp himself to believers of the Flying Speghetti Monster if he thought it would get him over the line.

    Interesting blog article cut and pasted...(but un sourced / unreferenced) much of it is true...and how much has been mischievously fabricated is a matter of conjecture. You have posted similar shock horror exposes before(Obamas church going)(Obamas non-watch and jewelry wearing during Ramadan), only to have them dissected and found to be B.S. some things just don't seem to change. Like other similar posts of yours...the contents of this one should be taken with a tun of salt also.

    It should be noted that Ken Livingston seems to favour official recognition of same sex relationships, which would be an extraordinary postion for a muslim to hold...n'est-ce pas? In so doing, he has as likely equally offended Christians, Muslims and Jews...seems to accord more with non theistic beliefs than theistic that not so???

    Without a doubt, Ken Livingston is a colourful candidate with a colourful history who will sing the songs that he thinks his constituents will want to hear.....just that he sings different songs at different most other politicians, remembering which songs to sing, where and when and to whom is the art of the politician!
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