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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Jan 20, 2007.

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    My first post on this board, I actually didn't do. My good friend, Melbo invited me over from another forum and as a welcome, he had posted a thread on selected rants of mine in this section on freedom and liberty. I am very out-spoken about preserving the few remaining liberties we have left, but more than that, I am dangerously out-spoken about taking back the liberties that we have lost. Most of us do not even realize that we are in the midst of a revolution. We go on with our day to day lives, reading our blogs and commenting about the foolishness of the few that sacrifice their lives for many of the same principles that our founding fathers gave their own. We quickly buy into the propoganda mill and accept the story that the world is better off without these few dissidents. Every covered event of civil disobedience is met with comments about how they shouldn't have broken the law in the first place. I guess we have been brain-washed into believing that civil disobedience is bad. We have come to accept that if the government allows it, it must be good; if they don't allow it, it is bad.
    If we believe so strongly and blindly in the course of events that carry us like so much flotsom on the crest of a flood, then why are so many of us preparing to survive a total collaspe? Who are we arming ourselves against: our neighbors? When they give you your national ID card, will you accept it as easily as you did your social security number? When they put a biometric tracker into your driver's license, will you accept it as easily as you did when they put them in your cell-phones? When they put the chip under your childrens skin and into your own, will you accept it as easily as you did the assualt weapons ban? We cannot fight planes, tanks, and bombs with sporting rifles but we can fight with the one weapon they are truly frightened of; CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!
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    How can you call it disobedience when you are disobeying a law that is illegal in the first place? Seems to me that would be the right thing to do, not the wrong, if you follow the principles rather than the distortions.[flag]

    BTW, congrats on your thousandth.
    3) [booze]
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    [applaud]1,000 posts represents alot of time invested in our online community, few of your post are frivilous time wasters..(I have yourexample to aspire to). Congratulations and thanks for your inputs and stand on preserving freedoms for everyone; including the "undeserving"...[flag][flag]
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    Memorable milestone post there Sea. I have always enjoyed your insight, wit and wisdom. Here's to a thousand more!!! [booze]
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    [applaud] Congratulations![applaud]

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and perspective with us.
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    I think your posts are a part of what makes "The Monkey" the relevant, eye opening place that it is.

    I'll be glad reading number 2,000.
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    I've always enjoyed reading your rants and POV, especially since I don't express myself well in text. English wasn't and still isn't my best subject. You and others here that write well have expressed alot of what I would like to say.

    Keep it up and thanks for all your input. [booze]

    If you ever do a salvage job on the Northern Pacific Coast, let us know. [booze]
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