My 13 & 10 year old kids...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CaboWabo5150, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. CaboWabo5150

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    Just thought I'd share this because I'm so proud..

    I was out in the backyard yesterday with the kids shooting.. When I say backyard, I am meaning on our 10 acre wooded property that backs up to a 450 acre private parcel that nobody lives on.. Just so nobody freaks out and thinks we're gonna shoot the neighbors.. lol.. Anyway my kids are 13 & 10, and after just a few training sessions they seem to have the safety aspect down.. I did drill it in pretty hard.. Living in Northern Michigan which is almost completely wooded, it's not very likely you would take a shot at anything more than 50-100 yards out.. So I've got a target set up at 100 yards.. With plans to cut some trees and set one up at 200 for shits and giggles.. My 13 year old son is freaking deadly at 100 yards with my AR... With the original peep sights on the carry handle.. My 10 year old daughter is a crack shot at 25 yards with my S&W 9mm...

    Makes me so happy I could cry.. lol..

    BTW it probably helps that I had the opportunity to be a line coach ( for a short time ) at the shooting range at Camp Lejeune NC while I was in the Marines..
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    semper fi fellow mitten man :)
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    That's great!!. I need to get my daughter (7) back on the range with her Crickett.
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    My 10yo daughter puts it all in the 8 ring or better at 10 yds with my G19. Very proud of her. Really natural modified Weaver stance as well...I sure wouldn't want her opposing me!

    Wondering how she'd do with a rifle...
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    One way to find out! [winkthumb]
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    At 10 just make sure it's something mild. One good belt from a 30-06 will make her swear off rifles for life at this point.
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  8. CaboWabo5150

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    Guess I'll put the ole' Rem 700 back in the safe then :)
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    Kids learn quirk which is why we should teach them young. When my boy was 17 he got to play bad guy for my SWAT team killed a couple before he got taken out daddy was so proud,
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    Wow.. That's a great experience to get to have.. I had to sign a 4 year enlistment to get to do that.. lol.. But either your son is exceptionally talented, has gotten a lot of experience at an early age, or video games really do make good training tools.. Or -- I would be very concerned about the training level of some of the members on the SWAT team.. :) - Just sayin'...
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    I introduced both of my children in the care and use of firearms
    when the reached their 10th birthdays . By 15 they were both avid shooters
    with more then a working knowledge of every gun in my collection .

    The weekly range sessions were not a question of if we were going , but
    more . What and where are we shooting this weekend . This continued
    until my daughter turned 18 . Then she started to bow out of our range
    days . I said I understood , Teenage girl and all that . So my son and I continued
    on without her more and more until he turned 18 and the same thing happened .

    Now that they are in their mid to late 20's I'm lucky if I can get one of them
    to spare an hour or two a year to come out and shoot with the old man (Me)

    They both will say that the enjoy shooting and would like to do it more if
    they could find the time , but I still speculate if I didn't overload them .

    Hopefully they will get back into shooting some day , and it would be
    real nice if I'm still around to see it ...
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    My daughter is three almost four and i work with her on air soft guns. I am getting her a pink cricket rifle for when she turns four. I most likely want let her shoot it until older but the damn prices on those things keep sky rocketing so i am going to go ahead and get one for her now. She heard me tell her mom and is so excited tells all my buddies that she is getting one. lol
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    Our children are our future and bringing them up shooting is an awesome way of bringing them up right. They are exposed to so much anti propaganda in our schools that we need to make sure they know which way is up. I still remember the 1st time taking my daughter to the range and how much fun she had.
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    It isn't uncommon when you are teaching a child to shoot a simi-auto pistol that they will have problems with the gun jamming, this is due to the fact with their smaller size and strength they arn't able to hold the gun tight enough during the recoil action to allow the slide to cycle properly many times changing to different ammo will fix this. I have seen men teaching their wives to shoot and have the same problem and think something is wrong with the gun.
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    Kids + guns= a wonderful thing. I hate all the laws that exist that require one to keep guns stored in such a way that children can't reasonably access them. How much better to keep guns where they become a normal part of the daily landscape and teach children how to properly behave with them?

    Two of my brood. A Marine Officer's Kids - YouTube They were four and two at the time. And yes, my son is naturally that meticulous.
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    You should show you daughter the YouTube videos of 16 year old Tori Nonaka Pro-Am champ for 2010
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    BTW she was just 14 when she entered National comps...
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