My Alaskan Bush Knife

Discussion in 'Blades' started by BTPost, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. BTPost

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    Thought that you folks would be interested in what I use out here in the Alaskan Bush. I just got this back from Adam DesRosiers (ABS Master BladeSmith) who put a new handle on it, for me. I purchased it originally from a friend, who had just returned from Nepal, after spending two years, working in a small village, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. He was present when the blade was forged from a WWII Japanese Truck axle, and you will note the original Goat skin covering on the scabbard, under the QuackTape. I have used this for 4 decades, and it replaces a Hatchet, Camp Knife, and came with two skinning knifes, in the scabbard. It is an all around tool for out in the bush, and has served me well.
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  2. hank2222

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    good pick for a bush knife bruce
  3. Bison_Forge

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    I love kukris. It looks like you have gotten a lot of use out of this one. Thanks for sharing.
  4. BAT1

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    I have one. It's under my bed. Great for trimming the palm tree. Intro shows you how to convert one.
  5. BTPost

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    Quick TEST question, for all the Kukri Aficionados...

    What is the little thing on the sharp edge of the Blade, just in front of the handle for????

    I know the answer, but do you?
  6. ghrit

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    Might it stop an attacker's blade?
  7. Bison_Forge

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    I was told that it was to divert fluids such as blood or tree sap away from the handle. Some have been modified as bottle openers as well, but I like the original use better.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    pricking your finger to blood the blade... the blade should never be drawn and resheathed without being bloodied....
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  9. BTPost

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    Well Bison Forge got the answer, right.... That is there to allow blood, running down the sharp edge of the blade, from getting on the handle, and making it slippery for the users, gripping it. You do not see this feature on many knives. The primary purpose of these knives, was to harvest the local Crops in Nepal, as well as a few of the Chinese, that come across the mountains, to take over the country, like they did in Tibet. You just do not want a slippery knife in your hands after dealing with a few Chinese Bandits.... .....
  10. Hispeedal2

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  11. Bison_Forge

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    The kukri is definitely my first choice for fighting Chinese bandits. I love the saying about the Gurkhas: "If a man says he is not afraid to die, he is either a liar or a Gurkha." Words to live by indeed........
  12. Bush Monkey Knives

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    thanks for posting - interesting
  13. BTPost

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    another Adam DesRosiers ABS knife....

    Adam was here, picking up his mail today, and brought his latest Damascus Knife down, to show off the Shark Skin Sheath, he made....
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  14. Bobb

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    actually...on original khukri, that thingy beneath the blade is like good-luck charm, or blessing...holy's a cow's foot imprint
  15. NWViking

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    Ah yes the Khukri. That will definately chop some wood and other things for sure!

  16. Falcon15

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    It is, ostensibly to channel blood away from the handle to keep it from getting too slippery to grip.
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  17. Dont

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    Picked up one of the cold steel kukri machetes last year for 20.00.. Used it to delimb trees I cut down.. Not enough bulk to the blade but it didn't break..

    Have seen a couple adds in shotgun news for kukri's.. One was advertised as military surplus.. Pretty cheap..
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  18. arleigh

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    When I was a teen I had a good friend from Malaysia that had a Krukri and used it often guiding troops in the jungle as a teen.
    His knife had a very pronounced split tongue in the center of the circle ,a very beautiful well cared for weapon .
    At first opportunity I bought a krukri but it was something like the one my friend had, mine was made in india, but it serves to remind me of some good times .
    Mine has the water buffalo horn silver over brass adornment on the grip but the blade had been chromed with punched art work . Kinda cheesy but it's just a wall hanger.
    My Go to hunting knife is a western Bowie and it serves me well . but every day cary just happens to be any number of folders that fit in my combination holster,knife /flashlight /phone.
  19. Tikka

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    The Cho which is the notch in the blade has a few purposes.
    The first as mentioned already is to keep blood from reaching the grip. It also has a religious significance as it resembles the Hindu fertility symbol or OM. Add it resembles the sacred cow's hoof. They worship cows. Last but not least, it can be used to hook an enemy's blade.
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