My apologies to everyone......

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ponce, May 6, 2009.

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    About my original thread about "The Renegade Administrator".

    My apologies to everyone ........ not for what I said but for the way that I said it.

    Just a few minutes before reading his thread I read about the "brave" IDF shooting another 7 year old Palestinian kid and I was still angry :oops:

    I am not saying that I am sorry because I am afraid of being kicked out of this forum but because when I am wrong I am wrong and this time I am.

    "When the truth comes into the light, the lies will hide in the dark"... Ponce

    In the long run you will find out that but for being a anti-Zionist I am a hell of a good melbo can tell you
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    Welcome aboard Ponce.....
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    As Conagher said, welcome aboard
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    Welcome to the Board
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    Hmmm must a missed that blood no foul man...:)
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    No offense taken....
    It's good to have different views and different perspectives....
    In forums, some get offended, and others simply read and move on.
    Welcome to the Monkey's!
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    If we don't like what you write, as long as it doesn't violate the c of c, then people around here will either not respond or with some sense of reason discuss the topic with you.

    I held my "fingers" on the anti-zionist comment simply because I was angry that I had read an article about how a few more christians in Irag and Iran had their throats slit by the peace loving muslims in the area that are supported by hezzbollah which is supported by Iran which is, also, a peace loving nation like the Palestinians hope to create in "Palestine". OH, if only Arafat was back from the dead. He could bring a lasting peace to the region......where is the sanity! Give peace a chance. Appease them until you are dead.
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    Clyde, up till 1998 I blieved that a Jew was a little man dressed all in black with a funny hat that loved to bang his head against a wall.....and then I found an article on the internet that led me to hundred of more articles (in a chain reaction) and I found out that I was right.....the real Jews of the Bible is that little man all dressed in black.

    But then.........

    I learned about the Khazar and about their homeland in Central Asia and how they became Jews and how they lost their land and went to Europe (Northern Russia and Poland) and how Herzel in 1872 came up with the idea for a "Jewish State or Country" and how after searching in different countries they decided on Palestine and in 1897 the Zionist party, or movement, was founded.

    The US had a "cold war" with Russia because they were Commies and yet... the founders of the Communist Party were Zionist Jews where 5 of the original 7 Poliburo members. Out of the 358 original Commisars 287 of them were Zionist Jews with 192 of them being from NY (USA)... 92% of the secret police was composed of Zionist Jews.

    In March 24 of 1933 the Zionist Jews declared an economical war on Germany........but at the same time Rochchield gave Herr Hitler 5 millions dollars to help him with the new Nazi movement, the same way that they gave money to the North and the South in the war in the USA.

    You must also consider the fact that "those" people have been kicked out of more than 78 countries, with some of them more than once, not for being "Jews" but for what they did as "Jews".....and as they are doing now days.

    The "aid" that we now give them out of our tax dollar is not only helping them build the sites in occupied Palestine but also helping them buy new land all over the in Argentina and the small island right south of Australia.... and you know what? they really don't need our money but the moral support of the US government.

    And of course the two Zionist Israelis spy's wont be going to court because that would be "anti-Semite".......we must remember that the real Jews and the Muslims were brothers from the same father and that 1/3 of all Arabs are Semites.

    Everyday the Israelis Zionist destroy more and more Paletinian houses because they "didn't have a permit" with some of those houses being over 200 years old, they also say that the Palestinians sold them their homes in the state of Israel..........sure, every single house in the same block all over the city.

    The war against Lebanon was not about the missing soldier but of taking all the land up to the river because that's where the water for the state of Israel is coming from......

    Anyway......anyone is more than welcome to raise hell against me as long as you "don't curse me or spit at me", two more of the Zionist traditions.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think so......remember that the real Jews are also anti-Zionists.

    "Believe in God, but trust your guns"... Ponce
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