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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -06, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. -06

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    So many have posted "Likes" and I have never returned the compliments. Will try to remedy that in the future. Reading your posts often instills various thoughts, actions, reactions, and I have used lots of info gathered--thanks to all. We and folks like us are a minority in that we love our nation, family structure, God, and want to see all prosper. We have been called "domestic terrorists" , "bitter clingers", and part of the vast right wing conspiracy by those supposedly elected to lead our nation in "right ways". Instead they have literally sold us down river and are trying to cover their tracks. Rant off. We have a ways to go it seems.
  2. beast

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    isnt selling someone like calling them slaves? :p
  3. STANGF150

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    -06 I dunno about others, but I don't Return Likes. If reading a thread, I like what sumone says alot, then I click the LIKE button. I'm sure other folks do about the same.
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  4. beast

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    yup, if i like what ya say or am thinking the same
    then ya get a like
    not cuz ya gave me
  5. Sapper John

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    What beast said...
  6. melbo

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    Just don't Like posts by TN Andy...

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  7. ghrit

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    Too late, I've already done it. Now YOU on the other hand ---

    Jury is out on the "like" business for us olde pharts. Does save a lot of return posts and +1s, tho'.
  8. BTPost

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    Way to late, I have done it a few times.... TnAndy makes a lot of sense, on things he knows about.... YMMV....
  9. chelloveck

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    I don't know that there's anything to apologise for.

    Sending likes is an entirely optional send likes out of obligation...or guilt that one is not meeting some expected standard of recipricosity is to devalue the worth of sending a like for a particular post.

    I send likes to acknowledge the value of posts that help the SM community in their individual and collective goals. I might be acknowledging the content of a post, the way points of view are argued, support for a particular point of view, rewarding good humour, or personal or moral courage in arguing a point of view, that although possibly unpopular none the less has ethical value or may be well reasoned.

    The likes feature shouldn't be like some kind of vanity awards system where they are doled out like confetti to friends...given to people merely because they agree with one's own views or handed out to gain some sense of personal popularity.

    The difficulty I find is with a post that has some elements that I like...but some elements that I find disagreeable....usually in those circumstances I submit a post in answer....usually with a forensic analysis of the post in question, sometimes liked...sometimes not liked ; )

    I appreciate the sentiments that may have prompted your opening post...but I would have to say that after your sentence
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    Did not mean that I would be returning "LIKES" simply because I had received one but that I would be using the button myself instead of only responding(posting) with a reply. It was an apology for not using the option offered by SM.
    Chell, we all rant occasionally--even from your loftyness-lol. The "addendum" was to clarify who most here are to some extent or another. I rather enjoy "flag waving" because I am proud of our country but not the direction it is going. Opps denegrated again to some of that patriotic hogwash.
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  11. chelloveck

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    06- I had noticed

    your occasional propensity for flag waving, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that; not disrespecting servicemen and others who have served under the present Australian national flag....I'll probably be a little more enthusiastic in waving a flag that is truly Australian, rather than a vestigal symbol of forelock tugging to the mother country. Until that happens, I'll be satisfied with recognising the contributions by better men and women than me who built what Australia is, under that flag.

    All that was necessary was to use the likes feature....people would have noticed it without needing any fanfare and hair shirt wearing, lol ; )

    You and I are probably opposite sides of the same coin....the important thing for the both of us to remember is that we are of the same coin.
  12. -06

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    LOL, can live with that. At one site my byline says--"do you like who you see in the mirror ?". As long as a man honestly is content with his heart's position about his fellow man, his God, his family, and his duty then he is a man at peace. What more can one expect to attain in life? If one is unhappy with himself it usually shows and he brings that same unhappiness into other's lifes. Laughter and jocularity are the icing of life's cake. It makes life worth living and makes others the same way. The Bible speaks of planting seeds but we "plant seeds" of all kinds in all aspects of our walk down the way of our lives. I want my planting to produce good veggies, fruit, and occasionally a chunk of meat to chew on. Polypsy 101 rambling over-lol.
  13. Clyde

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    Don't just plant seeds, plant hops seeds.
  14. -06

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    "plant hops seeds"--LOL. In my more intemperate youth beer drinking was one of my favorite past times along with some er more aromatic things. Have not missed either for many years and am having a ball--and I can remember them-lol.
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