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    The Mike and Lisa Adventures...Off Grid Living, Building, Green Living, Remodeling, Gardening and RVing

    After almost 5 years of posting stories I decided to put it all in one place. I started a blog this week and am slowly adding stories from the beginning. I am adding the Off Grid stories one by one by chapter. I will also have gardening, remodels, building and some cooking.

    Please check it comments on my blog and tell me what you think. I really love hearing from people and am always open to new ideas smile. ...also any suggestions for my blog would be nice since I am new at it smile.

    Check it out here:

    I am sorry if this is the wrong thread. Please move if needed smile.

    smile. smile. smile.
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    Oh Noes!!! Not YOU again Lisa!!! Last time took me Two Weeks To catch up reading it!!! An worse yet, gave me a desire for an Underground Home!!! :p
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    Thank you everyone.

    My blog, like our home, is a work in progress. I am writing all of your suggestions down and I will ask my stepdaughter to help me when she comes this weekend. I need "a lot" of help form her, lol.

    Hmm...about commenting....I changed my settings and anyone should be able to comment as anonymous.

    Please try to comment on the blog and let me know what happens:)

    Also....can everyone see it on your computers?


    And for today
    I have completed 32 chapters so far. Only about 150 to go...and then I can post what Mike and I are doing "now"...ugh!!
    Mike and Lisa World
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    I love these kinds of blogs. When you wake up and everybody else has lost power, etc and you don't even notice. Wow.
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    Yeah it is really cool. My stepdaughter lives 4 miles away. We called her one time and she had no power....she wanted to come over, lol.

    BTW...up to just over 50 chapters:)
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    I am caught up and writing new stuff:):)
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    Better Hurry Lisa!!! Yer only up to planting fer 2012!!!! Need to know if you starved eating from yer garden this past winter LoL
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    I am planting spinach and lettuce this week:):)
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    [worthless] Posted here....
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    I'll get some for you at the end of the week...snow is coming:(
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