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    i know that this works for me as it is just a mixture of old packing lists that i had for extended field problems with a few things experience teaches you are good to have. this is not a for everyone list, pick and choose what works and i hope that something is helpful: btw every thing is in sepperate zip lock baggies
    for the ruck i use a britsh mil surp ruck with the 2 zippered on side pouches.
    1 large Gatorade bottle of water
    heavy space blanket( one side green the other silver)
    50' 550 cord
    90mph tape( duct tape works)
    sewing kit
    extra pants, t-shirt and 3 pr socks
    cold weather gear( wool socks, gloves, watch cap, poly pro top or thermal)
    8 meals( varied from tuna in a package to oysters)
    lock bladed knife , less than 4 inch
    a really cheaply bought leatherman
    poncho w/ liner and bungee cords
    solid fuel heater and a box of spare heat tabs
    1st aid kit to include, fem hygiene products, aspirin, benadryl, and antibiotic ointment
    basic hygiene kit, with baby wipes( being clean is a big boost and stops alot of problems before they start
    small shovel( i use a small garden shovel for a slit trench)
    lighter and matches in sepperate bags
    at least 1/2 roll of tp, or 4 small portable kleenex packs
    SEASON ALL! learn to love/ use
    a mini cleaning kit, small clp bottle, and few spare patches with old toothbrush, wrapped in a cleaning rag
    and 1 box ea of 22 ammo and 7.62x39 ammo
    this is just the basic list that i add to, depending on the season, ie bug juice or a sleeping bag. also this is just meant to get me to my bug out area if ever needed. while this is the minimum and i add to, i will not take away from. most often the 3 in one tool i bought is added, it is a hatchet, hammer and crowbar combination, works well for small chores.
    if there is a glaringly obvious omission that i have please let me know and i'll either look if i have or add it to my pack.
  2. NVBeav

    NVBeav Monkey+++

    Here's a link to a thread from a while back. MonkeyMan has a great list:

    Here's my Work BOB List that I print out and check off items as filled (it could be more complete too):

    Work BOB
    __ water purification tablets
    __ 2-quart canteen
    __ mole-skin
    __ compact AM/FM radio
    __ energy bars
    __ spare batteries (4xAA)
    __ emergency food kit
    __ baby wipes
    __ first aid kit
    __ area map
    __ whistle
    __ waterproof matches
    __ flashlight (2)
    __ backpack
    __ knife (2)
    __ gloves
    __ para-cord (100')
    __ space blanket
    __ pancho
    __ 1/2-gal Ziplock bags (5)
    __ duct tape
    __ Compass
    __ tissues
    __ long-sleeve denim shirt
    __ sweater
    __ t-shirt
    __ spare socks
    __ stocking cap
    __ scarf
  3. monkeyman

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    One thing I noticed was missing was a whet stone to kep the knife sharp and functional. Beyond that, as long as YOU can get by in reasonable comfort (ie still able to eat, drink and rest well) with what you have listed then the main other thing I would DEFINATLY still add would be a spool or 2 of nylon cord. You can never have enouph cordage, it can be used for traps, limb/trout lines, building shelter, alarm systems and any number of other things.
  4. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    metal canteen/sierra cup? Ora small backpacking pot?
  5. fritz_monroe

    fritz_monroe Guest

    How about iodine crystals like Polar Pure instead of water purification tablets. Tablets degrade if opened, and high temperatures like in a closed car are bad for them. Iodine crystals need to be kept tightly sealed, but temperature and time doesn't affect them.
  6. evilgijoe88

    evilgijoe88 Monkey+++

    all good additions, whilei have a straw filter i my vest and a metal canteen cup, i might not be able to get to em in time. iodine crystals? i'll have to look into that
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