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    It has been a long while since I stopped by.

    I used to be able to keep up with a dozen or more Forums. Nowadays it's hard to keep up with four or five. I'm not quite sure what the deal is there. I spend as many hours online—perhaps I type and read slower.

    At any rate, five of my books are out on Amazon/Kindle.

    "Parallel" is a thoroughly rewritten version of a man forced to flee this reality.

    "Tell the Artifact what kind of World that you'd like to go to.

    The stronger that you can hold a mental image and the more non-contradictory your image, the better match you'll get."

    He tells the Artifact that he wants to go to an Africa like the one portrayed in Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories.

    He ends up on a Ringworld with an African continent bigger than 150 million Earths—how else could large parts of Africa remain Forever Unexplored and Mysterious?

    Many similarities to ERB'S Africa and some notable differences.

    "Darkness" and "Fugue" are both "E&E" (escape and evasion) stories on the Borderland between SF and Phantasty.

    "Bright" is a Detective story that hints at Supernatural, but is mostly Scientific by the end...

    While "Calderas" is about a Church Group trying to Survive a Calderas Eruption (they'd had years prior warning to prepare...)

    Purchases are welcome, of course—More than Welcome—But I primarily need good reviews to jump-start my sales.

    Even clicking on my books raises their stature in the search engines.

    Thanks. Bright eBook: Robert V Martin: Kindle Store Darkness eBook: Robert V. Martin: Kindle Store Calderas eBook: Robert V. Martin, Connie M Martin: Kindle Store Parallel (Parallel Worlds) eBook: Robert V Martin: Kindle Store Fugue (Further Awakenings) eBook: Robert V Martin: Kindle Store

    O and check out the really neat cover that my sister did for my latest book.

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    You might want to make your sigline here a link to the publisher website.

    I did that with my World of the Chernyi books. You can see the link at the bottom of the post, underlined. I believe it has added some sales and makes it easy for folks to find my books on line. I certainly appreciate the site allowing this kind of linking.

    Also, consider posting a sample chapter or two here on the board, so folks can see what the story is all about. That really helped with my early sales, so much so that I was able to finish several other books in the series.

    Good luck!
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    Free chapters definitely help.

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    Classic DOH! moment here. I never thought of posting chapters here. Guess I've seen so many "buy my book, buy my book!" folks that I make it a habit to try & stay low key. I list my stuff in my sig line and put the QR code up for my avatar, and that's it. Gonna have to post some stuff in the books area...
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    Classic Doh! Indeed....if I am reading this on my phone (as I am) how on earth would I scan a QR code?;) I have never even used one. Even though I have the reader on my phone.
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    In that case you could tap the links in my sig. LOL.

    Still, the point is well taken. I'll try to post some chapters here this weekend.
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