^^^^^^My Challenges and Successes of Getting Family To Prep

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    My Challenges and Successes of Getting Family To Prep
    My Challenges and Successes of Getting Family To Prep
    June 8, 2016 By Contributor 14 Comments
    Today we present another article in our non-fiction writing contest – by Robert L. Burns Jr.

    It has been one of my goals in the last six years to get family more involved with prepping for disaster, or as commonly referred to, “W.S.H.F.” Between sounding crazy to those stuck in “everyday living” mode and the time constraints of those same folks, it’s been a challenge of mine to get family and friends more involved while dealing with my own budgetary issues at the moment.
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    And I wish you much luck and success. My own spouse can't come to grips with there ever being anything but the norm, but still I work on her. I secretly hope she is right, but my gut says otherwise.
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    Same here @Tempstar .. And I have been working on her for about twenty years.. And I get called a hoarder..
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    A little at a time store canned goods away ,when times get thin draw from you secret stashes .
    It's not like collecting stamps or dishes that have no value post SHTF.
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