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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Minuteman, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. hacon1

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    Now I know that I have found my guys are just like long lost family![gun]

    Is it a bad sign that you let out a little giggle every time you pull the trigger on the .50?[sawgunner]
  2. ghrit

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    [alien]Whoa!! Bad news!! You ARE an addict!! (Welcome to the 12 steps to better marksmanship.)[lolol]
  3. Clyde

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    When I shot Melbo's Barret standing without a scope on it....i giggled profusely and asked for another API round. Those things are more fun to shoot standing than laying down....less shoulder antagonism.

    Please unhijack this thread....sorry.[boozingbuddies]
  4. Halffast

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    This is one of the funniest things I have ever read. It is quite well written, too. Great job and thanks for the laugh. I needed it!

  5. Minuteman

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    Coming from an author of your caliber that's quite a compliment. Thanks.
  6. hartage

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    Melbo has a barret ? Lucky dog. I wanted one way back when. It just happened to be a few months after the first iraq war. The price on those things shot up from about 3k to around 15k (if you can even find it) in 2 months or so I was told. Nowadays commifornia won't let me have one. :cry:
  7. sniper-66

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    MM, I must tell you that you may be addicted, but you become an addicted junkie when you go buy a press that has only one purpose in life, to feed that .50. I just bought a RCBS Ammo Master and am now set up for reloading the fiend. It's one thing to giggle and laugh when you pull the trigger because of the gun turning money into noise and fire, but when you giggle because you have a nice new shiney casing to run home and put more money into it, that is a junkie! And guys, I gotta admit that I don't care to ever be treated!!! I love my other guns, but my .50 is like my favored child!
  8. ColtCarbine

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    I don't think there is a treatment, only deterrents [beer]

    Horsepower seems to be the only deterrent for me [gone]
  9. hacon1

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    Ok, I didn't admit everything.......yes I giggle when I shoot the .50 but the rest of the truth is this..............I giggle when I shoot just about any cal. It just seems to be a little more when I shoot the .50. Ok, there it is. Man, do I feel better!
  10. sniper-66

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    Instead of hijacking this thread, look in the firearms section, I am going to start one on reloading the .50, you will soon see how deep the rabbit hole goes!
  11. Minuteman

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    I fell off of the wagon today. I did something that reminded me of this thread.

    I have been trying to be strong. I have stayed off of I let my subscription to G&A expire. I avoid the gun stores when I go to town.
    I was really doing good. I haven't bought any new toys in several months.

    But, you know how these things go. You think your strong, your avoiding the temptations and then some little mis-step lands you right back where you were.

    It was innocent enough, wasn't my fault. I have a single action revolver in .22. I bought it along time ago. And I have been satisfied with it. The .22 was enough of a high for me. I decided that I needed a nice holster for it. Nothing wrong with that. It was just a holster. Right?

    Well I ordered it from a guy on the net. He made it for me and I was eager to open the box when it arrived. But I soon found out how sadistic fate can be.

    When you are trying to quit smoking you find yourself surrounded by smokers. When you are trying to be a good faithful spouse you find yourself surrounded by buxom, willing women. Well..............

    I got the holster out and tried it on. A perfect fit. Beautiful craftmanship. I got my pistol and put it in the holster, and it didn't fit!!!
    I got to looking at it. The guy made it for a .45!!!!!

    I don't have a .45LC. So I put the thing up with the intent to sell it at a gun show or on the net. But it haunted me. setting there in the closet, empty, alone. I would see it when I was rummaging around and think to myself that I needed to get rid of it. But somehow I just never got around to it.

    You probably guessed it by now. I soon found myself looking at .45 SA's in magazines, on gunsites. Wondering what they would look like in that nice holster. Wondering what it would feel like to fan the hammer on a powerful cartridge like the .45.

    I looked on Gunbrokor, just out of curiosity, to see what they cost. I looked for several weeks. Then I saved a couple of items to my "My Auctions". Just to look at.

    Then Saturday I was looking at a Ruger Vaquero, for the umteenth time. Polished stainless steel, faux pearl grips. Man, that sure would look good in that holster. I hovered over the "Buy Now" button, I pulled back, came back to it again, be strong, just say no, finally the last of my will power drained away and I hit the button.

    I was committed.
    Today I called and gave my credit card info and sent a copy of the ffl dealers license.

    So now I have a new firearm, and a new caliber that I have to stock up on. And none of it was my fault. I tried. But I'm weak. I can't stop.
    Oh God, Knob Creeks this weekend!!!!!!
    I'm lost.
  12. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Let me get this bought a gun because you had a holster for it? You are a deranged puppy....should have bought a Colt!
  13. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I know. Sad aint it!

    Now if I could just find some loose 44-40 or even 45-70 rounds I would have to buy a rifle to go with them!!!!

    It's a sickness.
  14. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Just so happens that I have a bunch of brass, cast bullets, dies for .45-70, .44-40, and .45-120...[troll]
  15. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    What is wrong with that? I bought a revolver because I had the ammo --.

    (It IS a sickness. I've never made it past the first step in recovery.)
  16. NVBeav

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    I took my 5-yr-old daughter with me to the gun store; she said she likes the black rifle because it goes good with my clothes. That opportunity couldn't be passed up.

    Now I've got to face my wife taser1

    It's been good knowing y'all...
  17. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    hhaaha, MM, I know a guy like that. He collects Brass for every caliber, just in case he gets a gun in that caliber.
  18. Nomad 2nd

    Nomad 2nd Monkey+++

    The sad thing is... SOME of you people think this is a joke!
  19. toemag

    toemag Monkey++

    This is a real problem, and no joke, so I'll relate to this person in the third person to protect that person from ridicule.

    I, I mean he realized at a very early age that shooting air rifles and pistols were not going to keep him happy for long, so he spent hours looking at gun magazines and papers, wondering how he could shoot them fine pistols revolvers rifles and shotguns. Having been born to a less than well off family in the north west of England he decided to join the Army and did so at 16 years of age. He found that the Army although he did get to shoot Semi auto rifles and pistols and smg's were taking more than they were giving and he wanted more so a tank crewman he became, firing the 120mm main armament was a rush of all the shooting orgasms that he'd ever wanted, plus the coaxially mounted MG with 6,000 rounds of .308 win all belted up and ready to be fired in ranging and killing bursts, all ran from the same fire controll system that made missing hard.

    So it was that the Army then sent him to Germany, to be a part of their defences against comunism. Once there he applied for a gun licence, the German authotities didn't make things difficult for him as the English authorities had. So he purchased a .357 Mag revolver, a S&W #65 was what he bought, then a CZ75, after this there was no holding him back, S&W 586 4" and one with a 6". He'd be off on the range most weekends with his new found German shooting buddies who'd pick him up from the Kasserne and bring him back after the shoot was over. In time he wanted to take his new found passion and weapons back to the UK after his time in the Army was over, so he applied for the licences for what he legally held in a foriegn country and was to sorry no way.....

    That was when the reality of it all hit him square in the face, they think I'm a freakshow, if i was a stamp collector or a collector of womens underwear I'd be fine, but because I collect firearms and enjoy shooting I'm a freak, nice knowing you lot, goodbye and good ridens to you. So he got himself on the Qualification course for the German Hunting licence and passed it, allowing him to buy as many rifles and shotguns as he can afford. His time in the Army defending a Queen and country that considered him a freak seemed pointless, so he then started making plans to leave the Army and settle down in Germany, as he'd spent a lot of time in Bavaria, liked the place and the beer, a whole lot better than the town in northern Germany where he'd been stationed, that was where he wanted to live, asked for and was sent to the Regimental Ski hut as a driver and odd job man, this was where god intervened and allowed him to meet his future wife, with whom he now has two sons.

    The transition from being a Soldier to civilian in a foriegn country was initially very difficult due to the language barrier, but after 16 years he lives his dream, has 4 hand guns, 8 rifles and 2 shotguns, shoots three times a week at his local club and goes hunting when ever he feels like it.

    When asked by his family if he misses England he just smiles and says no, his mother can't and wouldn't understand why he decided to settle in Germany so he has never told her and probably never will.

  20. andy

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    wow toemag, makes me cherish what we have here(for now)
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