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    As I am writing this, Connecticut legislators are in the process of approving the most restrictive gun legislation in the United States. After weeks of closed door bi-partisan meetings, the outline of the bill was drafted with very little hearing time open to the public. It was obvious that the one open hearing that was held was irrelevant to the legislators and meant to give the false impression that "we the people" have any standing among those we have elected as our representatives. The bill was written by the lawyers last night, hastily printed and the 138 page bill was presented to the legislators at 10am this morning. When the voting began this afternoon at 1pm, they had not even had time to read the bill on which they were voting, the bill that would fundamentally change the lives of every resident of the state from that moment forward.

    Mike and I worked until about 4:30 this morning making and laminating dozens of signs that we planned on brings to the Capital today and distributing to the crowd.

    Cabelas in a town that borders the capital city of Hartford offered constant shuttle service back and forth to the Capital building. I had many people on the shuttle ask me for signs which I distributed up and down the aisle. When we arrived at the Capital, we were allowed to take our 11 x 17 signs inside because they did not exceed the "width of my body," evidently the size limit for protest in Connecticut.

    After a debate at moments impassioned and agonized, the state Senate Wednesday voted to approve a historic and far-reaching gun-control bill that proponents said was their toughest-in-the-nation response to the Newtown school massacre. - CTnow "
    Gun rights Photo 19/30
    "Dee Dickson, of Coventry, (center) sorts signs she had made to bring to the state Capitol where the legislature is expected to pass new gun control laws in the wake of the Newtown shootings. She was one of hundreds of gun rights supoorters to board buses at Cabela's in East Hartford Wednesday morning to travel to the Capitol to make their voices heard before the historic vote. Looking on is Lenny Sparks, of Cheshire, (left) and Mike Sadlak, also of Coventry (right). (Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant /April 3, 2013):"

    After traveling through the bowels of the building, on marble floors, people movers, and escalators, we arrived at the rotunda, a truly majestic edifice of marble and floor to ceiling windows. I have read that the White House was designed to intimidate the enemy and I think the Connecticut Capital building architect Richard Upjohn had the same aspiration when he designed the marble and granite castle like structure complete with gargoyles and guarding lions. My question is, in 2013, who, exactly, is this enemy? Is it me?

    After climbing 4 flights of grand marble staircases (with a bum knee), we arrived outside of the Senate chamber were the legislators had gathered for this historic vote. I am confident that many, if not most, of them believed their re-election hinged on what they would do today. My hope is they bet on the wrong horse.

    I was troubled that I was only one of a handful of women who were present. The modest crowd consisted mainly of older gentlemen in NRA jackets and a few teenage males with their black tee shirts bearing images of high powered rifles.

    Families of the Sandy Hook murder victims were given a special gallery section to view the proceedings and every senator who rose to speak repeated that this legislation was meant to prevent the possibility that there might every be another group of bereft parents as the ones in attendance today.

    It seemed that my gender drew reporters from every news channel in attendence, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, even Telemundo. I chose to speak about the constitution rather than "gun control" because I honestly believe that is the issue. As I repeated over and over, to reporters, and at least a dozen legislators, once they allow the cornerstone of our constitution to be chipped away, the entirety of the constitution, and every limit to an over zealous government, will crumble like siltstone. When I told one of the state senators that I thought of myself as a citizen soldier, he frowned and said that what I really meant was that I was a citizen educator. "No" I said, "I am a citizen soldier and I'm sorry if that intimidates you but you do not represent my best interests as a citizen and for that reason, you have placed yourself on a par with those who undermine the foundation of our country." He was taken aback by this 2013 version of Molly Prichard.

    Among my observations today were: people talk about freedom but are unwilling to put themselves into the fray; woman seem even less willing to put themselves into the fray; when a reporter shoves a microphone in their face, most people shrink back and refuse to publically state their opinions.

    The legislation today will make Class D felons of many of us. It is a terribly sad day in the State of Connecticut, one of the original colonies of America who's residents fought for the very rights freely given up today by people who value reelection over freedom for its citizens.
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    I can't "like" your post, RH, for obvious reasons. But thanks to you and Mike for standing up.
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    RH, Liberty Bleeds and I morn the loss of our Republic..."Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficient. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding."
    -- Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis
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    That is pretty cool that you went there and stood your ground. CT is proof that a single CIA asset can get draconian laws passed and usher in the next phase of the police state. We must fight it any and all ways possible.
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    I for one thank you for fighting for the rights of the citizens of your state and hopefully that example of fortitude will lead others to fight in their states. I live in one of the blue'st of states and appreciate your example RH. May we as one unite and continue to fight for our rights nationally!!!
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    Just wondering when the "Line In The Sand" will be crossed???
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    Righthand, I fear my state will follow suit with many other states Representatives in this same battle that is sweeping the nation in the name of the children. There is only so much one citizen can do, when so many have absolutely no clue as to what this type of legislation means. There are a lot of right wing gun owners that do not understand what this means, much less those on the left. I can only hope through my own efforts and others that we do not experience the same fate as what has happened in your state.

    I can not over state just how many citizens on the right and left have become complacent, have no back bone or a clue as to what just happened. If and when they do, it will be too late as their number will be next.

    So, this is how Liberty dies with the sound of thunderous applause.
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    Line in the sand was crossed a long time ago.
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    These criminals, these absolute idiots will only KNOW the exactitude of their wrongdoing when the people use force against them in large numbers. A revolution is on the wind, and there is no stopping the machine of terror and tyranny without bloodshed.

    That's as plain and truthful as any statement can be made at this point in time without actually stating my own intentions which are shared by many patriots.
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    Candidly speaking, the "progressives" will continue to pass draconian laws, restrict civil rights and expand the police state until the citizens start shooting.

    Think: "Occupy Movement with guns".
    (Obviously not the same demographic)
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    In Alabama, we also passed legislation pertaining to firearms:
    Senate passes controversial gun legislation
    Written by Sebastian Kitchen

    The Alabama Senate on Thursday passed controversial gun legislation that is adamantly opposed by law enforcement and business interests in the state that believe it could lead to more violence and an infringement on private property rights.
    The bill would not allow employers to stop employees from storing a firearm in a vehicle on company property, would allow people to have a free lifetime revocable permit to carry a pistol in their vehicle, would allow people to openly carry firearms in public places, and would require a sheriff to issue or renew a permit within 30 days or to outline in writing why the permit was rejected.
    The proposal also would expand a deadly force law to allow those operating a business to use deadly force in self defense if an intruder enters the business.
    “This is all about making sure law-abiding citizens can protect themselves and their families,” said Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, sponsor of the legislation. “I cannot do anything about criminals.”
    The Senate passed the bill 27-5 after more than five hours of debate and a number of proposed amendments. Senate Republicans shut off debate after Senate Minority Leader Vivian Davis Figures began a filibuster of the bill, which now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.
    Figures, D-Mobile, said she could not support the proposal with law enforcement so adamantly opposed to it.
    “They are slapping law enforcement in the face,” she said.
    The Alabama Sheriff’s Association and the Business Council of Alabama publicly opposed the bill.
    “I think it is fair to business. It is fair to law enforcement,” said Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, who worked with Beason on the legislation.
    Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith, legislative chairman for the sheriff’s association, said he is disappointed that essentially every law enforcement officer and organization in the state opposed the legislation and said it would endanger the public and law enforcement, but state lawmakers bowed to the National Rifle Association and passed the bill.
    Beason, at one point, proposed not having a permit to carry a pistol in a vehicle. After law enforcement groups said that took a valuable tool from law enforcement, he added in the permit but made it free for life although that permit is revocable. He said that dealt with a main concern from Alabama sheriffs, who signed a letter to lawmakers earlier in the week opposing the bill. Currently, people must have a concealed weapon permit to have a pistol in their vehicle.
    “Personally, I believe you ought not to have to pay for your Second Amendment rights,” Beason said.
    People would have to continue to pay for a permit to conceal and carry a pistol outside of their vehicle.
    If a gun owner has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Beason said that individual would not also need the pistol permit for a vehicle.
    Smith, who said he was out of the state and had not had an opportunity to look at the final version with the amendments, said the permits would be for the vehicle and he can assure people that those in the business of crime would find a way around the law.
    “Most every crook I know has a good family member to go get (the permit),” Smith said. Then, he said, family members could drive the vehicle legally while transporting a pistol, allowing drug dealers and thugs to carry pistols.
    Smith said the proposal undermines the purpose of a permit and makes it worthless.
    A sheriff could deny a permit if there is evidence the individual could commit a crime or harm someone. The applicant could appeal to district court.
    Before, Beason said, “he didn’t have to give you a permit if he didn’t like you.”
    Several senators expressed concerns about creating unfunded mandates for local government.
    Beason said, in working with people for more than two months on the legislation, he felt they have met the safety concerns from law enforcement. He said he compromised and was not happy with the final product and did not expect other parties to be happy with it either.
    Some other portions included are:
    People could post on their property that they do not want someone on the property with a firearm. If the person carrying the firearm is asked to leave, the owner of the property could call law enforcement and have the person arrested for trespassing if the gun carrier refuses to leave.
    The proposal would create a list of places where firearms could not be possessed without permission of the owner. The places include college and high school athletic events, courthouses, and the offices of police and sheriffs.
    The law also changed the definition of a public demonstration and said that people could not carry a firearm to a permitted public demonstration with 10 or more people there. Beason had proposed allowing people to carry firearms at public demonstrations.
    Figures expressed concerns about more people openly wearing a gun, which she said makes some people uncomfortable because of their life experiences.
    “That’s asking for trouble,” Figures said.
    “We’re going to end up with Alabama being the wild wild West,” she added.
    Beason said he was uncertain how the bill would do in the House. He said he wishes lawmakers had taken up the bill sooner.
    “There’s a lot of special interest groups who are not as enthusiastic about the Second Amendment as I am,” he said.
    While some law enforcement officials have questioned the need for the gun overhaul in a state so supportive of gun rights, Beason said some municipalities have began to pass their own ordinances to restrict gun rights.
    “Most of these municipal ordinances are harassing law-abiding citizens,” he said.
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    Where are you going to move to?
  13. enloopious

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    I think the best thing is to stay where you are and fight the good fight. Go to city hall with metal pots and wooden spoons and disrupt EVERYTHING! Don't let them in the doors. Post public officials home addresses all over town with lists of their crimes. Post on local websites that there is an action going on in your town at your city hall. Don't claim to be a leader, just that everyone patriotic American should be there to fight for their freedom. Subvert it all.
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    Every time I hear someone say they are moving, whether it's to Texas or Oklahoma or whatever, all I can think is that it plays right into their hands. If New York and Colorado and California, etc, suddenly lost all of their 2A supporting residents to say, Texas, they would cheer. Good riddance to bad rubbish they'd say. Hell they're already saying it in Colorado. "Good, we don't need you out of state gun nuts coming here to hunt!"

    The blue states would be free to go blue until they were teal and visibly glowing from space.

    The red states, and their new arrivals, would say have no fear, we're not bending! Then amnesty is granted to millions upon millions of illegals, a hefty chunk of which live in Texas, and Arizona, and New Mexico. Federal agencies created for the express purpose of getting these non-English acknowledging, "out of status" citizens would ensure these newly minted citizens knew who they owed their votes to, and suddenly the red states turn purple.

    And since that particular demographic breeds oh so much faster than the rest of us.... within fifteen, twenty years Texas will be as blue as a UN helmet. We're already predicted to swing to blue in the next twenty anyway thanks to the Hispanic population that seems to triple every two years.

    If anything, gun owners need to flood into the states that are on the ropes.
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    If the people do not defeat these lawmakers who hide behind arbitrary law, they should very well move away or as a last resort use force against them. If all avenues of legality have been extinguished, what purpose does protesting with a picket sign serve? You would still be living under tyranny. And tyrants do not acquiesce to peaceful protest.
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    [applaud] Good for you! I love what you said. So point blank honest & correct. I think that is something we all need to keep in mind. We know we are right and if we give them and inch.....
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    Ditchwitch I am one of those that are ready to pull up stakes. I am not native to Colorado, it is where I live. My home is back East and I won't be moving back home. But during this gun grab I have really thought hard about where I want to be and who I want to be around. I never have considered moving to Texas because that seems to be a trend but I want a place that I can put down roots. If the line in the sand is crossed and if our current way of living becomes dangerous, I ask myself is this where I want to be. I know there was a paper that the Sheriff's of Colorado published and they said they all took a stand against this gun grab, well actually that is not correct. Not all sheriffs are on board, some are supporting the politicians. With the decline of the economy and things seeming to be getting tougher, I have been doing much thinking. I looked at my neighborhood but now I am looking at the town and the county around me and ask is this a place I want my family in case of civil unrest. The relocation discussions are getting very serious and places are being researched. I know I am not alone I think people need to take a long hard look at where they are and yes these politicians can be voted out but things are moving fast and some of these people are not up for re-election till 2016 & that is a long time off.
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    If they are anything like my ex, they will want another ten inches? [touchdown] OH! NO! You! DI-INT!
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    You will never worry about Alaska tuning Blue, we can't even get Most Regular White LibTards to live here, year round, let alone any Cousins, from south of the Boarder.... They only come for the summers, then Return to ElPaso, and Brownsville, in September...... Long before any Voting takes place..... .....
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    Seriously considering moving back to Alaska...
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