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    Back in the early 1970's, The American Institute of Economic Research published and article "Stand Still Little Lamb to be Shorne", the thrust of which was that if fiat money printing continued, prices of real (PM) moneys would increase until the dollar was reputed as a store of value. That day is about upon us as the following are happening- all of which, in my opinion are connected:
    1.The Dollar index is falling to the lowest level since 2008 ( Dow crash zone)
    2.Anticipating that deflation expectations are over, Soros has sold PM holdings : Money News reports today that Soros Fund Management LLC sold precious-metal assets.Gold, Silver Drop as Soros Fund Said to Dump Precious Metals
    3. I believe the recent PM price drops are directly connected to his gross PM sales in his real effort to prop up the Obamination's fiat dollar values to try to prevent an implosion at the Fed.
    4. This is a major buying opportunity; not a time to sell if you believe in liberal inflations as I did back in the 1970's. Fiat paper will be debased back to the value of ink and paper while PM's will retain their store of value.

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