My Five Reasons Why Hunting is an Important Survival Skill

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    That was almost 50 years before I was born. I just remember being told that by an old timer.

    I imagine there were uncountable snake oils and home remedies going around in an attempt to save the faith. My community was predominantly recent Czech immigrants at the time. It may be something from the old country.
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    Not trying to bug you, I am always seeking natural remedies. Both my wife and myself are Herbalists. And was just recently researching pandemic flu's. With the influenza the virus causes the bodies immune system to over react creating what is known as a cytokine storm. So things that suppress the immune system a little when the flu hits is good. Prevents the virus from creating pneumonia which is pretty much what killed millions in the 1918 Outbreak of Spanish Flu. It killed mainly young strong healthy people with strong immune systems. I never discount what the old folks had to say. They were right way to often. Thanks
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    So, what is a good racoon recipe?
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