My Generation versus Yours: Questions for Us

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    Howdy y'all. Been asked to do this before, and I keep getting lost in my ADHD trying to write it because there is a lot of ground to cover discussing my generation and yours and why we don't get along and how to talk to one another. I am trying once again to write an article, but instead of getting stumped this time, I am Asking:

    What questions/thoughts do you have on/for my generation versus yours?

    I really need some direction to pull this off, and I know y'all have a LOT of opinions on this subject. Might even do a video response so we can get some off the cuff responses, but this is something I would really like to do, and have been trying to for a while now. Might even wrangle some friends in and do it right.
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    One thing I see with some of not all of the youngers is that hard work isn't real important to them. Also if they don't like a job they just up and quit without having another. I hear, oh I didn't like that job, no thought of having to have a paycheck to pay their bills. A lot of what are really wants they think of as needs that they could live without for now. They deserve it you know.
    And don't get me started on their lack of knowledge and common sense. At least I know a few that are getting a higher education to learn and not just to say they have been to college and take all those really no nothing classes that won't get them a real job. Don't know if this helps you or not, lol.
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    No, that is a great place to start.
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    What is your generation? That is my first question. One thing people tend to do is lump or generalize but that is not always the case. I have a few Generation Z's running around the house. Many would assume they will be whiny and worthless but those people that chose to think that way rarely have contact with that generation. I live with it so I have first hand understanding. each generation does not understand the other unless they have constant contact with the other. IMO each generation brings something worthy to the table but all need to be open to understanding and learning.

    I recall on Memorial Day, while at the service in the National Cemetery on of the speakers mentioned Millenials there was a groan in the crowd. He pointed out that Generation Y is now fighting the wars. He spoke of their strength and how he had faith in them. That is something you rarely hear when people speak of GenY.
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    I'll have to look up my generation....or at least where it currently sits...last time I looked it up, the "prevailing thought" was that anyone born after 1985 was part of the same generation. And lumped in as Millenials, which used to be ther generation after me...whatever covers the late 80's early 90's.
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  7. Gray Wolf

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    The biggest difference I see is in the public school system. Schools today do not teach students how to THINK.
    If a student is being tested, and the question and answer are not word for word exactly as they have had it presented to them, they do not know how to answer, even though they have been taught everything necessary to answer the question!
    Take a look at the test required to graduate from the 8th grade @1900. I doubt that 85% of students graduating from high school could pass today!
  8. AxesAreBetter

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    Actually, we got letter grades off for not regurgitating, and disciplinary action for free thinking. Got told "I would learn everything I needed to know in college".
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  9. Mindgrinder

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    And they'll still be living at home when they're 40+.
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  10. RightHand

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    My opinion, and probably mine only, is that it is not with the younger generation lacking anything except leadership and demands by the parents and generation before. As women joined the workforce on a routine basis and men worked away from the farm/homestead, everything that has been done in the normal course of a day needed acceleration, time savings. We did gain the benefit of some labor saving devices but the parent/grandparent was no longer available set the pace for the younger generation. Instead of going out to the field and fixing the fence, people spent their money to hire some to replace or fix the fence. the kids were sent off to summer camp and after school activities with not responsibilities beyond having a grand time for themselves. As parents spent less time at home and with their children, they were reluctant to spend the time they did have issuing consequences for what the child failed to do even if they had been told to do it.

    I am of the old school "feminist" mold but nonetheless, there are consequences as a result of having no parent/grandparent in the home on a daily basis, offering leadership and consequences.
  11. 3M-TA3

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    Times have been too good for younger generations to have been tested. People are like steel - we need to be heated and beaten to become both strong and flexible. People now are no different than they have always been and only their environment differentiates between any generation going back as far as there have been people.

    While the last few generations have been spoiled by the post WW2 good times, at least here in the US, I think they will rise nicely if and when the need occurs even though they are currently ill prepared.
  12. Dunerunner

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    I don't believe there is a generational issue, it is more a socioeconomic and a demographic issue. They are the youth caught up in a do nothing but expecting everything generation, the elderly who feel they are owed a living because they exist, not because they prepared for their golden years, they are the lazy who cheat their way through life, they are those dependent on society for their daily existence.

    Most, but not all; who live in the large metropolitan cities, including many suburbanites, are not prepared for a long weekend, much less months of nothing on the shelves, no internet or cellular service, no running water, no restaurants, no taxis, no highway system, no electricity, no operable sewage or garbage service, and no way to protect themselves from others should there be wide spread civil unrest. They are addicted to the corner market where they shop daily, to the restaurant down the street where they eat twice a week, to the coffee shop or deli or hotdog stand where they get lunch every day, to the cops who afford some deterrent to the lawless. They are addicted to convenience....

    There are those within every generation who have military training, grew up on a farm or ranch, have scouting experience and they will have the best chance of surviving harsh times. Those who have acquired skills knowledge between their ears and not on their phone or laptop will be better off than those with college degrees, but having both would be a benefit. Which group will flourish in the future is a toss-up because no one knows what the future will bring.

    Making our world better does not always mean making it easier or more convenient....
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  13. Merkun

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    One could readily point to a lack of discipline, either bred in or externally induced.

    Indeed, the odds of getting thru harsh times are greatly enhanced for those that have the cultural exposure (including the draft.) One item worth note is that the proportion of the population that has experienced those things is dropping rapidly. Thus says me, there will be a much larger consequence to the general population than experienced, say, during the Great Depression.

    Agree, thoroly, making the critical assumption there is time enough to bring them up to speed.
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    It might be worth noting that "y'all" got through the first Depression through self sufficiency, whereas mine (who could legally work full time the year the second started) made it through on government handouts or through staying home because noone could get work. Seen that first hand more often than not.
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  15. Merkun

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    Alrighty, taking your age into consideration, the question is much clearer. And, my generation is much closer to yours, so cannot contribute a whole lot of comparative commentary.
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  16. 3M-TA3

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    During the depression that Roosevelt's policies made "Great" about 50% of the population lived in rural areas, and now it's about 20%. Making that even "worse" is that these areas are constantly being gentrified by people who can telework and the skills/culture is even worse.

    My Dad, who was a a small child when the Depression began tells stories of hopping freight trains as a teen so he could find work and send money home. Frequently work was paid for in food and shelter. It wasn't great, but kept you alive.
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    I prefer to play Pink Floyd rather than hiphop
  18. chelloveck

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    You know you're old when Pink Floyd passes as 'classical' music now, and hip hop passes as rather dated contemporary music.:whistle:
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    I listen to Hank Williams Sr, and Jennings, so...
  20. M118LR

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    It might also be worth noting that I had to spank others of your Generation in order to instill the beliefs of those that sired the GI Generation into them.
    While I don't believe in your generation vs my or others generations, I must freely admit that children of previous generations are supposed to be sheltered from the harsh reality of the dog eat dog world until they are grown enough to compete within it. JMHO. perhaps a philosophy of those born before the Victorian Age?
    But why do you think that Disney is such a success? .........................
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