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    I have friends that live on a local mountain.
    The way from the city is rather straight forward,
    Get on the local interstate get off at the right exit, keep going ect.

    Yesterday I was leaving work in a different city heading back towards my
    City. I had planned to meet up with my friend on the mountain.
    So I decided to us my gps from that direction.

    So I hop on the interstate and the gps tells me to take a exit,
    I think hmm this is well away from being back in my city and the normal route.
    But I go okay maybe this is a shorter route. So I get off the interstate,
    Gps tells me take this left, going down this rural route then take a left, then
    Another left on to a country road.
    So I am driving and this roads winding up, so I am think oh okay just a local country road I will get there I guess an old way. Then the road turns to a gravel road but still enough room for 2 cars passing and I am still going upward. I am think okay it's really old country road no problem.
    As I continue up the road narrows so much it's hardly room my
    Vehicle and no way of turning around.
    This road ( my new name for it goat path) was a rut infested, narrowing and looking down on valley. I hate heights.
    I thinking I am going to die and no ones going to even know where I am.
    I keep going, no way not to keep going while the evil mocking gps telling take the next right, no thank you theres no right to take.
    So I continue upward what seem like forever, then I saw a truck coming down ward, I got to a spot where I think he maybe able to get by me, which leaves me right on the edge of the cliff of death.
    I am stop and he stops. I asked if the road goes to where the gps thinks it's going. After laughing about the gps, he confirmed that in a couple miles, I would be at the top and back to regular hard top road and to be careful of the gps.
    I thanked him and continue on my way.
    I am glad that we didn't meet some other spot long the way cause i am not sure how we would have passed and I am glad it wasn't dark/night.
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  2. E.L.

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    After traveling the last ten days through ten states all pretty much directed by GPS I was thinking "do I even have a map in this car?"
  3. radpug

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    Good point! I need to get map or two.

    I was thinking whats going to happen if my vehicle broke down.
    How would I ever get it out of here. I was also thinking long walk
    That of coarse while I wasn't freaking out looking down over the cliffs.
    I was nerves. Sadness part I have an small suv but I was concentrating
    On the goat trail of road keeping it off the edge that I never engaged the
    4x4 trackson.foosed
  4. BTPost

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    I just returned from five weeks of driving down in the FlatLands, using GPS, Momma's iPhone4, My iPad2, for navigation. We did very little InterState travel, and mostly used US highways, and State Highways. We saw a lot of very nice country, in Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We NEVER followed any "talking box" voices, just navigated with the built-in maps, and internal GPS's in our electronics. It is my Opinion, that if one follows, a "Talking Box" with turn by turn directions, when outside city limits, they are FOOLS, and deserve to get led down the primrose path..... YMMV.....
  5. radpug

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    While I agree in part to your comment because I wasn't expecting the surprise.
    I did find humor in it after wards. I don't think I am a fool, but ended up in a foolish situation. Good to know you never get caught off guard, you'll survive the zombie wars.
  6. Tikka

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    It was a T intersection in a city where I had no choice but to turn and the GPS said go straight. A GPS needs a "I don't want to go that way" button. lol

    Btw, most of the State DMV or dept of tourism will send you a free reasonably up to date map.
  7. LogOut

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    Go to "Avoidances", check the little box for "unpaved roads".

    May your future travels be less adventerous.
  8. radpug

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    Cool thanks, I will do just that.[winkthumb]
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