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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dystopia, Oct 24, 2012.

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    My hope is that the Romknee wins. Myb only reason is that maybe then the anti war demonstrations will be allowed to start again and the propoganda experts, i mean news journalist will give the coverage to our men and women serving the coverage they deserve.
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    To some, Romney would be an improvement over Obama. That's their opinion.

    I choose to follow the money. Being an informed patriot type, it's not strange for me to see many of the same top donors for both candidates. Either way the people vote, the people will just get more of the same --illusory freedom under a corporate plutocracy and an increasing police state.

    The Council on Foreign Relations didn't create the concept of controlling both choices in a false paradigm...but they perfected it.
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    The economic spiral that has sustained our economy since just after WW ll was based on everyone having one of everything, then designed obsolescence pushed the spiral with everyone having one of everything and having to replace it every few months. Eventually, everyone got one of everything and needed more room to store it so they loaned imaginary money to people with no possibility of ever repaying it to buy larger houses that they could not afford and a new car to park in the garage. When they couldn't afford to pay for the house and car, they quit replacing $5.00 widgets that broke after a month then they were laid off at the Widget Factory because Widgets were not being sold as quickly as they were being manufactured. So to keep them otherwise distracted, we have war so that we can spread the marketing of bullets, bombs, drones, airplanes, airports, warehouses, shit-treatment plants, water purification plants, tooth brushes, socks, underwear, pens and paper, trucks to haul them in, and Sympathy cards from Hallmark for those that don't survive our sacrifice for Freedom and Liberty. Congress never retires or really gets replaced, they become lobbyists when finally voted out of office, to insur laws are passed that allow the continuance of more wars and the support infrastructure that feeds their millions. And we continue to pay their salaries with our taxes while they get paid by their principal interests to keep us all well-fed on BS and in the dark, like the mushrooms that we seem to have become. Mean while, back near the top of the spiral...there is almost no discernable motion because there is not enough energy to sustain movement and gravity begins to take over and the spiral collapses and everyone says the sky is falling and everyone thinks they can vote it back into motion...What we are going to get is just an unveiling of our masters and mass compliance with the limited existence that they will allow us to squander. We have become slaves, it isn't happened. Bow!
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    Brokor... are wordy bro...

    I Like it!
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    Here's a website that does a good job showing whom the candidates are receiving contributions from and the amount they received. Presidential Race
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    Write your choice in.. it's the only way to say "FUCK YOU" to the money masters.
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    pretty simple, as you enter the polls, the sign should read :
    Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate
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    Even if you don't enter ---
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    It's been many many years since it was checked at the gate by a pre-TSA agent.
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    Problems with the voting machines used in early voting in NC and Nevada. Multiple errors of machine picking Obama when the voter clearly selected Romney. Happened over and over. Had it been be me, I would have done two things; demanded a paper absentee ballot to fill out , and number two, after receiving it, I would have put that particular machine permenantly out of order. This along with the other numerous dirty tricks in play to discourage the vote by Republicans and Independents make me almost ready to go postal. I will wait until after the election. If it is stolen, and then we collapse in anarchy there will be an atonement.
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