my kids are trying to get me move back east

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank2222, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. hank2222

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    My kids and i have been trying to move back east right outside a very small town up in the mountains area where my kids have there own homes and i was talking to a friend about doing this very basic lifestyle ..The place has Wal-mart super center and couple of place i like there for shopping it set in western part of the appalicahian mountains in the NC/Tenn border area .They are offering me a 1/2.acre sized lot for my place ..

    So what do you think of that area ...
  2. Equilibrium

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    WalMart isn't the end all.... actually.... they've done so much damage.... especially to local economies that I personally avoid shopping there but hey.... whatever. We initially spent a weekend in that region visiting friends who had been transferred out of state and loved it so much we've gone back a few times. The TN State Park System is one of the best in the Nation. My preference would be TN over NC for a multitude of reasons. I'd say leave HI and accept their offer. It's generally best to be close to family.

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    All we have is walmart for 60 miles in any direction, I say if it's better then where you are, close to family and you have land to plant go for it . If you think you will be safer and close to your kids heck yeah I say go for it
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    Entire area just sucks.

    We don't have a State income tax, which we desperately need 'for the children', weather is just milk toast mild.....little snow in the winter, little heat in the summer, but most of the time just an annoying mild temperature and breeze. Right now the sun is breaking over the ridge, reminding me AGAIN how dirty the windows are.....

    THEN there's all these fool hardwoods you have to cut up and burn in the stove to get them out of the way.....a stove, by the way, that nobody inspected when you built your house, that nobody inspected, because we can't afford county building inspectors....'cause of the children'.....

    People wave at you when you pass them on the road to town like a bunch of brainless fools, your dang neighbors are always offering to help you if you need it, you'd think you took a time trip back to Mayberry RFD......

    Property taxes are outrageous....I paid over 1200 bucks this year for 100 acres and a 300k house, 35x75 shop, and bunch of other barns/sheds.

    Gun nuts'll hear shooting up and down the road at various times when people punch holes in paper targets for some fool reason.....guess they have a real fear of paper boogie men ?

    Been trapped here 30 some years, and hope someday in another 30 years to be able to move to a high society place like NEW YORK CITY before I die.

    Nah, Hank....if I were you, I'd invite the kids to come live out them from this hellhole.....

  5. Equilibrium

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    You crack me up. Another area we like a lot that also had boatload of wholesome people was northern NM near Cimarron Canyon.
  6. hank2222

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    I was going to move to Hawaii lock stock and barrel for my job but the owner group want to keep me on the mainland because i'm doing to good of job here in the west coast for the owner group on getting the supplies for the resort and i get them a better deal for items and they really love the fact that i wheel and deal or they call it steal it and ship it for the owners group for i'm saveing them money and they like the fact that i can think fast and quick on my feet when they are faxing or emailing me there orders need

    The area where my kids have there places is right down in the southwestern area of NC that is right up againest the Tenn border and state park that is on both sides of the state lines ..
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    What TnAndy said..except parts of E Tn are overrun with Northern transplants.And Floridians.
  8. TnAndy

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    Yeah.....I forgot them.....

    "well, back up in (Ohio/NY/NJ/etc), this is the way we used to do it"....

    So I look at them sometimes and say "huh....must have been a shame to move away from that paradise "
  9. hank2222

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    i have a medical problem that i had thought i had gotten fixed with surgery that they did on my neck and shoulder area and i think the surgery did more damage than good in the area of the neck and shoulder surgery to repair some major damage done there ..

    my kids have told to me to come there and live in the area so one of the son in law lives there full time with the kids and he could help me at times if i need it to get around to the store or intown for something or to the doctor office for vists ..

    plus i'm thinking that my doctor is going to tell the DMV about the medical problems and they are going to yank my lics for haveing those socalled spasm at the wrong time and i have to the middle of march to show inprovement to the doctor or it going to be a long walk to NC without a driver lics to be able to drive again ..

    Plus i have allready talked to the people in Hawaii's about giveing my two weeks notice about the medical issuse and they are like ok and they go if it gets that bad tells us and we make plans to get someone in place before you leave and have you show them the ropes ..
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