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    Would that there were more like her.

    Love sometimes finds a way of getting past prejudice and bigotry, It is gratifying when it does. I
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    I think I hear a Canadian accent.

    And grandma's rock!
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    [nutkick] [smsh] For Chell's post.
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    Wow! What to say... Frankly I am afraid to commit on this because it is and from America... No, I won't...well...I have nothing against gays, met many, liked most of them. But, I am tired of having it shoved down my throat. But, frankly, I don't really care one way or the other... Ahhhhh...did I hurt someone's feelings? - Rick
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    Chell must have had an overdose of the Superbowl half time show. Unsure what this has to do with the topic of the site. If you love your children and you love your grand kids, you love them period. Gay is gay. I display appropriate sexual behavior in public and I expect others to do so also. A person and their sexual preference should not be a political statement 24/7. Seriously. Homosexuality is not going to feed starving children or protect the country so it really doesn't matter.
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    I love this Grandma. Love the Fruitcake Lady
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    The whole thing that bothers me about the first video is why can't she just talk to Grandma. Put down the electronics and just tell her. I have seen a bunch of these "coming out" videos. Really? It is not like a video of a wedding. Nothing is private anymore. Drives me insane.
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    "I display appropriate sexual behavior in public and I expect others to do so also. A person and their sexual preference should not be a political statement 24/7."
    Yes. Yes, Yes. Absolutely yes! No one cares anymore. Be gay if you want and enjoy your life. What a person does in their own bedroom is not my or others affair. But, why keep beating this dead horse is beyond me. - Rick
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    Because that 3.5% of the population feel's that they should get special treatment...even though their lifestyle is not moral. Like most other liberal stances, they feel they can scream, shout, heckle, cajole, shame what have you.... all heterosexuals into accepting them and there lifestyle. And if that don't work, they will sue to ruin those against them. This is just another one of the political correctness issues, that is taking our once great nation down the toilet bowl.....

    And just as a side note, before that pro-crowd starts flooding this thread with the counter argument (you can smell that coming a mile away) to prove their worthiness and why we should respect them and their corrupt ways. I have the constitutional right to say my opinion as do we all (All of us Americans that is), even though you may not want to hear it.... tough shit!! I do not give a rip, what you do on your personal time behind your closed door at home..... do drugs and kill yourself, have your LGBT what have you relations..... just keep it to yourself. We give a crap about your lifestyle, as long as it does not infringe upon our lifestyle and those of our children. Activist... & the parents that allow them, to use young kids to push their agenda, should be ashamed.....
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