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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Brokor, May 15, 2012.

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    I love Duracoat. I made sure I had a quality mask, and went to the local hardware store and bought a $50 breather. Not even a trace of the toxic fumes. Score. This stuff is pretty good...I have experimented in the past with it, but only at a friend's and very briefly. Now I have a pretty good idea.

    I purchased a Paasche single action kit from Amazon (highly recommended) and went to the local Tractor Supply to pick up the necessary attachments and hooked it up to my air compressor. I regulated pressure at around 40 psi.

    The AR-15 is my custom build, it's got a Bushmaster lower and 5.56 barrel, a DPMS upper and some other cool parts. I like simple though. I used the Aimpoint Comp M2 red dot in Iraq and never had any problems, so I use it now, too.

    I like single point slings, and this one (I believe) is VooDoo Tactical. No problems yet, but the clasp is wearing a little bit -no big deal, still holds fine.

    The paint job:
    First stage, I coated the rifle in flat tan. I waited 2 hours and then went across it with burnt earth to create the lines in various angles to break up the shape.

    Second stage, I cut out a pattern of a leaf on a business card (high tech, no?) and used it as a template to paint the dual green tones and the dark brown. I rotated and angled the template as I needed, no fuss.

    Third stage, I added flat black branches (again using a cut out on a business card I free-handed).

    I even Duracoated my Smith & Wesson combat blade (my baby) and the colors match the multicam pretty close.
    DSCF1573.JPG DSCF1577.JPG DSCF1579.JPG DSCF1582.JPG 25010-0300-3-3ww-l.
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    NICE ... (y)
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    Nice job..But i can't see the gun ?
    Is it hidden in the picture's.?
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    I'm not a fan of digital camo, but I thought you might be interested in this--if nothing more than just to have knowledge that it exists. I think though, that you could make your own stencils.

    I've used something similar in concept: real leaves (ferns and pine are good) and grasses.

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