My Letter To The GOP

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    Congressman Daryl Issa had the nerve to send me a letter asking for money to investigate Obama.
    I thought that was their job already and that's why they get a far bigger salary and lifelong benefits for in the first place, Here was my response;

    Dear Congressman,

    With all due respect, you people are letting him get away with it. You cannot even all come together on a common front to oppose this legally imposed dictator. The Republican Party is not doing what we elected you to do, which in my opinion consists of Stopping this tyrannical government from imposing all its will on the people, taxing us into poverty until our only recourse is to get on Food Stamps ourselves, to protect our right to own and bear arms unimpeded by Federal mandates, to obtain a life without governmental influence.

    You should have kept the Government shut down until the national debt was paid off and then stopped taxing us to death, But we both know that will never happen. You people have no plans on paying off anything! You just keep the game rolling along so you can get your LIFELONG benefits.

    If we don't have healthcare now we are in violation of the law, which means, that even if I lived in a cabin out in the middle of the woods and didn't receive any assistance from you people, I would owe money in ever increasing amounts every year, and with the power imposed upon us by the IRS, we could conceivable jailed for not paying the fines, or, they would seize whatever they liked and tossed us out on the street.

    As an American citizen I am supposed to have the right to persue life, liberty, and happiness, however you know as well as I do that is impossible now, because you people are working together to destroy any and all chances of American's to be free.

    Republicans are the ones who initiated the Patriot Act, REMEBER!

    Now you spy on everyone, you have legalized military Drones to occupy American Airspace, you have authorized or allowed the DHS to purchase 1.6 billion round of ammunition and much, much more, which by the way What The heck does DHS need that for anyway, Hollow Point Ammunition is illegal even in a war zone. Your so called "INVESTIGATIONS" into any of the scandals that have occurred, which are numerous, have yielded SQUAT!

    You and all the other Congressman in the Republican Party are too scared to IMPEACH this Tyrant, so you will have to excuse me if I find it humorous that you would contact me and ask for money.


    John Doe

    Now whether or not they ever read it is in question, but I feel better!!
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    Great letter. Hopefully the name you used on this post was an alias.
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