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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CRC, Jan 25, 2008.

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    I always use local stores whenever possible...The corner grocery store, local gift shops, the little pharmacy ...I like to keep what I spend in my Community...

    The pharmacy I use is privately owned, and Wayne works by himself....5 and 1/2 days a week....Closes half a day on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.....

    I got a Rx filled there yesterday and this is what was attached to the meds...

    Patient Counseling:

    If you have changed your Part D Medicare Plans, Please bring in your card, Thank You. If you have not picked your Pres. Candidate go to

    Again, Thank You.

    God I love independently owned stores! [beer]

    (Can't find my card reader for my computer...I took a picture of it and will post it....cracked me up!)
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    Well that's nice to see.

    I try to shop local, meat market up the road about 5 miles, the owner lives in my subdivision, Walgreens pushed the local Pharmacy out, the old one even had a soda fountain in it. What really sucks about that is the guy lived here all his life, there wasn't anyone in town he didn't know and you had the feeling he was really looking out for you, because he knew what other meds you might be taking he would warn of possible issues, sure they run through a list at the big places but you are really a number to them. And when the kids were sick at 2am all you had to do was call him and he would come in and open up for you. I guess those days are gone now.

    They are building a Super Walmart in my town, and all the other stores are geared toward the tourist (this area is a big vacation spot) We had a very small grocery store in my town but the minute Walmart said they were going to open a Super store they shut the doors, didn't even wait until they broke ground on it. This is the stuff I hate to see.

    So now depending on what we need we either run 20 miles in one direction or 70 miles south,
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    You're right, Sheen...I just love the Ron Paul advertising on the Patient Counseling Sheet! :)

    Only at your independently owned business....
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    Oh god you did that at a big store it would be all over the news
    the NAACP would be all over it

    Makes me sick!!

    Good for this guy
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