My local Rural King got Robbed.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thunder5Ranch, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Of course my local RK seems to get robbed A LOT. One would think it would be pretty quiet crime wise over in the little town of Benton/West City. The real lesson here is even in small towns, where the cops are at most 3-5 minutes away............ You are on your own and responsible for protecting yourself and property. A friend that works there told me the thieves made off with a couple of real nice ARs this time. About a year ago they had someone pick up a pair of Stihl 391 chainsaws, walk through the door into the back room/docks......... out the dock door set the saws in the back of a pickup and drive off. Guess it was common practice at that time to leave the dock doors open and the man doors at the docks unlocked if not wide open. I hear much hell was raised by the main office about that lack of store security in that one. That event also triggered the cameras going in, and a loss prevention staff being hired, in the last year they have caught well over 200 shop lifters trying to walk out with some expensive things.

    LOL Although I did manage to shop lift a $400 electric fence charger......... total accident. I put it on the bottom rack of the cart and put a bag of oyster shell, a bag of lime and couple bags of sweet feed in the cart basket and totally forgot the charger underneath and the cashier didn't look. When I walked out the alarm at the door went off and they told me to go on through. Got out to the truck and saw the charger after the bags were out of the cart. So either I am stupid or to honest and wheeled the cart back in and paid for the charger and have felt kind of bad about since, because the cashier that missed it got fired over it. Seems to me it would have been better to let her learn from the incident and become a better cashier but not my business or decision.

    Anyway two brand new shiny rifles are most likely already in Chicago now.

    Rural King break-ins
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    I was gonna say, whoever did it probably came down there from the Chicago rat-infested nest of left wing ideology.
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    LOL I would rather them come down and steal than come down to live and stay! Getting to be half the population down here is a proud Chicago Native and whines constantly about how backwards and uncultured us SI Natives are. Of course their idea of moving out of IL is to move to SI or WI. and ruining everything touch when they land.
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    That's what always gets me. These people move from where they lived , mostly because of high taxes , crime , and whatever other negative reasons . Then when they land , they say the people where they land are backwards , dumb hillbillys , and then start working to make their new home just like the shithole they left. Go back , is all I've got to say about it.
    I've driven a truck over half of the country at least , the one thing I've noticed and didn't care for was the attitudes , and unfriendliness . So in their spirit ,,,,F'Off,,,,
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    My local hardware, gun and title 2 store has a ton of security cameras up, they all carry guns, radios, the office workers have 2 computer screens, one stays on the security cam feed screens and call out anything they see.
    UPS deliveries, shifty mofos, you get the idea.
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    Ohh GROAN!

    They're as bad as southern Californians in that regard. They move from places like that because they're so f--ked up, and then bring the very same ideology and thought processes with them that made it that way.

    I moved to Tucson back in the 70s - nice town then. Moved away for 15 years, came back and the place is infested with SoCal types, as evidenced by neighborhood decay coupled with ever increasing taxes.

    Throw in their bad habits and incorrigible kids and you now have California by another name. It's almost identical to the place they moved away from because they said they didn't like it!
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    Yup, Look at OryGun, all the Commifornicators that move north and bring their politics with them! It's getting very hard to find a Native OryGunion these days, most have had it, lost their homes due to cali driven inflation, and Gotten out/forced out. One only has to look at the politics on OryGun to see Cali lite, a very liberal socialist agenda wave that has been lapping the shores for 40 years!

    And Crime only continues to increase because under our current leadership, crime isn't punished, and mental health is dealt with by self medicating if at all, and there is no care for these people. One only has to look at the nightly news in all it's glory to see just how bad OryGun and Portland specifically has become, when I see Portland on national news almost daily, it makes me sick to my stomach! Another shooting, another cop shot some black kid ( Shop lifter, wife beater, child porn downloader. ect) and the protests, those infernal protests that never get shut down and blocked or prevented!

    Off Rant!
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    I worked a construction job at a RK a couple years ago yes they had cameras but you could easily walked away with about anything you wanted I went thru the building with different contractors daily without question in and out of every room and dock. It was about as lax as I have seen.
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    between the Southern IL drunk hillbillies and toothless meth heads >>>> small wonder there's anything left to steal at any retail store .... if it wasn't for the college kids coming south for Southern State there wouldn't be enough brains to keep it alive ....
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    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. For those who don't know, the difference between northern and southern Illinois could not possibly be greater. To the southern people, any one and any thing from north of I-80 is dead to them. Southern Illinois is culturally and politically closer to the Bible Belt states than it ever will be to Chicago. They even root for the St. Louis Cardinals just to spite the Cubs and White Sox.

    Illinois is a heavily populated state, but two thirds of the residents live in Chicago or one of the five "collar counties". That leaves a whole lotta wide open country.

    I spent a huge chunk of my life in northern Illinois and even I'm disgusted by them. The 618-ers and 217-ers (named after the telephone area codes) are are the "real people".
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    I've heard that from more than one individual. Sounds as if those south of I-80 need to begin thinking about secession and forming their own state. Those Chicago - ites are dragging the whole state down, from the looks of things.
  12. Thunder5Ranch

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    LOL to Carbondale which is pretty much South Chicago now days. But really if'n we is so stoopid down cheer...... what fer you sheet stains be sendin yer youngins down here to get their education?
  13. hot diggity

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    Dogs are good for watching back doors. Most dogs are pretty good at profiling, and know when somebody doesn't belong.
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    Been thinking about it for years, It even got introduced as legislation where it quickly died........... Secession legally would require a referendum and large majority vote. Chicago Folks ain't gonna vote to let their gravy train from the South go. Besides most of them believe as the IW person that we are to stupid to manage our own affairs and need Chicago's enlightenment and guidance in order to breathe, and that it is the social duty to guide and care for us, while robbing us blind.

    Other problem nobody wants Chicago except for Chicago :)
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    Think I'd pack up and move. I realize that in your case that's not easy, but sooner or later they're going to be taxing your underwear off. And every penny will go to Chicago, not your local infrastructure.
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    1 more year until the wife can retire and then we slip off into the Ozarks. Found the right place a month ago and after my surgery and healed up from it. I am going to start moving things over there, Us the Cabin and the Hogs n Dogs will be the last things to go. Just got my 2018 property tax bill and as expected it was just a few dollars short of being double of what the 2017 tax bill was.

    Every building I can winch up onto the GN trailer or disassemble and load up is going. any building that can't be or is not worth moving is going to get knocked down and pushed into a pile and burned, leaving just the base farmland, that a bigger row cropper wants to lease. So I will keep the land and the cell tower lease and the farm lease and won't be taxed $75 on a damn farrowing hut because it is bigger than 10x10 or a chicken coop at $100 or $200 on a 12x16 wood working shop..... or......... or ......... By the time everything gets penciled in the tax bill is just nuts.
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    Yeah you have to wonder how many others like you will be doing the same in the next few years.

    Those states with exorbitant rates are running their tax base off. They're too stupid to figure out that the more people they push out with unreasonable taxes and regulations, higher taxes must be levied on the remaining individuals in order replace the lost revenue.

    The concept of controlling costs and keeping taxes reasonable never seems to occur to them.
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    The only people who want to stay in Illinois are the young, who don't know any better and don't have a lot invested in the place to begin with, and the retirees/elderly who have too much invested just to pack up and leave.

    Everyone else, i.e., working age people 30-60, are looking for a way out. Some are bound by jobs or family commitments, but inside they want to run like the place is on fire.

    What's really unfortunate is that the people are very nice. It's not crazy town, at least not outside Chicago. Politically, Illinois is a "blue state" but it's not blue like hippy-ified like California or Oregon. They are more like old school Democrats...union people, Bill Clinton voters, etc. Liberal hot button issues like abortion and guns are not high priorities and they even lean conservative. Drive through a suburban neighborhood at election time and you will see very few campaign yard signs, and the ones you do see are about 50/50 D and R.

    Unfortunately, the elected Democrats who run the place think that "blue state" means be like hippy-ified California. The citizens are blue, up to a point, but the leadership overplayed their hand decades ago and that is a big part of the reason why Illinois is a mess.
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    Oh I want to stay here but there comes point when you just get rubbed so raw you can't take anymore being Taxually Assaulted and Violated.
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    I'll bet Prep H doesn't even help any more.
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