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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Oddcaliber, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Oddcaliber

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    Well,I went and did it,got myself into a 1998 Viking 2490 popup camper! Box is 12 ft close up and tows like its not even there. Dry weight is 1880 lbs with a cargo capacity of 800 lbs! My Mountaineer handles it very well. Does need a few improvements. Going to add solar ,increase water capacity to make it off grid. A little TLC and it's ready for anything.
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    My friend has a 12 or 13 ft pop up.
    Make sure it has at least load range D tires and a spare.
    I run 12 inch load range E steel belted radial tires on my little flat bed trailer I pull with my nissan leaf.
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    I picked up a pop up camper in great shape a few years ago myself , and haven't even had a chance to use it. I was thinking of mounting a type of ladder rack on top so I could turn my 16 ft aluminum boat upside down and strap it down , and head to the beach for some fishing. I could carry the motor in the bed of the truck. I hope you get the chance to wear it out,,, post some pics of your journeys for us.
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    Our new to us camper is also a 1998 :) congrats.
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    That be the one!
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    Nice bug out trailer... One solar panel, a couple of 12V batteries, LED lighting, and a small inverter genset and you're ready to go!
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    Keep a close eye on those tiny wheel bearings. When you are doing 70, they are flat out spinning. My (former) Coleman popup taught my ex that, and those wheels were larger as I remember.
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