My New Watcha Serious Ballistic Calculator built in

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    Our HRT watch is available in rugged titanium or classic brushed stainless steel. The watches are waterproof to 30 meters, include standard chronograph features and showcase the revolutionary SureShot™ ballistic calculator. Each watch has a uni-directional bezel to help mark your time and chargeable luminescent markings. The titanium watch comes with rubber and leather bands. Imported.

    About the SureShot™ ballistic calculator: We’ve partnered with Horus Vision, makers of proven long-range ballistic software, to bring their technology to your wrist. Input your known ballistic data (bore height, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity and zero range), then add your environmental data (range, temperature, altitude, inclination) and the SureShot™ calculator will give you a shooting result in MILS, TMOA or SMOA.

    The HRT Titanium and Stainless Steel watches also feature quality features you need in the field and on a day-to-day basis: day, date, second time zone, alarm, chronograph (1/100th, lap time), countdown timer, and hourly chime. Other features include a unidirectional bezel, and chargeable luminescent markings. The watch is waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet). Imported.

    [​IMG]5.11 has partnered with Horus Vision to bring their software, usually installed on a handheld PDA device, into a watch platform. Months of development and field testing ensure that the software works with equal precision in a watch format.
    Popular among police snipers, long range tactical shooters and big game hunters, Horus Vision’s unique software enables shooters to accurately calculate their bullet’s trajectory and drop at extended ranges, up to and beyond 1000 yards.
    Horus Vision allows shooters to calculate their bullet’s point-of-impact (POI) by inputting the following information and variables.
    • Temperature °F/°C
    • Altitude (Metric & US)
    • Height Above Bore
    • C1 Ballistic Coefficient
    • muzzle Velocity
    • Zeroed Range
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Target Range
    • Inclination Angle
    • The firing solution may be displayed in MILS, TMOA, SMOA, or in number of CLICKS.
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    Whats the drop and angle on a 600 meter shot with a three knot current taken from 75 meters beneath the mid-atlantic with a .416 Rigby, Quigs? Might need to take up whale hunting one day.[boozingbuddies]cool watch.
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