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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ChrisNuttall, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I've started posting some of my older stories on the web for free at Home

    All visitors welcome. Sign my guestbook if you have a chance.[aiw]

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    I've gone to Chrishanger and have tried to open or download the Second Chance Series. Regardless of what I do Book One always opens up as Book Two, Axis of Evil. I'd love to read the series, but cannot get started. Books two and three open and save without problem. Perhaps there is a problem with the link on your end?


  4. ChrisNuttall

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    There was - I just fixed it. Not sure how I missed that.

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    Hi Chris just looked and I hadn't left feedback for Storming Heaven I have fixed this for you, also I cant get your guestbook to open
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    Grr. Why doesn't MS Expression have its own guestbook?

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    Got another service. Can you try it now?

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    That one works a treat Chris
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    3/5/2012 - Added Disunited States and Strange Invasion to the Free Books section. Created the Posleen page. Added Dizzy Spells to the Kindle section.
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    Hey Chris, I have had a very busy year so far and need to catch up on your stories....I will start soon, and thank you for posting your work on your website! I will look at it tonight when I get home.
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