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    here is something for a backyard set up for a small homestead set up for a small group of family sized-x-10-or 14 people to the group sized. My oldest son came up with this idea for a small family sized group of extended family

    so here is his idea for group

    -x-4-mini dexter cattle
    -x-1-mini dexter cattle bull
    -x-2-mini milk cows

    The raised bed set up -x-6 raised bed sized 25.ft long-x-5.ft wide -x-3.ft tall for raiseing food

    The green house set with Aquaponics set of growing of white fish called Tilapia in the two tanks ..the unit is design with four tables and one 610 gallon sized tank for use as need and another 250 sized gallon tank for growng the small Tilapia to get full size ..

    The Eight 10.ft square foot deep media grow beds with table stands for the beds for a family of four ..So he figure two of them should be good enough for his family group and the rest of the food with diff animals around the place for the feeding the group ..

    The green house would be 15.ft wide-x-30.ft long to hold the two tanks for the Tilapia fish to grow and be use as food along with the stowage ranks for the food items or item need for the growing of the food in a four table set up per veg that we are growing ..

    The green house would be also use for the starter plants for the raised bed plants an some of the fuits and vegs that needs hot weather for the growing the veg or fuit

    The chickens where be put into a chicken tractor and they are move around the area each day to a new area for them to feed on ..

    The small mini cattle and milk cows would be allowed to roam in a 4.acre sized lot for them to feed on

    The house and small barn and green house is on the one acre sized lot with a extend family house set up with a small grandparents house on the ground floor wings of the house for both sides of the house with a upper floor part of the house is for the childern and husband and wife with the kitchen and liveing room areas and storage areas on the ground floor unit ..

    The socalled grandparents houseing is a complete bedroom area with bathroom set and small kitchen up set for them use as need with a small liveing room for them to use as they want ..

    The large storage area is under the house for long term storage for food and other items

    the house would be a earth berm type of home to get the most from the house for heating and cooling and any otherthing that we can get out the earth in the way of protection of the house as need..

    With solar and wind and wood gasification system for rechargeing the battie bank and wood cook stove in the kitchen for the winter time use and a outside kitchen for use in the summer time with a large cover patio area for the people to hang out in the summer time ..

    the house is wired for solar lighting with large windows and solar tubeing for letting in light dureing the day time and place is also wired for 12.volt lighting system is useing lighting at night

    so what do you think of idea that he has ..
  2. Gray Wolf

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    Pretty good ideas, but it would cost a load of money to implement them.
  3. Catullus

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    I think they are great ideas. Aquaponics is something I have been looking at for a while. I think it will be the wave of the future for all really serious hydro applications.

    One problem is .4 acres is not enough for your proposed cattle unless you plan on supplementing feed throughout the year. Most people don't think how they are going to feed their animals when trying to come up with closed systems. You may be able to trade for hay and feed with some type of product you are producing a surplus of.

    Also, I believe that Dexters are your mini milk cows. You might want to try goats instead of cows. Their milk and cheese is every bit as good as a cows IMHO and you may be able to keep two or three in half an acre. You will need a separate area for your buck however.
  4. hank2222

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    we have both tried goats milk and can not stand it .so gots are out of the picture ..He was look at a Eight.acres of land with the house and outbuilding on one acre of the land and four acres of land for the cattle to wander through and graze on the pasture land and the three acres as a feed hay for them to use as feed through the winter time along with store bought feed here and there
  5. Equilibrium

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    I see you liked my chicken tractor photos. ;) They are a great concept and I've seen how effective they can be with the added benefit of reducing our feed bills. BTW.... Tilapia are tricky and if you've never raised them.... you might want to move that idea from paper right now using a Rubbermaid stock tank to get some experience under your belt.
    adding- where are you right now? I thought you lived in HI based on some of your original posts and I'm just realizing from more recent posts that you're actually somewhere in the SW but now you're thinking of moving to TN/NC?
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