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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Macey81, Apr 2, 2016.

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    I like the smith & wesson 38 "special" Hollow point. I modified the grip which is kind of thin. I also added a the pocket lip. im pretty sure its safe to take most of the hammer off so it doesnt snag. I have had some guess tell me that the weight change could cause misfire. ..of course ive grinded the hammer off other revolvers before.Didnt effect my accuracy, or anything else. lol, it one mean revolver :)

    The reality is,despite all the confrontation and animosity ive met with over saying this. Man i lived everywhere, ive dealt with more bears than i can count. And sure.if you run into a bear whos just been playing with one of his buddies.or if it that time of the season... you might encounter a bear that is 'legitimate' in a killing mood. But in reality bears are cowards. If you arnt afraid. they will be....and theyll run like the sky is falling,,,,leave their cubs behind etc. Their intuition can read your body language. so they can sense emotion. Even big bears. it really depends on what the circumstances are just like with humans or any other creature., go ahead and charge a bear. watch what happens lol

    anyway, i dont include a gun in my survival gear

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    What can I say, I do.
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  3. Macey81

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    Bears are the least of your worries in my opinion.
  4. BTPost

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    Best you stay down there in the FlatLands, and not come to Alaska... Our Coastal Brown Bears would have you for lunch.... With that attitude.... Oh yea, you best hope you do not run across a Juvenile Male, who just left Momma, but hasn't quite got Foraging, down yet... To him you are an easy meal....
  5. ghrit

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    Actually, there ARE bears in Tikka's hills. Not much of a worry unless they are moody, but if they are, your snubby will just add aggravation unless you can carry it at 30 miles an hour.
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    I don't even know where to begin.
  7. Macey81

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    Bears are goofs
  8. AxesAreBetter

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    So, are you vaquero or gangster carrying your piece? Trying to visualize pocket lip and hammer trimming.
  9. 3M-TA3

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    Tim Treadwell ring a bell?

    Hint: it's a "short" documentary. It would have been much longer, but, you know, bears are "goofs"...
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    I have some really gruesome photos of a hiker in Alaska (think it was Alaska...yeah, must have been) who carried a .38 and a Brownie had him for lunch. All you see is some leg bones and only one of them... The bear was a friggin monster, a record, and the Ranger that brought it down used a semi-auto 7mm (of some sort) and emptied the entire magazine into him before it stopped him. I will see if I can find them if anyone is interested but the photos are not for the weak of heart...not sure what the regs here say about something like these photo (Moderators?). Oh yeah! They dug out all of the .38 slugs also, didn't even slow him down, in fact, he went on to eat a few others before the Forest Ranger got him.
  11. chelloveck

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    Sometimes reality trumps untested theory....In any bell shaped curve of wild animal aggressive behaviour....there are bound to be outliers who will chew up a wonderful theory to shreds...and then spit out the .38Spl projectiles for good measure. When it comes to animals who have a known reputation for killing humans, it's best to treat their deadly capabilities with respect. That applies as much to humans as it does to furries.:eek:

    Hubris and underestimating the risks of annoying an unpredictable wild creature, offer no greater protection against ornery bears than a snubby .38spl popgun....which in some cases has evidently not been found to be up to the task.

    Welcome to the monkey will be interesting to see how well you'll manage to successfully maintain your perch.
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  12. kellory

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    I would make the photos a link with a warning. That way folks who have just eaten their own meals can keep them down. Just saying. ...
    Only place a .38 would do any good (in my opinion ) would be up through the roof of the mouth. I don't want to get that close, myself.
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  13. zombierspndr

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    The .38 special with most loads, particularly from a 2" barrel, is marginal at best when faced with human targets. There was a good reason for the development of the 38-44 Heavy Duty in the early thirties, which culminated in the .357 Magnum. The .38 Super was also introduced during that time frame.

    As far as removing the hammer spur, yes you can cut if off. It might cause issues with reliability, much more likely if you change the mainspring for a lighter one to lower the trigger pull. J frame S&W's are much more sensitive to hammer weight and spring weight than the larger K/L/N frames. This being said, you would be much better off to sell that before you destroy a $60 hammer(that S&W will only sell if you send the gun to them) and buy a concealed hammer model like the 642.

    Haven't seen one of those grip fillers in a good while. Think the last one I saw was on a K frame built in the 30's.
  14. Macey81

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    "So, are you vaquero or gangster carrying your piece? Trying to visualize pocket lip and hammer trimming"

    Not exactly....
    There is a venue for music here in cleveland ohio. So bars,coffee shops. Will pay live bands to play regularly. And you can make as much as 75 bucks a night if you get a good gig. Blues is the biggest thing happening at the moment. And i dont do that. But a few years back,and further. i found myself playing with a vocalists,as good as any in the entire, no exaggeration what so ever. when i met him he did a lot of "old school" alternative music. Like real old school seattle seen stuff "temple of the dog" period seattle stuff. And i was doing all metal at the time. He turned my on to incredible bands.
    Anyway we would play gigs all over cleveland. And there are people around hear that willrob you. Wich is something that has happened to j and i. at least 2 times successfully.we were robbed. jbls, my dean markley 150 watt rackmount amp.
    And that is why i bought the smith & wesson(out of some guys trunk).
    No-one is ever going to steel my kitty hawk. for as long as there is a 38 in my pocket.
    At the time when i was playing with j. the 38,sadly. was something of necessity Because, we were playing east clevaland "EC". There was more a chance of me getting shot than anyone else. But a gun, is practical in a survival situation. only for a very short period of time.
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  15. kellory

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    ....well, for your sake, I hope that gun has no bad history. It would be rather inconvenient to be accused of murder, or such sue to the ballistics.
    I would suggest you ask a cop to check it for a previous history.
  16. Macey81

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    Anyway, im not trying to say that bears dont sometimes. virtually never,,,,do attack people. And kill them,even though in most of those cases the bear is just making a simple statement of authority. maybe a polar bear is an exception..
    but black,brown-grizzly..depending on what mood they are in and what they have been doing. and also whether or not there are other bears around. if they are starving etc.they might attack you. But a bear only pretends to be bold. If they are viscous, then something is up... its only my personal opinion though. when i lived in Colorado. camping and climbing as much as we did.we saw bears all the time. they just mind there own business for as long as you;re minding yours. even if the come into your camp and bust into your cooler. they dont give a rats a$$ about you so long as you just let them do as the will pretty much..

    But still, in my opinion a bear by physiological design or whatever reason. Thinks its in charge only if there has been some sign to indicate that that is in fact the case. swear on my mothers grave, on anything. bears can somehow detect submission and fear. with a ridiculous acuteness lol. at the same time thay can just as easily detect somehow. whether or not you are confident in their presence.

    When me and my father were in Maxwell falls near evergreen in Colorado. we encountered a HUGE grizzly bear. that intentional was standing in our path. trying to imply some message to us. couldnt have even been 30 feet away. still, it really wasnt giving off any indications of aggression. i have never actually seen a bear be aggressive to anything other than other bears.

    head to head with us.
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  18. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned are perfectly safe, except for when you are not. Got it.:rolleyes::whistle:
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    Must be the bodyguard for theojysofliving ;)
  20. kellory

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    Theo? That could be possible, but I don't know if he likes cats......
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