My prepping just took a turn.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seawolf1090, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I just got home yesterday from a week in the hospital. I was suffering breathing problems, shortness of breath, and then chest pains.... I called 911 and got whizzed across town to the hospital.
    Upshot is, I now am diagnosed with blood clots, some of which travelled to my lungs, A-fib of the heart (can be caused by the clots too) and finally a low-level Type 2 Diabetes. Danggit..... I had tried to avoid being on prescription meds, as that would complicate prepping and long-term survival. Now I am on three.
    Luckily, the dietary restrictions aren't too limiting, as it mostly involves cutting out the 'bad' processed foods I should have avoided to begin with.
    I'll tailor my food preps to the new requirements.
    I was one of those 'macho' guys who avoided going to the docs. Wish I'd gotten checked out earlier - looking back, I can see I had some 'hints' of trouble every so often, but just 'manned up' and ignored them.
    So as part of our prepping, a good addition is to get checked out medically, and not get blind-sided by a serious condition that could get us killed when TSHTF and top medical care is not there!
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    Wow. Glad you made it back.
  3. Catullus

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    Hope you feel better Sea. Good health is one of the best "preps" money CAN'T buy.
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    Glad to hear you are back and feeling better. I'll pray that these complications get resolved. :)

    This is also further motivation for me to get the Mrs. to the doc. She has noticed some dizzy spells lately. She hasn't gone as far as to faint, but she admitted this morning that she thought she was close recently.
  5. Wow, those three meds will be lifelong, however they can be stocked in 3 month supplies and because they are not narcotics the doc is more likely to prescribe you another 3 months if you happened to "accidentally" misplace/loose/get wet the 3 months you just got. Being a provider myself, I don't like telling lies but this is for a good reason. You do this one a year, once this year, once the next, and before you know it you have a 6 month supply of your meds. Good luck to you bud

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  6. Yes, your wife needs medical help ASAP there are a few things that can lead to syncope (fainting) and none of them are any good. Best case scenario she feels the room is spinning too and then it's possibly vertigo, harmless and common as we get older. Anything else needs immediate medical attention

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    Glad that you are back Sea, take care of yourself and get better!
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  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    glad your'e doing better.... hope things work out... senda good mojo sea's way....
  9. chelloveck

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    Take care Seawolf

    Take care Seawolf...of yourself and your mrs. Provided that you live life sensibly, maintain your meds and work on extending your meds stock, there is no reason not to expect years more mileage out of you still. I'll try not to raise your blood pressure too least I'll try not not to.

    Apart from medication...have a talk with your physician about diet, exercise and life style changes that may put less stress on your ticker and major organ systems. You don't have to live like a trappist monk, but there's no reason not to enjoy the good life.
  10. Gator 45/70

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    Get Well Bud...Wish you the Best
  11. Pax Mentis

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    "Welcome" to the world of caching meds, measuring your post SHTF survival in how long those meds will last and at least a slight refocus on the long term preps being an assurance that your loved ones have a shot if/when you are no longer a factor.

    Look at the bright side though...25-30 years ago, you would likely be out of the game.
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    Getting is not for WUSSES !!!
    Glad ya can still get things under control !!
    Stay safe and mind the Dr's .
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    Know how you feel. Had a heart virus @ 5 yrs ago that like to have done me in. Gave me fib and congestive. Thankfully it was not chronic but it did leave me pumping 45%. I can do most anything I want still. If I get tired I just sit a bit and go back at it. Am only seeing the cardiologist once or twice a year for just checkups. Glad you are on the mend. Diets can make a world of difference in our lives. Years ago I cut my chlorestoral level from 388 to 180 simply by changing my diet. Stupid is as stupid does--watch what you eat--you will live longer and healthier.
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    Glad you're okay!
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Thanks folks! The docs were saying six to nine months for the Coumadin, but that could become lifelong......
    Don't know about the other meds. If I can lose some major weight and get healthier, maybe theType 2 and high BP will back off..... maybe.
    Luckily most of the dietary stuff is just common sense - avoiding the bad stuff and eating less.
    The Type 2 Diabetes does run in the family - my maternal Grandma had it. Mom has always been tested for it,but hasn't got it.
    As a younger person, I always had trouble taking hard pills. With this past week, I have gotten pretty good at it! Getting stuck for blood draws sucks, as did laying flat on my back for three days with tubes hooked to me. I can't sleep in that position. Once I got one IV gone and could lay on my side, I finally got some sleep.... til they woke me for a blood draw again.
  16. BTPost

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    Glad you are doing better..... SEA...
    Down the road, your SawBones may switch you, off Coumadin, and over to Aspirin, for thinning your blood. This is very common in us Older type folks. Momma had a bout of Pulmonary Embolisms, about 10 years ago, and started out on Coumadin, and after 6 months, Her Doc switched her over to Low Dose Aspirin. We both are Type II Diabetics. She controls hers, with just diet. Me, I am a Pill Sucker, but I have 1.5 years supply, built up over a couple of decades, so I am fairly well set in the Prep's department. I rotate my stock, very three months... So far so good.... ..... YMMV.... and check with the SawBones...
  17. TailorMadeHell

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    Glad you are doing well. This brings about a thought of home remedies as opposed to medical miracle pills. I have been having problems with blood pressure. Not gone to the doc and currently not taking pills. Try to watch salt intake and do some other actions to see if it is just a momentary thing or not and how to control it. Medicine may be beneficial and expensive so I am trying to find alternative methods. Will have to look into this majorly for a friend of mine as well. Her health problems are from birth.
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    My wife has high blood pressure which we have brought down to almost normal with the following :
    - CoQ10
    - Fish oil
    - Garlic
    - Cayenne pepper
    - Nattokinase
    - Tumeric
    - Magnesium citrate
    Most of it is extremely inexpensive; BP down from 235/135 gradually to 135/90. She is now seeing a doctor.
    Unfortunately, self treatments after the fact don't always work as well, but my wife responded well to the above.

    As for heart disease, I've been reading "Reverse Heart Disease Now" by Dr Steven Sinatra. I would recommend his book to anyone, no matter their current condition.

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  19. oldawg

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    Glad you back. Listen to your health pros and hang around this world awhile. Wouldn't want to miss what happens next right?
  20. E.L.

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    Glad you made it through. My 7 year old has a heart condition, prolapsed heart valve. Gotta take care of your ticker.
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