my raised beds any advice to improve

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    here in montana our beds 2x12s 3 beds are 4ft x8ft and 1is 3ft x 27ft all with hoops. the 4 hoops are spaced equally on the 8 ft beds and the same on long about 2.5 ft apart. we use 3/4 in. sch 40 pvc with 3/4in crosses on the tops and and 1/2 up the sides I find about 27 in tall is about right. I slide 1/2 pvc through the crosses and dead end in 3/4 tees . now I cover with 6 mil clear plastic tried 4 mil but won't last long in the wind. I use clips on the plastic down. after the plastic is on use 1x2 strips to anchor the plastic to the 2x12s screw them down for easy removal . the hoops are pushed all the way to bottom on the inside of the bed and anchored. this way you have a place to anchor the plastic sheeting with the 1x2s to the top of 2x12s. be careful don't try to cut the hoops when in place they become springy and mabe loose some teeth.make the 1st one mark for tees and crosses remove and use as a pattern for the others.
    we use drip watering systems now.
    on some of the houses later when it gets hot here we remove the plastic and replace with a fine mesh like bridal veil cloth that we get at walmart that is 300 mi away. sure keeps the butterflies and others out.
    our soil here is heavy clay so I mix sand ,mulch and potting soil.
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  2. Cruisin Sloth

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    Pictures are always welcome , since I only can follow a bit of your post.
    the Ms Sloth showed me this & then I made 4 of these ..

    Im lucky to have the tools for the workings

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    Do you have any specific questions or problems you need help with?

    I have clay soil as well, and every year I have been adding compost and other organic material to help it. I started using a drip irrigation system last year, it was on a timer and worked great for our hot summers.

    some pictures of the hoops would be nice.

    Curious why are you keeping the butterflies and other pollinators out?
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    sorry can't get a pictute the snow drifts are about 4ft. still snowing and blowing
    question was why keep butterflies out the worms have a field day
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    4' of snow and still snowing--wow. 65* in N.C. today and will be 70+ Sat/Sun. Granted that is @20* above normal but nothing unusual for us. Getting humus into that heavy clay will greatly aid it. Earthworms love "garbage" scraps so I often turn in some to draw them.
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    I just had a very costly learning experience. I have planter beds and also am doing potatoes in containers/bins. My soil is awful and very hard. I spent money on vegetable soil from Home Depot. Got the containers all prepared and on the last one noticed on the bag in muted writing it said not for containers. So then I went to Lowes and the garden guru advised I used their soil that she said would be okay. I found in real small writing- not for containers. The Garden Guru was stunned. Bottom-line when buying soil for your planters and containers read the fine print. I walked out with top soil and will fertilize myself.
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  8. tommixx

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    we have heavy soil here in Montana , I added some sand to the soil plus mulch And potting soil. mix in some of the heavy soil in the pots
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    9 1 1 Monkey help needed!!!!! Just was watering my garden boxes. I saw two bees fly into a small hole at the bottom. I suspect that I have the start of a nest between the box and the ground. This is a food garden so I do not want to spray chemicals near the area. help!!! Anyone had this issue?
  10. kellory

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    Plug the hole. Problem solved.;)
  11. Motomom34

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    What about the ones that are under there? Won't they tunnel out again or make another entrance? I know my skunks just made a second entrance under the shed. I saw Caddyshack. Will bees really go away or do I need to take drastic measure- unsure of what those are.
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    Cut a small square section of screen and get some rocks or bricks. Boil about a half gallon of water and cover the hole with the screen using the bricks or rocks to make sure the bees can't escape. After it is covered, poor the boiling water into the hole.

    You might want to monitor them for a while before you do this to make sure they don't have an alternative entrance / exit.

    This worked for me last year. Hope it helps...
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  13. kellory

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    I have "carpenter bees" they borrow into wood. each hole they make, i just wood-putty, or drive a wood dowel into, and shave off. they rarely try more than a few times. As for what's under there now? who cares? cut off air, and access, and they will die off. Hitting them with the garden hose through the hole will speed the process, what you don't drowned, will likely come out, so act accordingly. If you want to know what they are, catch one or two in a jar with a cottonball full of alcohol. (sealed) then either look up the remains on line, or approach any biologist, at any school or college, they will be flattered you asked for their skills. They can tell you what you have.;)
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    Most likely yellow jackets, sometimes called ground bees. Vicious little buggers. Spray a rag with wasp killer and stuff it in the hole. Bear in mind that any of them not in the hole will be in high dudgeon and will sting the hell out of you, so poke the rag in with a stick.
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    Okay, solo mission, hit them while they are sleeping and kill in place, then monitor for survivors. I can do that.

    I can't get stung cause last time it wiped me out for a week. Thanks for all the advice!
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  16. kellory

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    You might add a minnow net to your preps then. very tiny holes. you could cover the hole with the net, then hit it with the hose, (water in, no bees out);)
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