Second Amendment My Response, to a Letter to the Editor, in the Juneau Empire

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    An Alaskan FFL comments..... new

    I wrote to Mr. Begich four times, three before His votes, and Once after, to THANK him for his votes. In the first three, I reminded him that his Seat was very tenuous, in that He just barely beat out a Convicted Felon for his seat. I also told him straight out, that if he voted for ANY Gun Control Legislation, including any Procedural Votes, I would "spend my last dime" to see ANYONE Else, elected to his Alaskan Federal Senate Seat. I suspect many other, of my fellow Alaskan Residents, told him the same thing, from the replies I receiver from him, thru his Chief of Staff. Also understand, that Internet Sales, that cross State Lines, ARE REQUIRED to go thru a FFL, AND NICS CHECKS. Just WHEN, did it become Illegal for a Person to sell ANY of his Private Property, to ANYONE they choose, in a Face to Face Sale? How would you LibTards like a Statute, that you had to SELL, ANYTHING, thru a local Pawn Shop, so that Sale could be Recorded? How fast would the ACLU, be in court, if such a Statute was signed into Law? The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with Hunting, and Everything to do with a Tyrannical Government. This is basic US History, did all of you SLEEP thru High School History Classes? There was NOTHING of Common Sense, in Chuckie's or Bab's Bills. Did any of YOU, ever READ the actual BILL, or did you just hear about what the Media said was in it? They were never serious Legislation, with a snowballs chance in He**, of ever being signed in to Law, simply because the House had already decided, any such Bill would be "Dead on Arrival" in the House, and EVERYONE knew that going in. This was nothing more than the East Coast LibTards, trading on emotions, to make a Big splash in the Media, to create an ISSUE for the 2014 MidTerm Elections, and nothing less.
    I will FIGHT to Keep my 2nd Amendment Rights and Freedoms, as will the majority of our Elected State Legislators, as noted by their votes on Pro 2nd Amendment Legislation, in the recently concluded Legislative Session, Thank You very much.... Those that think otherwise, are welcome to LEAVE, for Chicago, NewYork, and Kommiefornia, anytime they choose. ..... Don't let the door, hit you in the A$$, on your way out of Town....

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    Well done BT.

    Just this morning I was listening to Carol Che-Porter spewing lies about how "Anyone can buy a gun at a gun show or over the internet without a background check."

    Too bad she never answers my e-mails, letters or phone calls. maddd
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    LOL!!! I hear the Alaskan Senator mentioned quite often on the news. I swear before he does anything he thinks once, then twice and wonders if he is going to get another letter from that BT Post guy. Good for you BT, keep the heat on. It seems that your Senator is listening.

    I think the Governor of Wyoming said something like that to some lady who complained about guns in schools.
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