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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GrandpaDave, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I figure I better get this out of the way now... whenever we talk about Carry guns I always reference my P944 so here it is...

    Well this is my daily carry a Ruger P944 in .40 S&W I feed her 165 gr golden sabers... I admit I bought this used off a fellow who needed money more than he needed another gun, so I got her cheap... I had mixed feelings about it at first but the longer I own her the more I like it... and the more I looked into it the more I realized this pistol is built like a tank for rugged use!
    This coming for a guy who has cracked the frame of a poly gun shooting hotter than normal loads (GoldDot)
    This Camblock in essence works the same as the Browning design where the barrel and bolt stay locked until the firing impulse is passed... it also helps reduce felt recoil making double taps fast and on target...the beveled mag well also makes for fast reloads...

    If I have any complaints it's that with the mounted laser I dont have many holster options... lately I've been thinking of upgrading laser to the new viridian gen II green laser...

    Okay before all the Ruger bashing begains let me say... I like my P944 enough that I have hung onto it... now it's my daily carry and that means I trust my life to her...
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    I had the same Ruger P94 and loved it some years back before I got setteled in I had to sell it to take care of a couple bills and have regretted it every since. No complaints great gun they are a tank I have also owned one of the newer generation with the poly frame and it wasn't for me It does not compare to the older metal P94 in any way. As for a holster I seen I believe it was an uncle mike's paddle back or a black hawk paddle holster that would fit the P94 and several other guns with the type laser you have. Once again very nice gun and good shooter.
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    Recently, I've heard several people exclaim the virtues of Ruger pistols - mostly that it shoots where they want it to and they like how it feels.

    However, during a 4-day training class, there was one guy that had misfeed problems several times per day with his (after about 250 rounds) - wish I'd taken note of the model number. It seems that a good cleaning helped the problem go away temporarily, but it didn't help my opinion at the time.
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    I would be willing to bet it was one of the new poly frame one's, I don't know why when a company like Ruger or any other when they have a good product they keep trying to perfect the already proven perfect til they screw it up and then the whole line takes the hit.
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    Well I'm the guy who cracked the frame of a Springfield XD... admittedly I was pretty rough on that gun... over 5,000 rounds of special purpose Golddot police ammo... I know it's a fine gun and under normal usage it would last a normal shooter a life time... I just dont happen to be a normal shooter... I've been an IPSC Competitor for a few years now... and we can be very hard on even the best made pistols

    I think of it like Ford and Chevy people.... both good cars but I never owned a Ford that didnt give me trouble... Not so for my wife... she loves her Lincoln and it works for her....

    IPSC fast shooting - YouTube
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