My son is a democrat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oth47, May 9, 2012.

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    And he didn't get it from me.I taught him the value of work and how to make it on his own and it's all been pearls before swine.He has the gall to tell me the rich aren't paying enough taxes when he doesn't pay any.He thinks Obama can do no wrong and everything he's done has been for the betterment of the country.And then has the nerve to tell me he's not a democrat but an Independent.My brother asked me where my son got his political views and I had to tell him I don't know.But..he likes Ron Paul,so maybe there's hope for him..:)
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    is he attending college ? or has he ?
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    oth47, you have my sympathy. Maybe its not too late to git the belt out & whoop the DemonCrap outta him?

    By the way, I'm an independent too. But thats cuz I don't fully trust EITHER Party!! Catch is, I'm a Conservative Independent, & think the 47% oughta be paying SUM dang Taxes!!! Instead of living off the backs of us 53% that DO pay Taxes. An yes, that 53% includes the wealthy. God knows I don't qualify as wealthy myself, but I see every time I get uppity enough to TRY an make More $$$. Uncle Sam bites a bigger chunk outta my arse than he did before.
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    I'm thinking along the same lines as Q.S.--college does wonders to the malleable minds of our youth. If he went to a liberal-arts school (as opposed to an engineering type school), he has definitely been brainwashed.

    I know this because I was a victim of old hippies talking their fancy talk and using inductive logic on me.

    20 years ago, I WAS a libtard. everything by Marx, Trotski, Lenis, Mao. I thought Sat. Nite Specials should be outlawed (they're just made for kill-in, 'aint no good for nothin' else). I was brainwashed pure and simple.

    ........I'm all better now. [booze]
  6. tacmotusn

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    it has been said that at 20 if you are not a democrat, you have no heart, and if at 40 you are not a republican, you have no brain. jus saying .....
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    well Tac, I'm 35, an as a poster on my wall says "Heaven Won't Have Me, Hell Is Afraid I'll Take Over, Independent To The Grave!!!"
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  8. oth47

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    He didn't go to college and he'll be 42 this year so he's old enough to know better.
  9. CATO

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    Hmmm....and you're from around my neck of the woods. Is he in a union?

    Where I'm from, a lot of people vote 'Democrat' blindly because they've been brainwashed from a young age to do so. A lot of people work in the coal industry and United Mine Workers stood behind democrats.

    A lot of these people are very conservative in their beliefs....they just vote democrat. Damnedest thing I've ever seen.......... In the last election, Biden did a visit--talked about how important they were, then 3 days later said he was going to put the coal industry out of business.......and they still vote democrat. [dunno]

    If none of the above....I got nothin'.
  10. tacmotusn

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    This is a well known quote, by who I have no idea. It is not my Mantra.

    I hear you. I am not a follower, nor do I seek to be a leader. I consider myself to be above all, an Individual. An Independent free thinker with options and freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution. Nothing more or less of note.:D
    I should have a bumper sticker on my truck; "Don't follow me, I have no idea where I am going"
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    Oath my dad is 100% Democrat (please don't tell anyone) but I tell him all time I love to talk politics with him. When he asks why I tell him he makes me look smarter than my old man plus it's always nice to be the right one in the room. (ha ha) that starts a whole different argument and goes to he!! in a hand basket when I point out they voted O-dumba$$ in to office. He swears O-duma$$ is an undercover Republican sent to destroy the Democats standing. Some time Democracts are fun to have around the will fall for anything and on sad days always will make you laugh. (lol)
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  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    Don't worry Oth47... he just might be an throwback... tell me was your wife ever frightened by a Liberatard? i understand that could also cause it....
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  13. CATO

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    Was he born in Canada?

    Is your wife French?

    These are risk-factors for the affliction.
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  14. TheEconomist

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    The rich do need to pay more in taxes. We need to tax capital gains...

    But we also need to cut spending and make the 47% pay SOMETHING even if it is $10 I don't is the principal of the matter.

    On top of that we need to cut government spending. After that I would be pretty happy.

    I am middle class as my wife and I pull in about $70k a year combined and we get taxed to death.

    But please people...wake up and realize that there is more than one tax and the rich have armies of people that help them get around most of them. Some of those people are our elected officals, plain and simple.

    The rich DO need to pay more. But so do the 47% who pay nothing!
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    One of my big issue is folks getting $$ back from taxes that they don't pay... we pay a large chunk of taxes every year but i know of folks who don't work and are on welfare and don't work who get money back EIC etc for all of their kids Oh well i guess i should be grateful tah i still have a job... Lord knows those folks couldn't exist with out my money...
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  16. CATO

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    Why penalize success? The person making the money spent years making their business successful...sacrificing their time with 60 - 80 hr work weeks...saving, re-investing...and you want to penalize them for it.

    Why penalize the risk investors take? The investor takes all the risk and the govt. reaps the benefits, but shoulders none of the loss.

    I think you're a closet commie...or very young.
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  17. Alpha Dog

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    I think all we need is not a political party to save whats left of our home land, We need a working man, honest, staight forward, someone who does not care who he makes mad, he cares about the country and the people. We need someone who cuts his own grass, who has plowed his own field, who knows what it is like to worry about where the light bill money will come from this month. We need a Pesident who does not need a $5,000.00 suit but who is comfortable in a pair of jeans and work boots. A man who don't need a $1,000.00 bottle of wine, he wants a cold Bud-Light in a bottle. Someone who tells these other countries look we are going to take care of our people and problems first and then if we can and have something left over we will try to help you this time and thats it. Your country needs to provide for it's self and if the tree huggers go to screaming to help, put them on a plane and send them over to help with their own money not on the US dollar. Our Congress should be made up of Farmers, Coal Miners, Construction workers, Small business men, A soldier no rank above a veteran Sgt. ( above Sgt politics take over) A L.E.O. Sgt., Common people these are the people that know what we the people need and what will help the country. They know the value of a dollar and how to stretch it. All of our Politicians were born from money they have never stuggled they have no idea what it takes to feed a family, having to cut cornners and lose time with the family to work overtime to pay bills. We need the common man to run this country that is the only way we the people will ever have any control and say in the goverment.
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  18. TheEconomist

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    Way to take parts of what I say and mold them to what you want. Typical of most blind conservatives and liberals.

    I said this

    1) Make the rich pay capital gains taxes. People invest to make money...just like I sit at my desk and work to make money. I get taxed on my income so they should get taxed on theirs. Capital gains IS income!

    2) The 47% who pay no taxes need to pay something. Yep!!! this is SOOOO communist you caught me!!!


    I am NOT advocating a progressive tax structure. I think there should be a FLAT TAX! Plus consumption taxes and MASSIVE sin taxes (on alcohol and tobacco...things that give virtually NOTHING back to society...and in the long run hurt it.) I am saying that EVERYONE should be paying capital gains taxes! Additionally Congress lets hedge-fund managers earn all they can now and pay their taxes years from now, is this ok?

    In 2007, Congress debated whether hedge-fund managers should pay the top tax rate that applies to wages, bonuses and other compensation for their labors, which is 35 percent. That tax rate starts at about $300,000 of taxable income but almost 12 years of gross pay to the median-wage worker.
    The Republicans and a key Democrat, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, fought to keep the tax rate on hedge-fund managers at 15 percent, arguing that the profits from hedge funds should be considered capital gains, not ordinary income ( this absolutly IS their income ), which got a lot of attention in the news.

    It’s true that the top 1 percent of wage earners paid 38 percent of the federal income taxes in 2008 . But people forget that the income tax is less than half of federal taxes and only one-fifth of taxes at all levels of government.
  19. Alpha Dog

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    I agree to an extent one thing I do not agree with is this. I am skoal (smokless tobacco) user. I make that choice free of my own will and know what dangers it holds. I work every day and pay for medical insurance. Why would you want to tax these products and cause the tobacco farmer a loss in what they do to live. It does give back to society go to the Carolinas and see how many people even the small tobacco farms provide jobs for. I am a free man so why should I be punished by over taxing a product that gives me a little confort. By this comment we should Put a massive road tax for people that drive vehicle cause harm, polution, Dui crashes, just everyday crashes. Or and God in no way do I ever want this and hate to even say it but ot make my point fire arms and ammo. They give nothing back other than the enjoyment of us guys going to the range and blowing off steam should there be a massive tax on ammo and fier arms. When the goverment is allowed to place massive taxes on things they feel give nothing back to society. They will start classifing thing to the point we cant aafford them and them it will be easy for them to make illegal. As far as that goes the could put a massive tax on salt it don't give anything back other than high blood pressure and heart attacks. more people die from high blood pressure and heart attacks than they do mouth cancer from tobacco. Not wanting to offend or provke argument just my opinion. You Commie (lol)
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    Ya know, I don't mind a capital gains tax, not at all. As long as capital losses can be used to offset the gains, which I'm not so sure is the case in the event a given year produces ONLY a loss in aggregate. Granted, if I invest stupidly, I should reap the negative rewards, but if the whole ball of wax goes south, an IRS rebate should also be on the table. (Well, if I were a socialist, I might say that all that ---)
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