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    melbo? This may need to be moved...please do so if it should...Thanks

    I was thinking of putting it in the Legal and Political section but wasn't sure..

    In the news as one of the "most emailed photos"
    There is a huge movement and petition to have this law repealed.


    We intend to place travel advertisements to warn these tourists and potential tourists, in key U.S. gateway cities feeding tourists to Florida, starting with Chicago, Detroit and Boston, and in selected overseas markets beginning with the United Kingdom, that this risk exists. Educational materials about the law were shipped to more than 120 leading U.S. and international journalists as well as trade publication editors in the travel industry and editors at consumer travel magazines.

    Trained staff will distribute educational materials on this subject to arriving passengers at Miami International Airport beginning Monday, October 3, and may be extended to additional airports in the coming weeks Advertisements in travel sections of U.S. and British newspapers begin Sunday, October 2 and the Brady Campaign is pursuing advertising in Germany, Japan, Columbia and Venezuela.

    An Important Notice to Florida Visitors (link to PDF)

    Brady Backgrounder: The "Shoot First" Bill: Licensing and Immunizing Paranoid Violence
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    More idiocy from the Brady Bunch. Of course they said all this about CCW laws in general and that didn't pan out but that doesn't stop them from using it again.

    What they should be telling visitors is to come armed because the bad guys will hit them and not the armed citizens! Driving a rental car in FL is like wearing a sign that says "Rob Me".
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    In some parts of Florida , yes...But not where I is more like South Georgia..a small island...good , honest, hardworking people..
    And the rich are trying to force us out....we have been "discovered" damn it...

    Here you are safe...we have very little crime and none of it against tourists...
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    My wife's parents live in Pensacola and they want us to come down there in November. We drove there in June and that's something I don't relish the thought of doing again but the wife won't fly. Argh. I really really want to see the Naval Air Museum at the base!
  5. CRC

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    Hey! I am going to be in Panama City for a long weekend in November...Friends from SC meeting me there..right down the road from Pensacola..

    Let me know if you go and when you'll be there....maybe we could all have a cup of coffee or something...
  6. sniper-66

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    Been there, definitely a must see! Find the old jet that was filled with concrete so kids could play on it, they got it restored, pretty cool.
  7. monkeyman

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    Thats screwed up, Brady is a poster child for better marksmanship! Slandering a state by spouting misleading statments in order to damage thier economy because they dont agree with his drivel that he attempts to pass off as a politivcal stance. In truth I would be encouraged to visit though if thier lies were true, after all if it was the case that anyone you anoyed was free to shoot you, he wouldnt last a minute there and it would be one of the most polite places on earth.
  8. CRC

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    I found it kind of ironic that this law was passed on the day Terri Schaivo died...all that right to life talk , and then this law...on the same day...

    Ahhhhh....politicians.... :rolleyes:
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