My Turn for my BOB/EEbag/LRP

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by CBMS, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    My Turn to post my current LRP and EE bag

    As for my BOB I am currently assembling it, but its almost done and will be a 6-8 day EE bag with a chance to extend that mission to up to a month. My ultimate goal would be to be able to walk home (California) from here, or barring that, somewhere quiet and warm.

    Items with Asterisks have not been purchased yet.

    It is on a sturdy Condor 3day LRP bag contains-

    Fire creation and Heating
    MSR Whisper light stove
    20oz fuel bottle
    Tab stove
    Ronsin butane torch
    Butane refill
    Waterproof matches in Water proof container
    Flint and steel with a magnesium bar

    Water consumption and purification
    2 liter Nalgene bottles
    Sierra Cup
    Mini works Water purifier
    *Iodine tabs*
    *Back packing Kettle*
    Camp Suds

    Premade food
    *6 3600 Cal. Bars*
    *7 days worth of Freeze dried food*

    All clothes are in Zip loc bags to keep them dry in the event of a fall
    4 pairs of hiking socks
    8 pairs of sock liners
    1 thermal underwear
    1 thermal top
    2 pair of regular underwear
    1 pair of jeans
    1 long sleeve shirt
    1 T shirt
    1 Cowichan Sweater
    1 Toque
    1 very long scarf (hand knit in Camo, gotta love mothers)
    Waterproofs (Frog Togs)
    *Camping towel*
    *Brown hand towel*

    1 Valkman fighter knife {}
    Benchmade Folder (EDC)
    Letherman Wave
    Small Trowel
    *Chain type Saw*
    *150# Crossbow & kit*
    *25 meters of 80lb line with 5 hooks*

    Stove repair kit
    Diamond Sharpening stone
    *Oil Rag*

    Lighting Solutions
    Gerber mini flashlight LED
    Petzl Tactikka
    *solar recharger*
    6 extra rechargeable AAA's (for headlamp)
    2 extra rechargeable AA's (for Gerber)

    Health and Medical
    Big bottle of Extra strength Advil
    Ditto of Aspirin
    1 month of my prescription

    Toiletry Kit
    Toothbrush and paste
    Tooth Powder (3 parts baking soda to one part salt)
    Toenail Clippers
    Talcum Powder

    Hennesy Hammock
    -8 degree sleeping bag (I want a -20)
    2 man heetsheet
    6 Tent Spikes

    Waterproof windup radio with weather, AM, FM, SW1, SW2
    Notepad and pen
    book on edible plants in the Pacific Northwest
    SAS survival guide
    150' of Paracord
    *Maps of West coast with declination adjustments*

    I know it seems like a lot, but its what I got. pack will probably weigh in the area of 50-60lbs in the end. I need to make a few pieces for the pack itself, such as a pouch for the shelter gear. Also a holster for the tomahawk.
    I am not sure how I would carry the Crossbow. I was hoping on a one point sling attached to my shoulder straps.

    Eventually I am looking to get a Kifaru bag to replace this condor one.

    My EDC is usually heavy jeans with a heavy Duty belt with rappelling kit and beaner attached. Benchmade is in the pocket and flashlight (2AAA Maglite). Also Winter combat boots.
  2. tommy20/69

    tommy20/69 Monkey++

    seems like you got most things covered. the one thing that caught my eye is 1 month supply of meds. you see i have a realy messed up neck/back and i pretty much need the pain meds (narcotics) on a daily basis to get at the end of the month i uasualy run out about a week before they refil so i end up going a week or more without. but i do notice my body as the meds are workin thier way out day after day i hurt more and my movement comes to a standstill.i went a month without one time and i was wishing i was dead . but the thing that always got me was if something did happen as to the (TEOTWAWKI) i would run to a phrmacy and hit that place hard.lmao without the meds i could be a sitting duck i wouldn't be able to carry anything much less run from anyone. i would have to sit right there and shoot it out. what kinda meds do you take and can you get by after the one month supply runs out?
  3. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    I take ADHD meds for those situations that extreme concentration is required. I can get by easily without them, the birds might just distract me a bit more often. I figure I wont run into 30 or more of those situations, either ways I could just improvise.

    For your meds, you should ask your doc if you can get a 2 month supply of your meds (I am guessing it is a Hydromorphine equivalent) explain to them that your pain is getting worse and that you also wold like the convienience of not having to goto the pharm all the time. Also you can try a trick i did and that is either splitting the pills or going on an "on/off" schedual that lets you skip every other days dosage.
    Do not follow my advise if it will get you killed, please.
  4. tommy20/69

    tommy20/69 Monkey++

    accually i did the day on and day off thing and i might start doing it again. plus i might cut back what i take a day instead if 9 i'll try 6. i know nine and you freak out but i take 3 soma's/3 loratab's/3 zerrlor's a day not to mention i take topamax to help with the headaches from the nerve damage in my neck. i should be on adhd meds to but i never went and got any by the time they started prescibing that stuff i was out of school and figured oh whell . plus back in the 80's there wasn't much talk or diagnosis of adhd stuff so i really didn't know i had anything wrong other than if someone made a sound i automaticly tuned into the sound instead of what the teacher was saying.
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I know you guys are being serious, and I commend you for it. Just can't help myself, but I never could ignore a phart in the back of the classroom either --
  6. tommy20/69

    tommy20/69 Monkey++

    oh man a fart would distract me all day i would be laughin about that til the 3:00 bell.
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