Recipe My Twist on Crawfish Yaya

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Seacowboys, May 29, 2017.

  1. Seacowboys

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    The best yaya always starts on the night before with "Don't ya'll eat all dem crawfish!" The less fortunate can use frozen crawfish tails and it's still pretty good.
    You need a pound or two of picked tails, the spicier, the better.
    Cook a box of Penne pasta in salt water a bit al dente and drain
    Chop a couple slices of thick bacon and fry it
    add half a stick of butter and saute a cup and a half of trinity (oinions, bell peppers, celery) for maybe three or four minutes
    add a couple table spoons of flour and some Slap your Mamma seasoning, a bit of black pepper and a palm of salt, stir it until it's brown
    add a can of hot rotel (that's chopped tomatoes with habanero peppers)
    add a cup of heavy sweet cream and a good dollop of sour cream
    add a half cup or so of shaved parmesan cheese
    add a pound or two of cooked crawfish tails
    keep stirring until it starts to thicken then you can stir in the Penne and have some good eating!
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  2. tacmotusn

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    Ya Ya dat sure do sound good !!!
    We got lots a dat shimp and blue crabs but short on dah mud bugs. Might have to adept your recipe a wee bit.
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  3. Seacowboys

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    It's pretty good with shrimps and crabs but I really like the crawfish.
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  4. Dunerunner

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    Crawfish taste any better if they come out of clear water? Only ones I've ever had came out of Grand Dad's farm pond and tasted like the pond smelled...
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