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    Motomom brought up the topic of flu season. Thought I would share my flu cure recipe. Don't remember how I discovered the healing qualities, might just be in my head. Doesn't matter to me if it is or not. I believe it works, so it must be true. Lol.

    I say it's my ultimate survival food simply simply because it's easy, cheap and one of my most favorite meals. Not to mention that most of the ingredients I can easily grow. Vitamin content, medicinal value of some ingredients and flavor are extremely high.

    Word of caution though. Be careful with some of the steps. Fumes may or may not be harmful to small animals, little children or metrosexuals. Luckily I don't fall into one of those categories. Toxic fumes may be one of the healing benefits. I can't say.

    camper 100.JPG
    Last batch I made using these ingredients.

    camper 101.JPG
    Dump the cans in a large pot. Doesn't really matter what goes in. It's all pretty much filler material. It all tastes the same in the end. Pasta, rice, wheat, pumpkin, leftovers ECT. Add water. Few cups.

    camper 103.JPG Chop up onions and assorted peppers. I've had to tone the spice down for the family. This batch only has one hot pepper. I've used habineros before. Flavor is fantastic. Heat isn't as bad as you would think. All peppers have unique tastes. That's the reason I use different varieties.

    camper 106.JPG
    Brown and drain the meat. I used ground beef that batch. Again it's not important what meat you use. Push the meat aside then add the vegs in the middle. No idea how much garlic. Alot. Probably 1 head. Maybe more. It's never enough. Pile the meat over the vegetables.

    camper 108.JPG
    Add a large amount of chili powder. 1/3 cup 1/2 cup? Alot. You can't add too much. Cayenne powder for heat and flavor. I'll add some now, and if needed more at the end. Be careful on the cumin and salt. Skip those if your not sure how much. Add them near the end during the many taste tests.

    camper 109.JPG Set heat to medium low. Cover and leave alone for 20 minutes or so. If possible close the kitchen door. Open all the windows. The air will get pretty potent. I usually cook this when the family isn't home. Not kidding, its strong.

    camper 114.JPG
    Stir it up and see if the onions have turned translucent. Everything should be carmalizing nicely. If that's the right term. I usually get it a little darker than this.

    This is the magic stuff. With a little tweaking on this basic concept it can turn out to be spaghetti sauçe, sloppy joe mix or some damn good chilli.

    camper 115.JPG Add it to the simmering pot of whatever. Like I said your only going to taste chilli.

    camper 116.JPG My pot wasn't large enough for me to add the tomatoe paste and more water. Otherwise it would have made alot more. More is never enough.

    Start the tasting and tweaking. Usually more salt and cumin. I let the wife decide when enough chili and cayenne are added. Add cumin until you just start to taste it.

    I'll usually simmer for hours. Tasting often. Not that I need to. Just can't stop.

    I'm making my chili pretty mild now. For the full medical effects I believe sweating has to be incorporated. Easy enough for me to add hot sauce to my bowl. For the common cold I'm a firm believer in chicken soup. Lots of garlic. Even a cup of hot chicken broth with garlic and cayenne added ( small amounts ) helps me feel better.
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  2. sdr

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    Couldn't figure out how to post this in the recipes category.

    Fixed it for ya-- ghrit
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    Looks like Rocket Fuel, not just the main engines, but the boosters too! Be careful after eating, not to sit near open flames, small pets or children or the elderly/infirm! Open all the windows and set the fans on high, and cover the smoke alarms! Might be best to just relax with a beer out side and let things temper down a skosh!

    Kidding aside, we call that Mash, and it's awesome! Add some cheesy corn bread and your eatin like a king!
    Save some for breakfast and install a few fried eggs over easy and some shreadded sharp chedder, cause yea, its awesome!

    I'm bettin that stuff will kill a low flying Mig 29, so any nasty bug in your A.O. should be toast with this stuff sittin on the stovetop!
    Prolly cures hangovers too!
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    A word of caution - be sure to have at least a case of toilet paper on hand, you really don't want to have to run to the store for more.

    Stay away from all sources of ignition.

    Move all pets outdoors, house plants too if they're worth saving.

    A brand new fresh tube of Prep H is not a bad idea either.
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  5. Asia-Off-Grid

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    If the flu doesn't kill ya, this "cure" probably will. :D
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  6. arleigh

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    That's a pretty elaborate attempt at a cure.
    I just drink a shot of cider vinegar ,or 2 table spoons of honey and 2 of cider vinegar an a cup of hot water, and taken on the onset, pretty much deals with all those nastys without the side effects .
    The longer one does nothing about the symptoms the harder it is to get rid of.
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  7. Motomom34

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    That is quite the recipe. I always eat salsa when I start feeling ill. I think @sdr's recipe would instantly kill whatever ails you. That must be really spicy. I eat mild-medium salsa, not sure if I could handle that creation.

    Like the pictures, it looks really good.
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  8. Lancer

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    One word: Pho Thin sliced beef for the protein, and lots of home made Sambal to up the toxicity.
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  9. oldawg

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    Looks like a good recipe to me I'll have to try it. I judge the success of my cooking by how hard it is to drag the dog out from under the porch while it's cooking. That one looks like it could get me bit which is success!
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  10. ghrit

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    YOUR ultimate survival food? Well, OK, but I'm not too sure those around you will make it thru --- (But it does look good.)
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  11. Ura-Ki

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    That's Weaponised cooking right there! Add a dash of FFFg Black Powder and your combat ready!

    Prolly wanna thin the mix with a shot of tequila and chase with a few beers, otherwise you might crack the bowl when attempting to depth charge the Nazis!!!
    I might run a batch of this for my snowy trip north, should keep the truck cab nice and warm all the way to Portland!
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  12. sdr

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    Well. My 10 year old girl likes it. If you knew her you would understand what a huge compliment that is. Like i said its not very spicy.
  13. Motomom34

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    You have to remove all children and pets from the house while cooking due to fumes & you say it is not spicy? :rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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  14. sdr

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    Browning that mix is toxic. But believe me my youngest is a very picky eater. That batch was mild. I keep cayenne pepper on the dining room table just for me so I can spice mine up.

    I came up with that recipe after getting fed up with eating bad chili. Could find a decent bowl of chili anywhere.

    My chili doesn't produce gastrointestinal distress. I gave up dealing with that. Every now and then I'll try something really hot and remember the next morning why I can't eat like that anymore.
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