My Wife and the Ghetto BBQ

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    2016-04-30-3230. 2016-04-30-3230.
    My wife is a hard woman. This comes from growing up in a third-world country where one had to be self-sufficient if one was to survive. No joke. Things like gardening, canning, sewing, raising animals were necessities not hobbies. One learned to do things yourself or you did without and sometimes that meant not eating. And, you learned to do it with what you had or could get your hands on - no Home Depot there.

    My wife is Russian Orthodox and today, 1 May, is Easter for them, a very special day for her. My wife always makes specials cakes and other special dishes on this day and my stomach always looks forward to this special day – with pure glutton greed.

    One of the dishes is a marinated meat on skewers much like Turkish kabobs but better and they were off the Easter menu as I just haven’t had time to build a BBQ yet. This is when my wife took things in hand…

    Wife: “Where’s the BBQ you promise to build by Easter?”
    Me: “Well, I…I’ve been busy outside...working hard. I think I have figured out the design we want and…”
    Wife: Hmmm…come with me.

    Those who know me know that since I am the engineering type I tend to over think the problem at times. One must design, then scrutinize the design for practicality and flaws, work up a valid bill of materials, price it out at different stores, gather input from others, ensure all requirements are met…you know the process. Yesterday, I was taking off the BBQ project and sadly demoted to a simple ‘manual laborer.’ Quite demeaning...

    The photo is the result of my wife’s BBQ that she had me build under her direction in about 30 minutes using some odd and ends from around the house and property while at the same time teaching her worldly, University educated ,smart-ass husband a very good lesson in humility…

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    No this won't work, where are the ribs?

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    Could you build mine a couple courses of block higher? All that bending over while cooking would have my plumbers crack showing, and you know that would ruin appetites, plus give me an aching back. I will probable drive rebar down thru the cells where possible and fill chambers not meant for air flow with quickcrete. anchor the whole thing in place.
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    That is what I call a "quick and nasty". It works, does exactly what it is supposed to do, and uses what I have on hand at the time. (+1 to the mrs.).
    I have Q&N's that have been working fine for many years.
    (You should have seen the barrel grills I built for my brother's wedding);)
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    @tacmotusn That's a good idea! I will include that when we are out of the prototype phase and relocate to a permanent location. We are testing it out this afternoon.
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    Wassa mattah wit chu? Kaint chu tell it's temporary?
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    Is BBQ not Rocket science. That said, some of the electrical work I saw while working the CIS (former Soviet) was a wonder that people didn't get killed.... Still, KISS does have merit.
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    One of first rules in life, no matter when, usable now beats heck out of perfect sometimes in the future. Warthog vs f35 anyone? Today? Operating off of a temp field in Afghanistan? Loitering for a few hours without refueling? Coming home with severe battle damage? If a 78 year old ex A1C can answer that question, why can't the generals. Looks like when the chips were down, the wife bailed you out just like mine does all to often. I know you enjoyed the meal and May the Lord Bless you this coming year and Bless whatever the final pit looks like.
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    Looks good. We have a charcoal grill and I'm building a keyhole fire pit.

    Grill or use a Dutch oven; so it's pretty good stuff.

    Long term, I'd like to build am earth oven also: Build Your Own Wood-Fired Earth Oven
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    Go with the flow RickR
    Life is much easier!

    Great advice Tac.
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    Very nice improvisation.
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    that is big enough to can on! just need a heat shield between grate and coals to control heat and you can can outdoors!
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