My Winter Herbs, etc.

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    Borage.JPG artichoke 1.JPG Chesters Chicory.JPG cilantro.JPG cut tops off and re planted.JPG genovese basil lettuce.JPG regrown onions 2.JPG rosemary.JPG thyme cilantro  giant parsley.JPG regrown onions 1.JPG regrown onions 2.JPG

    The regular round onions will grown green onions.

    This is most of my winter crops. I have some cayenne peppers in another building and some sage.
    Peppers take so long I thought, I would try to save some of the best plants.

    We have a tall tabasco in the garage.
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    Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Do you not get snow or killer frosts? Or do you drape them when a cold snap happens?
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  3. TXKajun

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    Most excellent!! Thank you for sharing. These are being kept indoors, fight? Do you use any grow lights or flourescent bulbs?

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  4. pearlselby

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    @Motomom34 We get some snow and it has gotten down to 29 a couple a nights ago. The rosemary & some of the onions are on the back porch. The rest are under a big tree by a carport facing the north. Thank you!

    @TXKajun Thank you, No lights or anything like that. This is all outside and ok so far. I did lose the basil and stevia. I forgot to take a pic of the parsnip. It gets to the 40's most nights. I may later have to cover them The average daily low for January is 33 high 54. Feb. low is 32 and high 53. These are last years averages. I know this because Larry keeps a daily log of everything, lol That log has come in handy. facing north.JPG facing north.JPG facing northeast.JPG Rosemary & onions on porch facing north.JPG Southeast.JPG back porch 2-27-15 toward the herb tubs.JPG back porch 2-27-15 toward the herb tubs.JPG looking out at onions in the garden.JPG where rosemary sits.JPG snow 3 5-15.JPG snow on May 5, 15.JPG

    The last 6 pictures are from our 2 snows last year. 2-27-15 and 3-5, 2015

    I really love working with these herbs, etc. When we lived on the gulf I had 12 months of gardening. I really love living where we have the seasons. I had tubs surrounding all of trees and huge green peppers. I will never forget that.

    The swimming pool has cardboard (Pic one) in it that we use on the garden.
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  5. Ganado

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    lovely! I got root rot in AZ this year because of all the rain. I finally had to put the tomatoes under the porch
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  6. pearlselby

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    We had a lot of rain too @Ganado. But, the year before we had a huge harvest 1687 pounds (total weight)garden and herbs 671 pounds of tomatoes 33 pounds peppers. This was a unique year. Everyone had a bountiful garden. We were taking 10 grocery bags every time we went to church of squash and cucumbers.
    This last year was 928 pounds. 440 tomatoes and 52 pounds of peppers. 2 small The rain hurt us.
    Our garden is 60 by 60.
    Ganado, I am getting excited right now about planting this spring. Several of my neighbors are anxious too.
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  7. Ganado

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    @pearlselby you weigh your produce! that is awesome! i just count by bushel and peck cuz my grandmother did. I'm behind the times
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  8. pearlselby

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    Hi, Ganado, My hubby has been doing this since he started gardening. We are the only ones doing this among our friends. So, you are not behind times,
    It is a way for us to tell how good a bean or pea or any seed is by how much we get. If we get too much one year, we can plant less and vice versa. And, then plant something different. Just another gardening
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