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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by UGRev, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. UGRev

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    I pulled my SOCOM out to prep it for use next week and I found rust inside the muzzle break. I must have missed oiling it .. I'm heart broken. I don't know if I have any in the barrel.. I can't tell. If there is, I'm thinking it's a barrel replacement, yes?
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    How about trying to get it sandblasted and re-parked before you go through the expense of replacing the barrel. Not sure what the results will be but worth talking to an expert about it
  3. UGRev

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    Gotta find a good gunsmith in the Central NY area.. any one know of any? if not, I might send it to Fulton Armory..
  4. BTPost

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    Borrow a Borescope and have a Look/See in the bore... May be it is just localized, in the FlashHider....
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    It went into the barrel..AAAAAA HHH
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  6. wrc223

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    How long has it been sitting?
    Is it chrome lined?

    I ask because it could just be the MB washer. They are usually regular carbon steel (as opposed to stainless) and rust with a high degree of regularity. Many times they (the manufacturer) get those parts in bulk and they will rust sitting in a bag or bin waiting to be put on the production line. When a tech gets the parts they will sand them, blast them, file them, or do something to clean the rust off and install it.
    Many of you would probably faint if you see the condition of the steel used to make your weapons. When it arrives it is NOT pretty. Everything from moisture during transport to the coolant used during machining operations will cause oxidation. The trick is to know the difference between harmless surface rust and systemic rust that would/could cause loss of integrity of the part.
    It may be nothing more than a crush ring that had some moisture exposure and shows some mild oxidation. If you have used the rifle recently, I wouldnt be too concerned with it. Clean it, re-oil it, and shoot that thing, thats what it is made fer.
  7. UGRev

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    Well, I brushed it with the cleaning brush and cleaned it out. RUST IS GONE!! it was def surface rust, but I will still take it to a GS to have it checked out. I shot my brightest small LED light down the chamber and it reflects like a mirror, so I'm guessing chrome lined... once I ran some cleaner through it, it seemed to be shiny again.. I THINK I'm good to go.. i don't see any pitting (dark spots) when I shine the light through it.

    Not so lucky on the muzzle break of my AR.. that has some surface rust too.. will need to sanded down and re-parkerized. Problem is, I'm in NY and they have to spot weld those things to the barrel. I can live with it for now as it won't effect functionality and it's on the outside.

    I just checked the humidity monitor and my wife must have cranked it up or something.. it was at 58% humidity. normally, I have it at about 30-35.. no wonder it started to rust out..
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    I've been known to take a patch and soak it down with SLICK - 50 and run it down the barrel right after i've shot it ... helps clean the barrel and the whe the barrell is heated it lays down a thin layer of teflon whic helps fight rust...

    I forgot to add that the teflon seems to stay with the barrell even after using a bore solivent... YMMV
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  9. UGRev

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    Thanks.. I'll give it a shot!
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  10. ghrit

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    Teflon. Someplace, I've read that teflon coated cookware has the unpleasant tendency to give off toxic fumes if heated too high. Without further research, I've adopted the habit of keeping teflon lubes well away from parts (e.g., barrels and bolts) that can experience heat. Seems to work well on trigger assemblies.

    Dunno, but that's the way I roll. YMMV.
  11. NVBeav

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  12. Falcon15

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    It is called Teflon Toxicosis or PTFE Toxicosis, and it is deadly to pet birds, and can be harmful to humans, under the right conditions.
  13. UGRev

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  14. Hispeedal2

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    I had the same issue with my loaded model years ago. Some IMI 7.62 was sold to me as non-corrosive when it was in fact corrosive. I put away figuring I would clean it next week. That next week it was a rusty mess in the bore. After inquiring about the right hing to do, someone on the old suggested that I shoot it. The copper jacket will pick up the majority of the rust and clean the bore.

    I cleaned it up as best I could with oil and bronze brushes. I took it out and shot it. Worked great. The bore was almost perfect after that. A few pits, but nothing to replace a barrel over. Accuracy was still unbelievable.

    Sold the IMI to a buddy who pulled it all and started over with the brass.
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  15. UGRev

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    Haven't shot it yet.. but I cleaned it up real nice. Barely any residue crap on the patch. I didn't have time to get it "white".. my wife was on her way home and she has this "thing" with me cleaning my gear on the kitchen table :p
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  16. Wolfgang2000

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    I use Corrosion-X on my blued weapons and anything else I want to protect. It's really good stuff. Coming from S. Louisiana I know a little about humidity.
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  17. fedorthedog

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    A little rust in the barrel wont effect the performance to a noticeable degree. What you need to check is the crown if that is rusted and has set any pitting you will need a re crown and re finish.
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