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  1. Homunculi

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    got the call this morning about my youngest son (only have 2) was taken to the hospital last night for his kidneys and liver shutting down .. spent the morning with the family finding out what went on ...
    Rhabdomyolysis Is the diagnosis
    His boss made a challenge for him to do 20 sets of 20 squats in 20 min..
    As he was thinking he was ok the pain got worse and his urine was turning black .. as the diag of the condition is the deterioration of mussel fibers from over doing the workout that he was not physically ready for .. with the proteins filling his blood causing the kidney failure
    Right now he is stabilized and getting fluids to help clear the kidneys and the liver..
    As me and the mrs are pissed at his boss ..we are also mad at his girlfriend for just wanting him to take aspirin and wait to go to the dr in the morning
    That could have done permanent damage or killed him!
    Thanks for the prayers

  2. BTPost

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    Prayers, sent... Someone needs to have a chat with the Boss.... Hope the Boss has a Health Insurance Plan for the Employees....
  3. Sapper John

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    Praying for a complete and total healing !!!
  4. DKR

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    "His boss made a challenge for him to do 20 sets of 20 squats in 20 min.."

    What the hell kind of job does he have? Even while in the military I would have suggested 'the boss' take a hike....or go love himself.....

    We'll add your Kinder to our prayer circle. Let us know when he is released from hospital.
  5. Mountain mama

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    Sending up prayers. Have started a prayer chain at 2 churches for him. Keep us updated! Hugs.
  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    Prayers sent...
  7. Ura-Ki

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    Prayers sent! Time to see if the boss can match this challenge, with a size 12 up his Jacksy!!!
  8. Mindgrinder

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    Prayers up.
    Looks like a tough lad....he'll pull through. Hope he doesn't have to do a round of dialisys....i'm sure it sucks horribly.
    I looked it up and as bad as it is, he's young enough to bounce back 100%...and have to rethink his diet and excercise.

    Once he's on the mend...look into something like this to get his tissues building baby cells again.
    Cell Fuzion™

    Been a tough start this year for you, me, WD, MM and surely some other monkeys...but we've been standing together as a community and the prayers are flying from all directions.

    Ps - his ole lady would be much cuter with long hair...don't hate her too much...brains and beauty rarely go hand in hand.

  9. Motomom34

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    You have a very handsome son @Homunculi. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. He looks strong and healthy so that will aid him in his healing.
  10. GrayGhost

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    Prayers sent, H.
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  11. duane

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    Prayers sent. One of most powerful words in the English language is NO", and part of true wisdom is knowing when to say it yourself and accepting it as an answer from others.
  12. Sgt Nambu

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    Well, that really sucks! Prayers out! Blessings upon your son, and your family! SRG
  13. Homunculi

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    thank you all ...
    the mrs still at the hospital ... the dr. is in hopes of pushing iv fluids and having him drink more on top ... keeping him till wed or thurs night to monitor his blood levels .. kidneys and liver ... .. the dr. wants to watch him and make sure the toxins are flushed out .. to my understanding he is tired of peeing... also peeing in a cup for labs ... but more pissed about them taking blood every few hours for labs ... me and the mrs are praying he will be ok .. with no permanent damage to his organs ... or mussels ...
    do not think his boss will want to meet me anytime soon ...
  14. Mountain mama

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    Glad he is on the mend. Continuing prayers. He sounds like a fighter. That is good. Thanks for the update!
  15. Ura-Ki

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    Good to keep him in the Hospital, gotta flush the crap out of his system! We used to see things like this all the time during training, guys over doing it or pushing beyond what their bodies can take! Usually saw a pretty severe loss of mental abilities before the body shut down, and when it did, they would usually lock up and be unable to move! Like moving a statue to get them to the ER! Had one guy have his heart stop, had he not been surrounded by medics he would not have survived!!!
    Stock up on 100% fruit drinks, especially apple and cranberry and dark grape and force him to drink it down! Also want to get a bunch of asparagus and bake in the oven in olive oil and sliced almonds! All these will help flush the kidneys and also help the tissues recover!
  16. Gator 45/70

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    Praying he gets better!!!
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  17. Motomom34

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    @Homunculi do not blame his boss. It was a stupid dare and it is hard for most to walk away from a challenge. But I am thankful that you posted this because I learned that sometimes pushing yourself too fast, too much can truly be life threatening. It is a good reminder to us all to listen to our bodies when it is screaming enough is enough.
  18. Dunerunner

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  19. Homunculi

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    Mrs .. just got home .... his counts and numbers went the wrong way ... hoping they get better today ...☹️ ... the mrs is upset and worn out .. just before she left the spital .. the room next door had a code blue ... after all the ruckus settled down ... nothing but crying ..from the room and hall .. ☹️.. do not think the person made it .. they came in and gave my son some pain meds .. to help him sleep and took more tests .. do not know but the nurses say they get worse before they get better .. all in hopes things go to normal levels by this afternoon .. or get close ☹️ ... thanks
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  20. GOG

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    Prayers inbound.
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