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    I really like Mykel Hawke's books.

    On to the story: The sheriff stated.....
    Why risk a man getting shot? How long is he going to last without his insulin? What is justice? A long trial? If a cop gets shot in the apprehension...the juice is just not worth the squeeze IMO.

    I don't get the "knows how to cover his scent" line. I think a bloodhound would call BS on that factoid.
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    Well, that was Miller who said those things, yet your topic is on Hawke. You have a disordered mind today, my good man. =)

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    Yes...discombobulated now that I re-read...hey, look at that squirrel. Thanks (@Brokor). Somewhat fixed.

    I didn't mean to indicate that Hawke said those things....they were just the interesting pieces that I found in the story.
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    There are ways to disguise a humans particular scent, so that Dogs, and other animal Noses, can't follow it after a determined length of time. Typically, you can't remove your scent, but you can change it enough, that the animal doesn't recognize it, from the original scent that it started to follow and was keying on. It is also possible to so effect the animals nose, that it can't follow any scent, for a specific period of time, with an inhaled Irritant, like ammonia, or chlorine, or other such chemical agents. One of my favorites is cyanide vapor. Just enough, to give the animal the "Scent of Cherries", and it messes them up for a couple of hours. Just saying.... YMMV......
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    Don't forget coffee....that's how the cartels hide the drugz sometimes.

    Yeah, I know you can mask you scent to something else....but, we humans stink....especially the cab drivers in Boston.
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    Bruce, I carry a small container of pepper spray in my kit for just such a purpose. Lay down a nice blanket of that across your trail, don't get any on you. =) Also, you know those cheap imitation perfumes you can buy at the dollar stores which come in small spray bottles (about the size of a large tube of chap stick) --they would be great, too. Anything to get the animal(s) all confused and mess with their olfactory should do the trick.
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    Mykel might not have heard of Eric Rudoph.

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    He has...his show with his wife did an episode in The Great Smoky Mountains and they talked about Rudolph.

    I think he was gearing his response to this situation, although it sounded rather general. But, from reading his books, there's no way that he thinks that you can survive only a max of 30 days.
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  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    He's going out there to die on his terms. I say he's gone already.
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    I enjoy their show. I enjoy the others also and I definitely wish Les would hire a camera crew. ;)

    The only person who knows what Rudolph did is Rudolph. The best opinion would be the doctors who examined him after he was caught by judging by his hygiene, general physical condition. even by his body fat or lack thereof. ;)
    People have survived that long and longer. American History is filled with hunters, trappers, mountain men and wanderers who "survived" without any support other than what they could carry themselves.

    Ditto, or have them do it for him at a price.
  12. CATO

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    I didn't say they purported to know what he did, they just said that he hid out "somewhere around here" for ~5 years.

    I am a big history buff and my favorite genre is the people who settled/trapped along the frontier well before 1776--think Daniel Boone. Those guys are an interesting bunch.

    Although they barely eked out a living (i.e., buy some supplies, go out and trap/hunt until you run out of supplies, come back in and trade your skins back on supplies, rinse, repeat), the common theme I've found through several books is that they liked the outdoors and didn't like being told what to do. Basically, existing without the King sniffing up their butts.
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    Rog, I've been curious about how he survived and sometimes I ramble. However, my gut feeling is he had help.

    Quite an interesting bunch. Although it doesn't lessen their feats, fish fowl and game were a lot easier back in their day. In addition, they knew nature's remedies, how to get needed vitamins, edible plants, etc.

    From what I have read a lot of them were loners with a case of wanderlust. Afterwards, others came to own the land and live/survive there.

    I'm not too sure if the king mattered much on the colonial frontier.
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    From my readings, the King only mattered insofar as to drive them away from cities/communities where the tax man was an issue.

    But I agree, these guys just liked being out, living a nomadic life. Old-school truckers?

    Kentucky was supposed to be the communal hunting grounds for several Injun tribes and where few white men traveled. It would've been cool to see from the descriptions. I'm from the Cumberland Gap and that area is still fairly rural in some places. They must've been talking about north-central Kentucky....otherwise you'd just walk up and down all day. Game has always been scant around there since I've been hunting.
  15. Tikka

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    Issues with sanitation and potable water in the populated areas helped. Unlike Europe, here they could own a home and land. After they cleared it. ;) Often an empty cabin would be occupied. Life was so harsh and challenging it shortened the lives of many.

    To go where no one had gone before, to see what no one had seen.

    Kentucky also was a place where the Native American tribes warred for generations.
    "The Dark and Bloody Ground State
    his nickname refers to the Indian battles, between Creek, Shawnee, Chickasaw, Cherokee and other tribes, that took place along the Cumberland River in Kentucky and Tennessee. Some have said that the land was described in this way to Daniel Boone by an Indian Chief. According to The Kentucky Blue Book, "Dragging Canoe, a young Cherokee chief opposed to selling ancestral hunting grounds, warned the whites that they were purchasing a "dark and bloody ground."
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    Here is Mykel Hawke's website:

    I don't think it's 100% completed yet, but he has made appearances at the 2012 blade show and is starting a line of products. Some of them look decent, but some...not so much. Anyway, I noticed this photo on his page which sells his own brand of coffee...

    I don't know if they did that on purpose --or if it's meant to be an innuendo. Too funny!!!
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    Oh how I love the double entendre.

    I've got most of his books and really like them--you know he was an orphan? I like the show as well. You can't say Ruth (his wife) is squemish....she's eaten some pretty nasty stuff. She's even drank his urine--she REALLY likes her some hot commando. I'm just glad he wasn't a SEAL....then her favorite flavor would be hot sea man.

    If you'll notice from his shows, he uses that knife he sells. He must have some reason for choosing that design though. I'm not sure of of the benefits of that design (aside from the obvious teeth on the top). Maybe the angles on the blade gives it better cutting power.
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    hot sea man, LOL!

    Yeah, I don't like the design of the knives. The angle of the blade edge makes it hard to sharpen. It doesn't make sense to me aside from it being a cool factor. Either it's a kukri, or it's a small blade which kinda looks a little like a kukri --not practical.
  19. Tikka

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    Better piercing, prying etc.
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    I get the's basically a Tanto. But, I figure a dagger would be better for piercing. However, I've seen Cold Steel Tantos be put through a car door.
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