Mystery Fatal Hemorrhagic Disease in Shandong China

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    A hemorrhagic disease seems to have broken out in China. Considering the visitor traffic for the Olympics slated to start 8/8/08, this could be the mechanism for the spread of a worldwide pandemic that has been the subject of discussion for several years now. The reports are indeed sketchy, so I'm looking for more input here. JP

    Mystery Fatal Hemorrhagic Disease in Shandong China
    Recombinomics Commentary 03:05
    July 28, 2008

    "China reported that approximately 20 days ago, a man suddenly died from an unidentified disease in Wanjiakou Village, Xiaoguan Town, Wendeng City, Shandong Province. His entire body turned dark purple, and he bled from his mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes just as he died.

    Shortly after the man died, 2 other men who been in contact with him, died showing the same symptoms. Villagers who had left the village to work said "3 people died 10 days ago. 6 or 7 more are being treated in the Wendeng Central Hospital. People have been to the area to investigate, but they are unable to classify the disease."

    The above comments from ProMED describe a contagious hemorrhagic disease in China. There are some similarities with an outbreak that began in Sichuan province at this time in 2005. The symptoms were very similar and matched symptoms linked to the 1918 pandemic. The Sichuan outbreak had linkages to swine and was said to be linked to a common swine bacterium that had turned more virulent. However, the time and location of the earlier outbreak raised concerns of linkage to H5N1, which can cause the same symptoms.

    Similarly, the current outbreak in Wendeng is on the west side of the Yellow Sea (see satellite map). North and South Korea are on the east side, where H5N1 has been suspected or confirmed.

    More information on the current outbreak would be useful
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    Heya JP
    this is just a copy & paste from the Gideon network, see the end for the link, but i hope it helps somewhat.

    Using the database of the Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network (GIDEON ) to see possible etiologies for a hemorrhagic fever syndrome in China, the most likely diagnosis would be Old World hantavirus infection (57 percent probability), followed by _Streptococcus suis_ infection (40 percent), leptospirosis (1.8 percent) and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF — less than one percent probability).

    According to the GIDEON database, hantaviruses are endemic in 28 of the 32 provinces, with most cases occurring in the eastern and northeastern provinces (where Shandong is located). Hantaan virus is endemic to Hubei, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Jilin and Shanxi. (Fang LQ, Li CY, Yang H, Wu XM, Yang H, Chen HX, Li XW, Cao WC [Using geographic information system to study the association between epidemic areas and main animal hosts of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in China.] Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 2004 Nov ;25(11):929-33.

    - 52.2 percent of infections in Hubei are caused by Hantaan virus, and 31.5 percent by Seoul virus.

    Link for this information:
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