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    I had seen one of these cutting a brick in half on TV so when I spotted one in one of my many junk-mail catalogs for a reasonable price, I thought it over and sent in my money.

    The MYZ saw is advertised as never needing to be sharpened (the edge is rough, more like a file than a saw; it cuts by abrasion, I could tell that much from the commercial) and was small enough to fit conveniently in my BOB. I thought it might come in handy someday.

    Then recently I was at Mom's house and she asked me to cut down some privet that has overwhelmed the gardenias and I thought 'Aha! A chance to use my new saw!'

    I sawed. And then I sawed some more. Then some more. Very little cutting was accomplished. The sap and green bark of the gardenia gummed up the saw's rough edge every few strokes and had to be cleaned out.

    So I went to Home Depot and bought one of those small pruning saws (about 11'' of blade, and folds back into its own wooden handle like a big pocketknife) and cut down the privet in less than five minutes.

    The moral of the story is that the MYZ saw now fits nicely inside my toolbox at home, and my $9 pruning saw fits nicely inside the outer pocket of my BOB.

    Maybe if my bugout route is blocked by a giant brick someday I'll regret this decision, but in the meantime I think it'll be safer to have something with me with which I can actually cut a treelimb out of the way.
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    Great post [LMAO]

    I'm not familiar with the saw, but I don't catch too many infomercials. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll be sure and steer clear.

    It's been a long time since I trusted anything I saw on tv. I had way too many bad experiences, and eventually learned my lesson :)
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    What do you need saws for? Get a Ginsu knife.[fnny]
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    Our local news did a review on the MYZ saw, and it flunked horribly. The brick thing, well they tried it for hours with different people, no success. The only thing it did was dull the blade even more.
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    My wife had a set of those when I met her. She learned her lesson and now has Wusthof.
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    Yeah. I still fall for that stuff from time to time myself.
    Wonder things seem to just make you wonder...
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    Sorry to bug y'all it is an "MXZ"

    that Y looking letter in the middle is an X

    I got this one too. Have used it to cut some fence posts down. worked well.

    In my bob I got a "Saber Cut" hand chain saw. Works well on soft wood


    Saber Cut

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    I also purchased the "gimmicky" little saw, but I know that with the carbide bits, I can cut through soft metals and what not.
    The "flip" side is this, take the saw apart and note the blade where it fits into the handle....Looks an awful lot like the blade types sold for use in the "Sawzall" like the "MILWAUKEE" brand!
    IF, it is, I'm buyimg some "alternate" blades for it, real soon!
    I I bought mine to back-up a hacksaw, it reaches into those "tight" places where the hacksaw won't go!)
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    Yup, got the Saber Saw with a nice hatchet for only $9.99 for the kit!
    That saw works VERY WELL! I tired it on an old weathered and hard 4x4, and a green sapling that had to be removed from the side of the house!
    I even tried the hatchet, and except for a miss that hit some small rocks, it worked great! Split a bunch of firewood!
    Then I had to re-file that edge!
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